Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thankful 12.14.17

  1. Ina didn't have a fever today...but Cora woke up from her nap with a fever and a barky cough. Whomp whomp.
  2. Our parents as teachers teacher is fantastic. My kids love her and I want to be her best friend. She came armed with Christmas crafts even after I told her my house was a contagious zone.
  3. Leftovers for dinner plus an early bedtime make for a relaxing evening.
  1. Starting out a day that I know will be hard with a workout. Really, I don't know why I sometimes dread working out...I love going to the gym and I feel so good afterwards. Sometimes the mind can be a little silly. 
  2. Cora was such a good girl staying home with me all day while I worked. She quietly watched a movie, played in the toy room, and then took an epic nap. 
  3. King crab legs. It is exciting to know that heaven will be even better than eating crab legs. 
  1. The ability to push my pride to the side, say "I'm sorry" and move on. I need to learn to do that more often.
  2. Getting our Christmas cards sent out. There are still lots of things on the Christmas to do list, but that one is done. The rest will fall into place. I am determined to not stress...which has resulted in a lot of shopping left to do.
  3. The great and brave volunteers of the live nativity scene we visited - it was cold outside that night.

  1. Parchment paper. How did I ever put anything in the oven without it?
  2. Convicting sermons and the fact that I can listen to them over and over (and over) again.
  3. Our small group. They are just the best.
  1. Heated seats on a super cold morning. 
  2. Mira FINALLY took a bottle. Praise God! My momma heart was about to burst thinking of her crying and hungry all day. The munchkin latch was the winner. 
  3. Starting fellowship interviews. Even though they take a lot of time and energy and sometimes make me nervous, I like how they remind me of my own career goals and aspirations. If you need some inspiration, listen to the drive and enthusiasm of someone interviewing for a job she really wants. 

  1. Everyone is finally healthy, which means I get my bed back (mostly) to myself, with occasional visits from Mira. 
  2. A delicious carb heavy Italian Christmas lunch at work.
  3. Listening to my kids laugh hysterically at the same parts of Home Alone that I found hilarious as a kid (and still do). 

  1. An unexpected bonus at work.
  2. My department did a white elephant gift exchange, where everyone brought something from home they no longer wanted. It was hilarious and fantastic. I also ended up with a veggie spiralizer, which I am super pumped about.
  3. Just how excited the girls were to see the lights of Christmas in the Park. They squealed their hearts out. It was one of those moments when Dan and I looked at each other and honestly couldn't believe we get to be a part of this. 
I haven't cooked a lot of recipes this week, but did make our fave cheeseburger soup and some white chicken chili

Have a great rest of your week!

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