Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Review

Good Monday morning!

I am determined for this week to start out better than last week, and it already is because none of my children up-chucked in my bed while coughing their lungs out with a fever.

The weekend was a great one - filled with too many celebrations to count, but try to document I must.

I picked Mira and Ina up from Danielle's Friday afternoon (Cora stayed home with me because she had a fever Thursday), quickly fed Mira at home, and then took the older girls to Ina's school for  Winter Wonderland.

Ina's school knows how to put on a party. We excavated icebergs, shoveled fake snow, built snowmen, decorated gingerbread men, ate marshmallows, and, of course, saw Santa.

Cora walked up to him long enough to get a candy cane and then immediately reversed towards me after telling him she wanted a door for Christmas.

A door.

Ina, who has been adamantly telling everyone she was asking Santa for a Hatchimal, told him she didn't know what she wanted. That sure makes things easy for Santa.

We came home just in time to celebrate Granny's birthday with a meal Dan and Mira had been preparing. King crab legs (with the finest cracking apparatuses money could buy), scalloped potatoes (this is a deliciously decadent recipe), and green beans.

We called it a night after opening up one of Mira's Christmas presents early. You can never have too many humidifiers when coughing children are involved.

Saturday morning I woke up early and finished addressing Christmas cards, prepped and baked a few desserts, and then had to work for a few hours.

After showers and getting ready, Ina and I headed to Target to buy an assortment of bottles. Mira still isn't taking a bottle (from anyone now), so we are trying out a few new ones.

From Target we dropped our cards off at the post office, and then headed home to pick up the rest of the family for my niece Hallaway's Christmas dance recital.

The dances were so cute, Hallaway rocked her one handed cart-wheels, splits, and backbends, and both Cora and Ina were throughly entertained for the first 45ish minutes.

Then Mira started crying, Cora kept asking for water, and Ina couldn't keep from chatting with her cousin Kauffman who was sitting next to her. Therefore, we took the opportunity given at intermission to congratulate Hal and then gracefully leave on our own free will.

After a quick car nursing session, we drove to The Nybergs', where we met them to go to a drive thru live nativity scene at a church near their house. It was so charming, educational, and even had live animals. We returned to their house for dinner and dessert. I brought these buckeye brownies which were amazing, but these pecan pie bars were a close second choice.

Sunday started with more baking for our small group Christmas cookie exchange. Last year Danielle made the best gingerbread men, so I asked her for the recipe and thought nothing of it until Sunday morning when I realized I actually had to roll out, cut, and decorate the darn things.

Note to self - next year, pick a cookie you take a spoonful of and drop on the pan. I finally got the hang of the rolling and cutting, but the icing was a miserable failure. I can only hope the people we give them to assume that a child decorated them.

Once the last cookie was iced we rounded up the troops and headed to church where I listened to an absolutely amazing sermon on anger. I really think I need to re-listen to it every week.

From church we went to my nephew Jake's birthday party at our favorite pizza place where Grandma Frankie picked up Ina to take her to see The Nutcracker.

The younger two girls and I hurried home to help Dan clean the house and an hour later our small group arrived, loaded down with cookies and snacks. We had such a good time filling the boxes, chatting, relaxing, and watching the kids play. I love those people with my whole heart.

After everyone left our house I forced slippers on my feet and met Dan's grandma to pick up Ina, who had a fantastic time at the ballet.

We all slept all night long. I didn't even set my alarm for the gym, but Mira woke me up right on time.

I hope you have a fantastic week! <3

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