Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thankful 1.11.18

  1. A successful first fellowship interview.
  2. Ina staying the night at Granny's. Although she was missed, I was sick and one less kid to care for did help this night.
  3. Watching Ina and Cora successfully play together without fighting. It sounds and looks so nice. 

  1. My cousin came in town to see the Chiefs playoff game. Ina had all but threatened her life to convince her to stay at our house if the Chiefs made it to the playoffs. Since then we have been "voting for" the Chiefs to win so BubBub can come for a sleepover. I don't think Ina let go of her the first five minutes she saw her. 
  2. I finally started to feel a little better - no aches and chills at night, but my throat is raw and I lose my voice at times. I find it is much easier to whisper than actually try to talk. Dan thinks it is funny to ask me to repeat everything. I never realized how much I raise my voice to talk to someone in another room...until I couldn't. 
  3. Wal-Mart grocery pick up. This might be on my list every week. 
  1. Selling a large item on FB MarketPlace. I am less excited about the extra cash than I am the extra room. Ha!
  2. Throat Coat tea. It makes being sick a little more bearable. 
  3. Even though the Chiefs lost in the playoffs, the game was close, which gave us hope until the end. I like having hope. 
  1. Our friends Brand and Chessa made us a delicious and comforting lunch of black bean soup. The kids played, the adults talked. It was great. 
  2. Small group started again after the holiday break. We are doing The Daniel Plan study, which I have done several times, just never with my own small group. I am excited, but I think it will be challenging. 
  3. Watching Cora eat a zoodle (zucchini noodles). This made my heart sing. She would hold the zoodle up as high as she could, tip her head back and lower it in. This worked until she found a zoodle twice the length of her arm, which despite much effort, landed on her face. 

  1. Driving home from Granny's house the mini-van was full of noises. I had a headache and was trying to block it out, but then realized I shouldn't. Ina was explaining to me her algorithm for when to say the day after tomorrow is one day away and when to say it is two days away (apparently I was incorrect when I informed her that her dance lessons on Wednesday were two days away), Cora was screaming "Watch out for that car!" whenever we passed a car parked or otherwise, and Mira was singing her own song, determined not to be left out. One day I will miss that. 
  2. Everyone ate their dinner (see avgolemeno below). Everyone. This almost never happens, even when we have pizza. 
  3. After dinner clean up and baths are usually the craziest part of my day and everything is done a little haphazardly. For some reason, today's went so smoothly. Cora and Ina colored at the table while I did the dishes and cleaned up. Mira sat in her bouncer, happy to be next to me in the kitchen, and time just seemed to slow down. 

  1. Even on days when Granny takes the girls to her house, she drives over to our house in the morning to pick them up and help me get them ready. Yes, I know, I won the mother-in-law lottery.
  2. Our Parents as Teachers teacher...the more I get to know her the more I love her. She is such a jewel in our community. Somehow while teaching Cora how to count and satisfying Ina's desire to complete every activity under the sun, she simultaneously explained to Dan and me how she volunteers to help the teen moms in the school district. Would it be weird to meet her without my children? Maybe for coffee? 
  3. Kale. It might be the placebo effect, but I seriously feel better (more energy, stronger, like I have super powers...) after I eat it. 

  1. After a horrible, fussy, sleepless night, the thought finally occurred to my sleep-deprived self that I should give Mira some Tylenol. It worked and she finally calmed down. Poor baby is sick for the first time. Even though this is my third baby, it isn't any easier than seeing Ina sick for the first time. 
  2. Ina had her first dance lessons. She said she loved it and asked if she could go again tomorrow. 
  3. Cora and baby time. I stayed home with them while Dan and Ina were at dance and it was nice to have some time with just us. Cora loves singing songs to and cuddling with Mira. 
Lots of good recipes from the week:

Burger salad - seared up some pre-formed pattys and served on top of baby spinach mixed with onions, pickles, tomatoes, and lots of mustard. This was much better than I expected. 

Slow cooker pernil with cilantro lime rice and cabbage slaw. An old favorite.

Thai Crunch salad: we took this to the Nyberg's house to go with the soup. It was great. Will make again.

Asian turkey meatballs with a sesame lime sauce with zoodles, roasted broccoli, and brown rice. The Champs shared this meal with us and even with a doubled recipe, there were zero leftovers.

Avgolemeno (aka Greek chicken soup) with salad greens. Everyone LOVED that soup. I made it with rice instead of orzo and our homemade chicken broth. It's a keeper for sure.

Beef ragu with polenta and kale. Everyone loved the ragu - we had it for two nights in a row. The girls didn't love the polenta. Dan tolerated it the first night, but the second night he seared it up in a pan with some olive oil and liked it much better. We have plans to try it again with some type of Mexican flavored pork.

Have a great week! <3

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