Sunday, January 21, 2018

Thankful 1.18.18

Better late than never...


  1. Even though Mira was diagnosed with the flu at her 4 month check-up (whomp, whomp), she was otherwise healthy and in the 99 percentile for length! She is going to be a tall girl! We picked up some Tylenol and Tamiflu and she is already doing much, much better. 
  2. Ina's five year check up also went really well, with one small exception. Her BMI and weight jumped up quite a bit, which honestly really surprised me. When I look at her all I see is a very healthy girl. I cannot tell you how many emotions I felt when I proceeded to discuss healthy eating and activity with her doctor. I could write an entire book on everything that was tied to that conversation. I wanted to tell her that I KNOW all of this stuff already. However, after Mira was born I have to admit I became more relaxed and Ina and Cora's eating and activity and they could stand to be healthier, which is what I am focusing on. Healthy choices for her to be her best self. Thankfully, her doctor chose her words wisely (except for one unfortunate part) and I don't think Ina seemed to notice or be upset at all.
  3. Dan typically puts Cora to bed. However, this night he was out salting streets, so I was in charge. Ina and Mira went to sleep great like usual, but poor Cora fought hard. I think I might have fallen asleep before she did. Oops. 
  1. Costco produce. We go through a ton of fresh fruit and veggies, so I am happy to have the opportunity to purchase in bulk. 
  2. After about 2 weeks of being sick I am finally feeling like myself again. I bet I had the flu, as Mira tested positive for it. So happy to have that over with. 
  3. Netflix. Why did I wait so long to sign up for it?

  1. My grandparents stopped by for a surprise visit. I just love hearing them chat with my daughters. 
  2. The Narnia series. How have I missed these up until now? We watched the first movie and I immediately ordered the book on Amazon. There is nothing better to do on these long winter nights than read.
  3. I was able to have a ladies night to celebrate my mom's birthday with my family at the casino while Dan stayed home with all three girls. He didn't even call once. My hero.

  1. Meeting new friends at church.
  2. A little bit of lounge time snuck in an otherwise eventful day.
  3. The Champs moved in! One of our favorite families (Danielle has taken care of my kids since Ina was 10 months old) are building a house, so we offered up our basement to them in the interim. Ina and Cora are beyond excited to have two kids to play with and I am pretty stoked to have a cooking, workout, coffee drinking buddy to hang out with 24/7. 

  1. I couldn't go to the gym because Dan was plowing snow and leaving children unattended is frowned upon. Typically I would have just not worked out, but Danielle was there and invited me to do a workout video with her. It was so fun! (My legs are still sore, five days later.)
  2. The ability to work from home. It was a cold snowy day and I loved that I didn't have to get out. 
  3. Mira discovering her feet. Soon they will be in her mouth just like her sister.

  1. Having other coffee drinkers in the house means that coffee is ready and made as soon as I want it. 
  2. The Best of Both Worlds Podcast. If you are a working mom, give that a listen. 
  3. I made it back to the gym after a nearly two week hiatus due to illness. It felt so good to get my heart rate up again and lift some weights. 
  1. Granny had the girls pick up their toy room. It looked good for about 5 minutes...
  2. I had the opportunity to take Ina to dance class this week. It was so fun to see her run around and have fun with the other girls in her class.
  3. The Broken Brain documentary series. Are you guys watching this? It is so interesting! They might possibly have Dan convinced to clean up his eating. Maybe. 

Recipes/Meals from the week:

Steak, roasted green beans, beets, and salad. Dan pan seared the steak, so all I had to do was heat up the beets and roast the green beans. Super simple, but delicious dinner.

Green eggs. I am on a mission to get one of my children to like eggs. This didn't work, but I definitely liked them! (I told Ina she could put on a swipe of my blush for every bite of egg she took. She made it to two, but didn't gag, so maybe we are getting somewhere?)

Picadillo with brown rice and roasted broccoli - another old favorite, repeated more times than I can count.

Veggie, chicken sausage, and lentil soup served with roasted green beans: everyone loved it. Will make again.

Butternut squash soup: I had this for lunch every day this week (along with kale salads) and it was so delicious and warmed my belly on these cold days.

Tacos carne asada (meat seasoned and cut by a local market) with pressure cooker refried beans and rice. See pic above. Everyone was happy.

Asian skillet slaw: loads of veg and loads of flavor!

Smoked chicken legs, broccoli, beets, and quinoa tabbouleh. Note to self to buy double the amount of chicken legs I think we will actually need.

Have a great weekend! <3

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