Friday, December 22, 2017

Thankful 12.21.17

  1. Clean teeth at the dentist. Nice and fresh.
  2. My new planner came in the mail! This is actually my second 2018 planner. I ordered a different one, started to fill it out, and realized it wasn't going to work exactly like I wanted it to, so I did something completely out of character and bought the one I decided I wanted, instead of dealing with my bad decision for an entire year. 
  3. Tacos carne asada. Do they ever get old? 
  1. Grandma Frankie came to the rescue to watch the girls last minute when Danielle couldn't because Gunner was sick.
  2. Finishing up fellowship phone interviews. The first step is complete!
  3. Getting legal license plates. I recently discovered I was unknowingly driving a van with the old owner's license plates still attached. Right after we bought the van I went to the DMV and licensed the vehicle, came home, and thought Dan switched the plates. Turns out, he didn't. Once we discovered the misunderstanding we had no idea where the new plates I had to go and get new ones. Irresponsible, party of one.

  1. Mira slept the entire 2.5 hours we were in IKEA. She is a golden baby.
  2. One of my gym mates generously covered the tab at our Christmas party. We had such a good time, like we always do when we get together.
  3. My dad and his girlfriend watched the girls, brought dinner, played games, did laundry and put them to sleep. We couldn't get more spoiled.
  1. Watching people get baptized. I just can't help but cry.
  2. Having time to food prep to my heart's desire...which resulted in my cleaning the kitchen 3 times and still going to bed with dishes in the sink. 
  3. Matching Christmas jammies (pictures to come)
  1. My mother in law offered to help me wrap Christmas gifts. I think she noticed the space under our tree was completely empty and was slightly concerned, as I usually have all of my shopping done and gifts wrapped the week before Christmas. This year, well, I think everyone has a gift...somewhere in the one of the 30 Amazon boxes sitting in my office that I don't have the time/energy/will to open.
  2. I was finally able to stop my thumb from bleeding after slicing the top of it off while trying to make a cucumber salad with the mandolin. Right before dinner the salad was still warm, so I put it in the freezer...and left it there. 
  3. Opening Christmas cards. I know some people think they are a waste of time, but I have to respectfully disagree. I love hearing from people that we don't see very often and reading how their family is growing. 

  1. Mira ate 12 oz. while I was at work, which is great because she has only been eating 4 oz. However, I only pump about 9 oz. a we are going to have to get strategic if her appetite continues to increase.
  2. One of my gym mates made us chicken pot pie for dinner. It was everything. Cora skipped the chicken pot pie (more for me) and ate the majority of a carton of baby spinach and arugula. Go figure.
  3. Clean babies. The smell is straight from heaven.

  1. Granny was sick, so Dan stayed home with all three girls by himself and they all survived! He actually looked significantly more together than I did the first day I had all three of them by myself.
  2. Past-me that made extra pizza dough and froze it. I never regret that decision.
  3. Mira's new obsession with sticking out her tongue. It is hilarious.

Recipes from this week:

Lunch prep: pressure cooker quinoa/rice/chicken breast topped with kale pesto

Yellow curry paste: I froze it to make curry after the first of the year.

Spiced shrimp - seriously, one of my favorite "recipes" of all time because it takes like 5 minutes to make and the flavor is out of this world. I wish my girls liked it, but it isn't so bad, because that means more shrimp for me.

Artichoke dip pizza - oh man, I wanted to swim in it. I added half a bag of fresh spinach to make it "nutritious." 

Buckeye brownies: these might be the unhealthiest treat in history, but they are worth it.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas weekend! <3

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  1. Love this! -->> "so I did something completely out of character and bought the one I decided I wanted, instead of dealing with my bad decision for an entire year."

    This is a huge gift in and of itself! -->> "My mother in law offered to help me wrap Christmas gifts."

    "Opening Christmas cards." <<-- I agree on this one... and (even though we don't have any ourselves) I love seeing how much kids have grown... especially if I don't see them on Facebook.


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