Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Day in the Life During Materntiy Leave

2:13 AM: Mira is stirring. I scoop her up into bed and feed her for about 15 minutes until she falls back asleep and I follow her shortly after.

4:29 AM: I wake up one minute before my alarm. I cannot believe that both Ina and Cora slept all night. This was the best night of sleep I have had in weeks. I dream feed Mira in bed for about 10 minutes, grab my gym clothes I laid out the night before, brush my teeth, put on deodorant, change, and pump to make exercising comfortable. I get a few extra ounces every day, which is creating a great stock for when I go back to work.

5:00: I pull into the gym parking lot, right on time. It was leg day and the workout did not disappoint. I am still so weak and my endurance is low, which can be frustrating, but I can't think of another place I would rather be to build those both back up.

6:10: I come home and thank my lucky stars that all three girls are still asleep and take that opportunity to take a shower in peace and quiet. 

6:25: I make myself a cup of coffee and sit down for a little internet time: online Christmas shopping, planning Ina's birthday lunch, planning our meals for the next week, etc. Dan leaves for work.

6:52: Cora starts yelling "Momma" from her crib. We snuggle for a few minutes and read a few books before Ina joins us. We tidy up their rooms and I get Cora dressed. I change my first of 14 diapers for the day. Jealous yet?

7:24: Cora wakes Mira up. I take Mira downstairs to feed her in the recliner while Cora is yelling at the top of the stairs for me to carry her down (she can go down the stairs fine but doesn't like to) and Ina is asking me what she can have for breakfast and arguing with me over what she did with her clothes that I laid out for her only a few minutes before. She can't find them and is blaming me for not knowing where they are, which results is me sending Ina to her room to think about the way she is talking to me. Our relationship is definitely going through a rough spot right as I learn to balance my attention with three children. Ina spends the next 40 minutes resting in her room, which is a good thing.

8:00: I make myself a breakfast smoothie and Cora drinks half of it. 

8:15: I turn on Christian music videos on YouTube while I pack the girls' lunches. Those videos and songs always always help to get us in a better mood. We really like this one.

8:30- I turn on the Disney Channel and scramble around the house trying to pick up all the rogue toys and laundry because our house is getting cleaned and the vacuum doesn't run very well over blocks and Christmas ornaments. During this time Mira does not want to be put down, so I take breaks now and then to hold her and play with her. 

9:30: We are ready to leave just as the cleaners arrive. It is better for everyone if we are out of the house, so we head to the park for a few minutes. I did not plan my outfit appropriately and seriously wished I would have worn socks. 

10:04 We leave the park and head for HyVee to order Ina's birthday treats for her school. After the girls get cookies we grab a few things that we needed. Ina pushed the cart with Mira in it and Cora rode on my shoulders and I got the feeling our craziness was entertaining all the other customers. After grabbing a few balloons we are out the door.

10:42 We park at the library and I feed Mira in the car while Ina and Cora beat eat other with their balloons.

11:00 Story time at the library. Ina sits and participates while Cora wanders around playing with blocks, pulling out books, and occasionally stopping by the circle to hear part of the story or sing a song. I try to corral her, but I also have Mira in the stroller, so I mostly just try to keep us both as quiet as possible. We stay at the library for 30 minutes after story time and read a few books Ina picked out, chat with the librarian, etc.

12:05: Load back in the van. By this time I am ravenous and I inhale a protein bar while Cora eats her lunch on the way to drop Ina off at school.

12:32: We come home after dropping Ina off, walk in the door, and I immediately take Cora upstairs to her crib. She knows it is nap time and isn't happy about it, but after a few minutes of fussing she gets quiet. I come downstairs, grab Mira out of her carseat, and sit down to feed her. This is our only quiet time together all day, and as if she knows it, she prolongs eating and often stops to smile and coo at me. 

