Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thankful 11.9.17

Hello there! How are things going?

I have to be honest and say that the end of last week I felt like I was losing my mind. I was grouchy a lot. I yelled a lot. I made mean faces a lot (according to Ina). I could feel myself being that way, and didn't like it, but still didn't do anything to stop it. Ugh, sometimes being a mom is hard.

But, I still found things to be thankful for, which has helped my mood for sure. Also, after a great sermon on Sunday I was able to turn my attitude around and have a little more positive outlook.


  1. Trader Joe's cinnamon brooms. Is there a better smell?
  2. I took all three girls by myself to Costco and TJs and although the toy aisle was hard, we made it out alive.
  3. Ina's school had an event called "Light the Night," which was basically a party in the school with all the lights turned off and glow in the dark toys everywhere. We started out in the obstacle course, made our way to the balloon dance party, and then ended with glow in the dark magna tiles and rice. Cora could not stop screaming, "This is fun!!!" I really want to recreate something like that in our basement. Maybe for Ina's birthday?

  1. I organized my closet and dresser, which was a disaster as I am in a size/shape transition. I put away all of my maternity and summer clothes and got out my old fall and winter clothes. I have to be honest and say that some of those might not fit, but I did buy a new pair of jeans that I am in love with in a size larger than I normally wear. It feels so good to wear normal clothes again.
  2. Kim knitted Ina the cutest headband. 
  3. When I picked up the girls from Danielle's she sent me home with a loaf of banana bread. She is the best. 
  1. Dan had some help and was able to get a lot of his mom's stuff moved. There is still some work to do, but we/they are getting closer to the end of it every day!
  2. We inherited new furniture for our living room from Dan's mom. We are now the proud owners of a set that includes 5 recliners. FIVE! We have now met our life goals and need to come up with new ones. 
  3. A few of my friends from high school and their children came over for an evening playdate. I love chatting with them and the hours flew by. I was sad to see them leave.

(this picture pretty much sums up my life right now)
  1. After church we traded family picture photography with the Nybergs and although I didn't think we could possibly produce a usable picture due to Cora's mouth being full of cashews and her refusal to do anything we told her to do, Dan forgetting to get a hair cut the night before, and Mira being in her pajamas because it was too cold to change her into anything else, there were actually a few good ones.
  2. After family pictures we headed to the Nybergs house for some very very delicious brunch burgers.
  3. We had small group and dinner at the Cartwrights new house. It was beautiful and delicious and Miss Emily was able to take the kids outside to jump on the trampoline.

  1. I made my first (of hopefully many) trips to Salvation Army for a donation. Operation Minimalism is a go. 
  2. Our friends the Whitneys came over for an afternoon play date that transformed into a dinner date after we added a box of mac and cheese to the menu.
  3. Dan made us an after dinner treat - Masala tea with some tea he brought back from India. It was so yummy, warm, and comforting. 

  1. Baby coos. It feels like she is actually talking to me. Melts my heart. 
  2. Cora had a tantrum during story time at the library, but we were able to turn it around and walked out with dignity and our heads held high.
  3. The Champs came over for dinner and playtime. Danielle and I enjoyed a glass of wine while the kids ran around like crazy people and may or may not have broke into the Halloween face paint.
  1. Granny came over to watch the big girls while Mira and I went to see my midwife.
  2. Speaking of that, there is now a 99.9% chance we will not have any more babies. For at least five years. Thank God.
  3. My mom came over with toy catalogs which entertained Ina for a solid hour. I remember looking through those when I was a kid and I loved 
I didn't do a lot of cooking this week, but a few recipes we made:

Easy paleo breakfast casserole: I have had this for breakfast every day this week and I love it.

Pizza pinwheels: such a playdate food because kids can grab and go and they aren't as messy as a slice of pizza. 

French Dip Sliders: these are really good - if you are ever looking for easy appetizers, make these for sure.

Skyline chili - a classic favorite.

Spiced shrimp with naan, cilantro, and yogurt. I can't stop with this recipe. I want to eat it every week.

Have you tried any recipes lately that were a success? What are you thankful for?

Have a great week! <3

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  1. Seriously, girl. You are slaying this momma thing! I can barely handle going to Trader Joe's with my husband! :-)


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