Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Notes to Myself for Thanksgiving 2018

Dear Future Racheal,

Here are a few things that you always forget because you only cook like this once a year:

This method for cooking the turkey is great (stuff with garlic, carrots, celery, thyme, and a whole head of garlic), but your roaster runs hot resulting in a turkey on the dry side if you follow the recommended times, so either decrease the temp or check the turkey earlier.

Buy a fresh turkey and brine it.

Have Dan make the gravy. He has a "gravy sense" that cannot be beat.

The rolls might not rise as much as you like. They will be fine.

I promise, 10 lbs. does make enough mashed potatoes.

The stuffing requires butter, celery, and onion. Grandma says to add enough broth/cream until you stick your finger in and liquid runs around it.

These pumpkin and pecan pie recipes are fantastic. Maybe don't have Ina help with measuring the pie crust ingredients. Apparently exact amounts matter.

This cranberry sauce recipe was perfect in the slow cooker for prep a few days before. Making it on the floor is completely optional.

For the love of God don't wear jeans to eat Thanksgiving. Stretchy pants are your friends.

No matter how much you feel like you are missing out, you do not want to go shopping on Black Friday. You will not enjoy it. Stay home and put up outdoor Christmas lights instead.

Do make a list of what you want to buy for gifts and see if any of those happen to be on sale during Cyber Monday. Don't make your list off the sales. You will regret that too.

Have an activity for the kids to do during the cooking. Jessie's colorable table cloth and turkey place card crafts were both great ideas.

Enjoy this time with your family. It only comes a few times a year. <3

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