Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thankful 11.2.17

  1. Ina didn't have preschool today, so we had a day without leaving the house, which was a nice break. This makes me laugh so much, because when Ina was an infant, there were many, many days we didn't leave the house. However, because of her older sisters, Mira is mostly along for the ride.
  2. My body isn't as sore from exercising as it was on Monday. Trying to stay positive. 
  3. My friend Michele and her kids came over for dinner. Talking with her always does my heart good, and she brought over pumpkin cake, which made my belly happy as well.

  1. My mom brought over Cora's Halloween costume - yay! it came in time and matches Ina's! Now we just need to get her to wear it. Minor detail.
  2. My aunt and uncle came in town took the older girls with them to my grandparents' house for the night. Before they left we chatted and then went to lunch. I love that they give me some momma-baby time, but I also love getting the chance to catch up with them.
  3. Dan and I had a date night (with Mira) that involved my second trip to Aldi for the day (is it weird that I loved it?), wine, a movie, and bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapeƱos. 
  1. With the big girls gone and Mira immobile, I took advantage of my free time and cleared out the many items in my kitchen cabinets that we have not used since we moved here more than six years ago. All the items are currently sitting in our garage, awaiting a garage sale. Any guesses on how long it will take me to pull one of those off? 
  2. When I picked up the girls at my grandparents', we all played a few rounds of UNO while waiting for Cora to wake up from a nap. Nothing beats card games at my grandparents' house.
  3. We left my grandparents' house and went over to my brother's church's trunk-or-treat. I loved seeing all the trunks decorated, all the costumes, and his family. 
  1. New planners and friends who nerd-out over them just as much as I do.
  2. My dad and his girlfriend brought over some Halloween treats for the girls and my birthday presents. I was beyond spoiled with a pedicure and A TREADMILL! Whoop whoop! I ran a hole in my old one, so I can't wait to get this one set up.
  3. I felt like I had mad mom skills when I successfully rocked both Cora and Mira to sleep at the same time right before small group started. 

  1. I went back to the gym and I survived. I modified quite a bit, was way slower than I used to be, and there were a few moves I just didn't do very well (like v-ups, because my core muscles have disappeared), but I showed up and sometimes that is the hardest part, particularly when your baby who always goes right back to sleep after being fed at 4:30 AM is wide awake. 
  2. My kitchen tongs. They were something I never bought because I never thought I needed them, but now that I have them I use them all the time. 
  3. Dan took over the pumpkin carving activity this year and everything went great. I was so tired after dinner and didn't feel like carving mine, but after hearing Dan, Ina, and Cora sing multiple renditions of, Do Your Guts Hang Low, I couldn't help but get in the spirit and invested the 10 minutes. So happy I did.


  1. The girls and I had the treat of meeting the very nice couple whose house Dan's company has been working on lately. They gave the girls the sweetest treats. We also had the chance to tour their house and property, which was absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to go back.
  2. On our way to my sister's house, we received word that Dan's grandma was going to the hospital likely to a heart attack, so we turned around so Dan could go to the hospital with his mom. Thankfully, his grandma is doing OK now, although they don't know exactly what was wrong yet. 
  3. My sister made us dinner, my aunt and uncle helped take the big girls trick or treating while I fed the baby, and my mom fixed me a warm adult beverage. I love Halloween. 

  1. My aunt sent the girls the cutest sister shirts. I wanted to do something like this, but kind of forgot, so I am happy she remembered for me.
  2. I have started watching The Office (again) during nap time and I pretty much don't stop laughing. I forgot how funny that show is.
  3. A warm cup of tea and heated seats on a chilly drive. It is just so cozy. 
Recipes I made this week:

Smoked chicken legs, smashed potatoes, and salad.

Sweet Potato Banana Bites (made into bars for way less of a mess)

Butternut squash soup with sandwiches. You guys, that soup is absolutely amazing, like eating fall out of a bowl. I know what I am doing with the four butternut squashes piled on my pantry floor right now. Make it. Don't skip the curry powder.

Basic Bulgogi (made with pork loin) with brown rice and roasted cauliflower and broccoli. I should note that Dan is a meat and potatoes comfort food type guy who is usually a pretty good sport with my food experiments, so when I answered his "What's for dinner?" question with, "a Korean pork dish" he gave me a heavy sigh, which he apologized for over and over after he tasted it. I loved it and will make it again soon.

Paleo blender muffins (with a few mini chocolate chips added for the girls). I love having something I can grab for them for breakfast during the crazy morning routine.

Breakfast salads (greens topped with roasted veggies and fried eggs).

Chicken with bacon and brussels sprouts and smashed potatoes. That meal will be a weeknight staple for sure. Just two pieces of bacon gave the sprouts and chicken so much flavor.

Also, full disclosure, I have been eating a large amount of dark chocolate with almonds, a bar I just discovered at Aldi but need to stop purchasing soon. Ha!

Have a great week!


  1. I'm so going to try out that bulgogi on Rob!

    Cute shirts!!!!

    1. Yes! Let me know what meat you use...I think I will try steak next. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for posting menus and recipes. It’s so helpful. Breakfast salad, bulgogi - yes!

    1. This is recently my favorite part about other blogs I read -seeing what food actually worked for other families, so I decided to add it to my blog as well. Ha! Let me know what you think or if there are any recipes you liked that I should try. :)


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