Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thankful 12.29.17


  1. Granny wrapped every. single. present. we have and put them under the tree. She is fantastic.
  2. I was able to take a steaming skin burning shower when all my kids were awake without rushing. I was even able to dry off completely and put lotion on before I heard one of them crying. It was everything.
  3. A last minute decision to make an hour round trip to the international grocery store (for the second time this week) because my entire family is on a serious ramen kick right now, and apparently the ramen noodles at Aldi aren't good enough.
  1. Getting our grocery shopping done before the craziness of the weekend. Also, finishing up the last Christmas gift. Whew, that was close.
  2. Danielle's neighbor Jan gave me another kombucha start. I am starting out the new year with a better gut health. Ha! The last time I made kombucha, things were going well until I thought it would be a good idea to double my production. Like so many other things in life, more is not always better and I quickly became too overwhelmed to maintain the work. This time, less is more.
  3. Our friends TheDavidNashes (Ina's name for them) came over for dinner bearing gifts for the girls. They are just the sweetest - and quite the baby whispers. 


  1. The lovely people sitting around us in the movie theater that didn't try to kick us out when Mira and Cora were crying at the same exact time. It only lasted for about a minute, but it seemed like an important part of the movie. I think. I wouldn't know for sure. I was a little distracted.
  2. Everyone else that puts up Christmas lights on their houses. The girls just love looking at them and anytime we are outside after dark, which I admit is rare, Cora yells, "I see them! Christmas lights! Up ahead!" and I vow that next year we will put up lights outside.
  3. Eggnog and coffee mixed together. You are welcome.

  1. A White Christmas. I woke up, looked outside, and immediately logged into Netflix to watch the movie. 
  2. Granny brought over the mother load of treats for us! 
  3. Grandma Frankie continues to be an awesome grandma to us and the girls and constantly welcomes us into her family, even though we aren't "technically" blood related. She is fantastic. 

(Ina's new face)
  1. The birth of Jesus.
  2. Christmas presents. Between my mom and grandma and family from Texas and my dad, the girls were so, so, so spoiled. We are beyond blessed.
  3. Family game night. Sitting around the table and laughing uncontrollably to where I didn't know if I was going to catch my breath. It was fantastic. 


  1. Cora sat on the potty for an hour. Nothing happened, but she did sit there, which is an improvement. 
  2. I didn't hurt myself too much when I wiped out skating with Ina. I haven't fell the last few times I skated, so I was pretty surprised to be holding Ina's hand skating one second and flat on my back the next. Ina fell plenty of times, but generally appeared to enjoy herself. Maybe by next winter she will be able to fully skate by herself.
  3. Rest.


  1. Granny doing Ina's new science kit with the girls while I was working upstairs. (Also my cousin for gifting it to Ina!) Ina is learning so much and she absolutely loves it. 
  2. Dan was able to visit his favorite Fun House Pizza before they close at the end of the year. He said he cried for 30 minutes and I believe him - he is such a tender heart.
  3. Getting most of the Christmas decorations put away and most of the gifts in their new spots. The house doesn't feel near as cluttered, which is lovely.
I only cooked one healthy meal this week, but because of how delicious and quick and healthy it was, I feel the need to share it - pork chops and kale. Although the girls didn't touch the kale, they loved the pork chops and Dan loved the kale. 

Looking for something to make for NYE? This hoagie dip is always a hit. 

Happy New Year!

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