Friday, February 16, 2018

Thankful 2.8.18 AND 2.15.18

That's right...two weeks in one post. Man, my brain, arms, thoughts, calendar, and laundry baskets are just so, so full right now. Somehow I managed to remember and/or write a few things from every day.

Week 1
  1. Granny remains such a blessing to our family in this crazy season of our lives. She comes over in the morning, helps get the girls dressed, makes their lunches, helps with laundry, sweeps the floor, wipes down the counters, and more. I literally don't know if we (I) would make it without her. 
  2. Having Danielle's friend Kelly over for dinner. It was almost like a mini-girls' night, but with kids running around.
  3. Being blessed with so many friends who will give me their opinion on which formal gown I should wear to an upcoming wedding. I just wish all of their opinions were the same, because less than a week out I am still undecided. I think I will just take them both and decide that morning.
  1. One heck of an endurance workout at the gym. Wowwee. 
  2. Dan for loving me after I had a ridiculous freak out over nothing and making me leave the house and go shopping for a few hours. I bought a shirt with birds on it, a jumpsuit, and some plastic bags. 
  3. Tamales. I am now very interested in a tamale making class. Are those a thing?

  1. Danielle for motivating me to exercise on a Saturday morning. Without her, I would have been lounge city all the way.
  2. The Johnson County museum, specially the kidscape. We were so happy to go to a friends' birthday party there. 
  3. In the winter, we usually hunker down on the weekends, but tonight we were invited to Tara's birthday party at an arcade in town. We told them to count on all five of us for the dinner reservation. However, as we were driving there, in the dark, with minimal naps for the day, Dan and I started questioning our thought process. We realized we hadn't even gone out to eat as a family of five by ourselves, let alone with a whole table full of other innocent people. We almost turned around, but I am so glad we didn't. The girls were all fantastic at dinner, even when we waited over an hour for our food. Then, we had the most fun $15 worth of tokens can get your at an arcade. Watching Dan and the girls run from game to game and hearing them all laugh and squeal together, while I was holding a (mostly) sleeping baby on my chest - these are the moments that my heart is full. 

  1. Proof that I shouldn't do anything before coffee: I poured the coffee on my upside down coffee cup this morning. It splattered all over the counter, including my phone. Thankfully, my phone is working.
  2. A lunch date with our friends the Nybergs and the fact that they didn't leave when we held them hostage for 2+ hours while Dan was grilling.
  3. Dates wrapped with bacon and stuffed with almonds and goat cheese. Make these immediately.
  1. Getting the opportunity to cover for my boss while she is out of town. I love getting to learn new stuff and have more responsibility, but whoa, I was slightly overwhelmed. I am an inbox zero type person and every night, so matter how late I worked, my inbox was... far from zero.
  2. A new client with a very interesting drug with lots of work coming my way.
  3. Having the chance to chat with the moms in Ina's new dance class. 
  1. A great fellowship interview that I think might be the perfect fit (edited to add, yes it was! yay!)
  2. The weather was supposed to be really bad and snowy...and it wasn't. Terrific.
  3. The smell of broth simmering and bread baking. I really didn't want to leave the kitchen all day.

  1. I thought I was making dinner and I came home to it already ready in the crock pot, thanks to my amazingly fantastic sister wife. 
  2. An (even more so) fun mid-week small group meeting. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.
  3. The technology of using Skype for interviewing.
Week 2:
  1. A clean garage to park in!
  2. Finishing a long report...just in time to go on vacation!
  3. Leaving the craziness of our house and getting a pedicure AND a manicure. I can't think of anything that brings me more random bursts of joy that having my nails done.

  1. My dad getting us our (super nice) hotel room in DC for FREE. Combined with our free flights and a borrowed dress, this trip to see my friend (from middle school and beyond) Sarah's wedding was pretty affordable.
  2. Having the opportunity to meet my friends in a new city and explore sights and food together, without children.
  3. Getting the chance to meet Sarah's new family she married into and seeing how lovely they are.


  1. Uber. What a fantastic invention.
  2. The fact that there are people on this Earth who know how to do hair and makeup, because, I only know how to make my eyebrows uneven and create curls that last for 30 minutes. 
  3. Enjoying the full experience that is a Greek wedding. From the chanting and the sacrament in the ceremony, to the food (THE FOOD), to the fun dancing, it was an experience I will not soon forget. 

  1. Sushi in Chinatown! Man it has been a looonnng time.
  2. Grandma Frankie for watching Ina and Cora. She even made Ina's Valentine's box for school, just like she knew that I wasn't looking forward to adding that task to my to-do list.
  3. My sister, for keeping Mira. It was absolutely amazing to be able to leave a 5 month old in the hands of someone I completely trust. Oh, and she discovered a rubber band does stay in her hair, which is just about the cutest thing ever.
  1. Slept through my workout alarm, but I did make time to do tabata burpees and push-ups. Even with only 8 minutes of activity, my arms are sore today and I was certainly out of breath at the end.
  2. Watching Mira eat her first bites of cereal. Yes, she is only 5 months, but she is a big 5 month old and her doctor actually said we could start cereal at 4 months, because she was over 16 pounds. She really liked being able to eat something, but I don't think she enjoyed the taste of the cereal per se. She made a face that said, "I really want to enjoy this, but I just can't." Next stop, sweet potatoes, which all of the Kendrick babies love.
  3. I am loving the book, Red Rising. I just don't think I can finish it before my ebook loan expires. The Kindle app says I have 8 hours and 50 minutes left of reading. Challenge accepted.

  1. The extra package of wipes in my car and their effectiveness in removing coffee stains from my white shirt. What was I thinking wearing a white shirt?
  2. A friend saying some really nice things about me
  3. Cora went in the pool by herself no problem at swim lessons. Up until then, either Dan or I were in with her, but she is a big girl now. Before I know it, she will be swimming like Ina!


  1. Our credit card company waved the late fee and interest fee that resulted from me forgetting to pay the bill for the first time...ever...I told you, my life is full right now. 
  2. My little Valentines
  3. Extra chocolate icing on the counter - the perfect Valentine's Day present. 


Vegetable meatloaf with roasted brussels sprouts, green beans, and mashed cauliflower.

Jerk chicken tacos with Caribbean salsa with black bean soup - so good, I overate this meal.

Chicken and rice soup with kale salad and homemade bread - mmm, mmm, mmm....

Veggie Ragu with brown rice noodles and Italian salad

Korean lettuce wraps with roasted green beans - loved that recipe and will repeat soon.

Enchiladas with slaw and, you guessed it, tamales.

Have a great weekend! <3

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