1:15: I heat up leftovers for lunch: steak, sweet potato, and roasted vegetables. I play with Mira while I eat and then she acts like she is still hungry, so I feed her until she goes to sleep

2:00: I take Mira upstairs and turn on the baby monitor. I finally have a chance to enjoy some time to myself in a clean house, so I peruse the internet, write the first half of this post, drink some sparkling water, throw dinner in the crockpot and watch Outlander, my maternity leave guilty pleasure. 

2:30: Cora wakes up, yelling, "Momma, I'm a bad girl!" from her crib. Mira wakes up a few minutes later. We hang out in her room for a little bit, reading books and playing.

3:00 Time to get Ina and fill up the van with gas. The van was on empty all morning and I don't want to run out of gas in the preschool pick up line. Once Ina is in the car she tells me that she and one boy in her class are in love, but she will probably marry another boy in her class, but "Don't tell Daddy!" 

3:30: We get home and I hit my typical afternoon energy wall. I feed Mira and finish up dinner prep while the girls watch a few cartoons. I snack on some mixed nuts.

4:55: Dan's home! This is usually the time of day where I get an emotional break from single parenting. However, Ina is in a mood and they immediately get frustrated with each other. I tell Ina to go to her room again and tell Dan to go unwind with a long shower. Afterwards they both "start over" and everyone is in a really good mood for the rest of the night. Somewhere in there I poured myself a glass of wine. 

5:45: We eat dinner - slow cooker buffalo chicken sweet potatoes with mixed vegetables. Mira is an angel baby and lets me eat my whole plate. Cora wanders away from the table after a few minutes, but Ina sits with us and we enjoy some family conversation. I really want dinner to be a time for our family to be together, but I don't want to force it. 

6:10: Dan does dishes and wipes the counters while I feed Mira. We all watch Star Wars as a family - we are trying to watch them all again before we see Episode 8. Mira sleeps on my through the whole movie and Cora is cuddled up right beside me.

7:40: The movie is over and we head upstairs for bed. I give the girls their allergy medicine and their vitamins. Dan and Ina hang out in Cora's room while I wash my face, brush my teeth, etc. I hang out with Ina in her room until she falls asleep.

8:15: I lay down in bed to wait for Dan to come in from Cora's room and immediately fall asleep.

9:06: I wake up on the phone with someone from a dance studio I had called over a week ago. Apparently her phone just showed her she had a message and she wanted to immediately return my call. I am sure I sounded a mess, because she kept on apologizing for calling so late. We talk about Ina's dance class options for a few minutes and I immediately fall asleep as soon as we get off the phone.

11:15: Mira wakes up to eat. She usually doesn't wake up this early, but she fell asleep earlier than normal.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Notes to Myself for Thanksgiving 2018

Dear Future Racheal,

Here are a few things that you always forget because you only cook like this once a year:

This method for cooking the turkey is great (stuff with garlic, carrots, celery, thyme, and a whole head of garlic), but your roaster runs hot resulting in a turkey on the dry side if you follow the recommended times, so either decrease the temp or check the turkey earlier.

Buy a fresh turkey and brine it.

Have Dan make the gravy. He has a "gravy sense" that cannot be beat.

The rolls might not rise as much as you like. They will be fine.

I promise, 10 lbs. does make enough mashed potatoes.

The stuffing requires butter, celery, and onion. Grandma says to add enough broth/cream until you stick your finger in and liquid runs around it.

These pumpkin and pecan pie recipes are fantastic. Maybe don't have Ina help with measuring the pie crust ingredients. Apparently exact amounts matter.

This cranberry sauce recipe was perfect in the slow cooker for prep a few days before. Making it on the floor is completely optional.

For the love of God don't wear jeans to eat Thanksgiving. Stretchy pants are your friends.

No matter how much you feel like you are missing out, you do not want to go shopping on Black Friday. You will not enjoy it. Stay home and put up outdoor Christmas lights instead.

Do make a list of what you want to buy for gifts and see if any of those happen to be on sale during Cyber Monday. Don't make your list off the sales. You will regret that too.

