Sunday, January 28, 2018

Thankful 1.25.18

  1. Danielle went grocery shopping for the week. We planned the meals together, she shopped, and put everything away. You guys, I kind of feel like I have the best deal ever.
  2. We went to Dan's uncle's funeral today. Although it was a sad reason, it was nice to see all of his family and both Cora and Mira fell asleep on my lap 5 minutes before the service started. That never happens. 
  3. We walked in the door after a long day of driving and dinner was ready and waiting. SPOILED.

  1. Cora has finally figured out that she is able to climb out of her crib. Ugh. I suppose all good things must come to an end. But, I am thankful she is staying in there during nap time. For now...
  2. Making time to clean the girls' rooms. I hadn't seen the carpet in Cora's for a few weeks.
  3. Dan and the girls finally agreed to go to bed at 9 PM after me begging him to pause the movie so I could see the rest of it the next day. Life wears me out man.
  1. We celebrated Dan's grandma's 80th birthday at our house with a surprise party. The only thing I had to do was provide the house. Others brought food, drinks, decorations, etc. They even stayed to clean. It was a pretty sweet deal. We don't often see that side of Dan's family and we saw them twice in one week!
  2. While I was busy playing hostess, Mira was held and passed around by everyone there and she did nothing but coo and smile. She is the best baby.
  3. Homemade slime, or as Cora calls it, "swippewy swime" and the teenage girls who were willing to teach Ina how to make it. 


  1. Warmer weather allowing us to get outside and play. Seeing the kids riding their bikes, scooters, and power wheels around the cul-de-sac made my heart sing. We need days like this to make winter tolerable.
  2. New people at our small group who fit in instantly. 
  3. Ina loves reading The Purpose Driven Life before bed. I get my study in and she has something to listen to while falling asleep. Win-win.
  1. New toys at the gym. We ran sprints with parachutes behind us and pushed the prowler. Woof. 
  2. Enjoying the pretty snow without it sticking to the streets. 
  3. Someone (we aren't sure who) finally picked up the construction crew's porter potty that had fallen over in our cul-de-sac and after just a few phone calls from a not-so-happy Dan.

  1. Ina actually sat still for me to braid her hair. 
  2. The girls started swim lessons up again. Ina did great, just as expected, and spent more time under water than above it. I was worried Cora would be hesitant, but instead she was so excited to go, jumped right in, was very upset when she had to leave, and has since been asking when she can go back. A week is a long time in Cora world. Mira slept the whole time.
  3. Hearing all 8 voices sitting at our dinner table say, "amen" at the exact same time. I can almost see the allure of having a big(ger) family. Ha, just kidding. I'm not insane. 


  1. Granny wasn't too upset when Dan backed into her car. Sigh. I suppose there is a reason we have an emergency fund.
  2. Rest and recovery days that are on purpose and not on accident.
  3. Ina's enthusiasm at dance class and her confidence to march to the beat of her own drum.
Recipes from the week:

Green curry chicken with brown rice and veggies: I didn't follow a recipe, but seared up a pound of chicken breast in a deep skillet. I removed the chicken and let it cool to slice and then added a can of coconut milk and a few tablespoons of green curry paste to the pan to bring to a boil. Once boiling I added a mix of veggies: broccoli, peppers, green beans and carrots and let them cook before adding the sliced chicken. It was a great dinner and everyone cleaned their plates.

Naked Persian turkey burgers from The Skinnytaste Cookbook with roasted potato fries and salad. I loved this meal. Will be a repeated often.

Veggie sloppy joe sweet potatoes with roasted broccoli and brussels sprouts. Excellent. That meal contained NINE vegetables.

Danielle made chili one night. Dan was afraid we wouldn't have enough, so we boiled some brown rice noodles to go with it.

Slow cooker Santa Fe chicken with quinoa, salsa, and avocados - a great and versatile meal that the kids loved and provided plenty of leftovers.

Pork chops with applesauce, roasted broccoli and brussels sprouts, and mashed cauliflower. There wasn't a crumb of leftovers left.

Almond Joy Energy Bites - YUM.

I hope you have a fantastic start to your week!

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