Have an activity for the kids to do during the cooking. Jessie's colorable table cloth and turkey place card crafts were both great ideas.

Enjoy this time with your family. It only comes a few times a year. <3

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thankful 11.23.17


I was supposed to hit publish on this post on Thanksgiving, but I just realized I didn't. As to not lose this week in family history, here you go...almost a week late...

  1. Christmas movies on Netflix. We are totally putting up the tree early this year. 
  2. We went to my friend Michele's house for dinner and she made homemade Chik-fil-a. Oh my, it was amazing. Dan told her we will be driving thru once a week.
  3. We officially sold our first item on Facebook Marketplace. Now I am looking at every item in the house and wondering how much it is worth to me. Can you sell animals? Asking for a friend.
  1. A special shout out to the person who turned in my phone from the Marshall's parking lot. Oh, and the woman who followed me out of Crate and Barrel with my wallet. I know this surprises no one, but I am losing my mind.
  2. I got my eyebrows waxed, which was just the little self care treat I needed.
  3. We had a great Friendsgiving meal at the Nybergs' house. It was lovely. 

  1. The whole family helped in tidying up the house while I was calling patients. (I started back at my Saturday morning job a few weeks ago). It was great to start the weekend on a clean note.
  2. Dan and I enjoyed a fun night at a family friend's wedding. The wedding was beautiful and I didn't know how badly we needed to get out of the house without the kids. It was such a fun date night. Can we all agree that Dan needs to wear a suit more often?
  3. My dad and Bev played with the girls while we were gone and we came home to all three girls asleep in their beds and all the laundry done. How long do I have to wait to ask them to babysit again? 
  1. Mira slept all night long! Like, until 6:30 AM. I am pretty positive that neither Ina nor Cora did this at 2 months old, so I am hoping this is a great sign. 
  2. I ordered our Christmas cards. They are not creative at all and they don't share any details about our year, but honestly I don't have the mental capacity for that right now. I am just happy that Chessa took our picture and we are all looking at the camera. Ha! 
  3. We finished up our small group semester. I just love those people.

I forgot to write anything down for this day, and even looking at my planner does not help me remember a single detail about it. So there's that.

  1. Cora didn't get kicked out of story time. It was looking iffy there for a bit.
  2. Dan's mom made us dinner and brought it over. Not only was it delicious, as always, it was great to not worry about dinner and instead play games.
  3. I taught Ina and Dan how to play chicken foot with dominos. They both liked the game and we now have another choice in our arsenal. I moved all the games from the basement to a cabinet by the dining room table, hoping to motivate us to play games more. 

  1. Ina didn't have school, so we lounged around the house and casually/slowly put up Christmas decorations and made pies for Thanksgiving. I kept my Christmas decorating to a minimum, reminding myself I would have to put anything I got out away in January when I am fully in the grind of being a working mom to three kids. This was also our first time making pies. I don't mind saying they were a success.
  2. Dan had food poisoning, NOT the stomach bug. I know that is a weird thing to be thankful for, but stomach bugs are contagious while food poisoning is not, and Big Momma doesn't have time/energy/patience for that ish right now.
  3. My mom came over with a mini pecan pie and we played games while Dan was recovering.

Food I have made this week:

Healthy Chicken Enchilada Soup: It was just OK. Probably won't make again.

Red beans and rice: Very good - I had this for 5 meals and wasn't upset about the last one.

Paleo breakfast casserole: I have some form of egg casserole for the last 3 weeks and it has been clutch in having an easy and healthy breakfast after a minute in the microwave. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thankful 11.16.17


Here is what I was thankful for this week:


  1. Instagram stories and the entertainment/adult social interaction they provide. 
  2. Ina's school valet line - not getting out of the car really helps this momma out. 
  3. Some of Dan's family came over for a visit and treated us to Chinese food. I loved having them over at our house, sitting in our living room, just chatting away and holding babies. The best.

  1. A really good workout. The amazing people at my gym put a lot of time and energy into planning our workouts and I am so lucky to be able to roll right in without having to put much thought into it. 
  2. I was able to get a good chunk of the storage area in our basement cleaned out while the big girls were at Danielle's and Mira decided she was having a "nap day." I made my third trip to donate stuff this week, which also felt so good. 
  3. Early bedtimes. Seriously, by Friday night I am exhausted at about 6 PM now that I have a 4:30 alarm for the gym. 
  1. A sparkling clean refrigerator. 
  2. A little bit of park time with the older girls while Dan was working at his mom's house and Granny was watching Mira. Ina rode her bike there wile Cora and I walked behind and I noticed she skidded to a stop a few feet from the playground. As I got closer, I saw two 9(ish) year old boys playing while Ina stood frozen, staring at them. She then loudly whispered, "Mom, there are teenagers here!" and dramatically turned her bike around to leave. Once I convinced her that they were not teenagers and even if they were, the park is meant to be shared, she stayed but steered clear of them the rest of the time. Cora, however, followed them around like a puppy and kept on asking, "What are we doing guys?" and would count aloud with them while they were playing hide and seek, often skipping numbers, all while they completely ignored her. I love how different my two girls are and I can't wait to see how Mira plays into our family dynamic.
  3. I ended the day in a good mood. I hate to say this, but more often than not I don't maintain a good mood all day, particularly when the after dinner hustle and bedtime routine are happening. But, it was a good day, for no particular reason, and I tried to imprint in my brain the memory of us all sitting on our bed, Dan changing Cora's diaper, me changing Mira's diaper, and Ina running around trying to make us laugh. 
  1. My nephew Bauer turned two! We celebrated at my sister's house with family, soup, and cake. 
  2. Miss Emily couldn't watch the kids at small group so her parents came instead, brought cookies and games, and played OUTSIDE in the cold with the children. We are beyond blessed with the best village. 
  3. Danielle brought over baked potato soup for dinner after small group. Yum!

  1. Mira's 2 month appointment went great. She is in the 99 percentile for length (24.5 inches) and 90% percentile for weight (13 pounds 4 oz.). She is looking great in every way and had her two month vaccines. I had the older girls in tow and they were able to get their flu vaccines, which they weren't too happy about. However, Ina did inform me she showed her whole preschool class her bandaid (which was on her upper thigh). Oh my.
  2. All the fall colors. Just beautiful.
  3. Mira's coos. They get cuter and more heart melting by the hour.

  1. What a 30 minute walk can do to change the mood of everyone in the house. 
  2. Dan brought home pre-cut and marinated chicken and steak from a Mexican grocery store. Oh my heavens, it was amazing. We just seared it up in a pan and served it on tortillas with limes and cilantro. This will be on our weekly dinner rotation. 
  3. The girls went all day without any TV or screen time. I have been letting them watch way too much TV, honestly because it is a lot easier than trying to entertain them while also caring for a newborn. But, this isn't how I want them to spend their time or how I want to spend my maternity leave, so we are doing a little TV detox and will sparingly add it back in. 

  1. Mira slept 7 hours straight! However, Ina was awake a good chunk of the night so I didn't sleep for 7 hours straight, but sleep is in sight. I can smell it.
  2. The Fly-Swatter sight word game. Ina loved it and I also made letters for Cora. I can't believe how many she already knows. 
  3. Throat Coat tea - it always helps. 
Recipes I have made this week:

Fajitas - no recipe to link, but they were still really good, so I thought I would document them. I marinated chicken breast (pounded out and cut into 1 inch chunks) in olive oil, garlic, salt, and lime juice all day. I started the searing process and added black pepper, cumin, and chili powder. Then Dan took over while I was feeding Mira and cooked the bell peppers and onions that I had also pre-chopped in the morning. We ate them with salsa, sour cream, cheese, and avocado. Oh, and a Corona with lime. Yum.

Overnight oats - a base of equal parts oats, greek yogurt (I use plain full fat), and almond milk (or milk of choice). Mix together and let sit for at least an hour or up to a few days. Top with anything you like. I love almond butter and jelly or sliced banana and walnuts.

Banana pancakes - one of my favorite pancake recipes.

Blender bean muffins: the girls will always eat one or two of these for breakfast if they are available.

Butternut Squash Breakfast Casserole with spinach added has been my breakfast this week. Cora loved it more than I did.

Pizza Beans: (made with great northern beans and turkey Italian sausage added in) I loved these! Both Dan and I had seconds. However, the girls, who normally love white beans of any kind, weren't all that interested, which was pretty disappointing. Ina actually asked, "Mom, please don't even make pizza beans again..." even though she finished her plate. Maybe it was the kale...

Sullivan Street Bread: Although I love this recipe, it isn't really conducive to baking while small group is going on. Dan took it out of the oven on the first alarm...about 20 minutes too soon. So, we had to slice it and broil it again. Ha!

Chicken curry with brown rice, naan, and steamed garlicy green beans. This dinner was delicious - Dan and I loved it. The girls must be having an off week, because they didn't each much.

Have a great end to your week! <3

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thankful 11.9.17

Hello there! How are things going?

I have to be honest and say that the end of last week I felt like I was losing my mind. I was grouchy a lot. I yelled a lot. I made mean faces a lot (according to Ina). I could feel myself being that way, and didn't like it, but still didn't do anything to stop it. Ugh, sometimes being a mom is hard.

But, I still found things to be thankful for, which has helped my mood for sure. Also, after a great sermon on Sunday I was able to turn my attitude around and have a little more positive outlook.


  1. Trader Joe's cinnamon brooms. Is there a better smell?
  2. I took all three girls by myself to Costco and TJs and although the toy aisle was hard, we made it out alive.
  3. Ina's school had an event called "Light the Night," which was basically a party in the school with all the lights turned off and glow in the dark toys everywhere. We started out in the obstacle course, made our way to the balloon dance party, and then ended with glow in the dark magna tiles and rice. Cora could not stop screaming, "This is fun!!!" I really want to recreate something like that in our basement. Maybe for Ina's birthday?

  1. I organized my closet and dresser, which was a disaster as I am in a size/shape transition. I put away all of my maternity and summer clothes and got out my old fall and winter clothes. I have to be honest and say that some of those might not fit, but I did buy a new pair of jeans that I am in love with in a size larger than I normally wear. It feels so good to wear normal clothes again.
  2. Kim knitted Ina the cutest headband. 
  3. When I picked up the girls from Danielle's she sent me home with a loaf of banana bread. She is the best. 
  1. Dan had some help and was able to get a lot of his mom's stuff moved. There is still some work to do, but we/they are getting closer to the end of it every day!
  2. We inherited new furniture for our living room from Dan's mom. We are now the proud owners of a set that includes 5 recliners. FIVE! We have now met our life goals and need to come up with new ones. 
  3. A few of my friends from high school and their children came over for an evening playdate. I love chatting with them and the hours flew by. I was sad to see them leave.

(this picture pretty much sums up my life right now)
  1. After church we traded family picture photography with the Nybergs and although I didn't think we could possibly produce a usable picture due to Cora's mouth being full of cashews and her refusal to do anything we told her to do, Dan forgetting to get a hair cut the night before, and Mira being in her pajamas because it was too cold to change her into anything else, there were actually a few good ones.
  2. After family pictures we headed to the Nybergs house for some very very delicious brunch burgers.
  3. We had small group and dinner at the Cartwrights new house. It was beautiful and delicious and Miss Emily was able to take the kids outside to jump on the trampoline.

  1. I made my first (of hopefully many) trips to Salvation Army for a donation. Operation Minimalism is a go. 
  2. Our friends the Whitneys came over for an afternoon play date that transformed into a dinner date after we added a box of mac and cheese to the menu.
  3. Dan made us an after dinner treat - Masala tea with some tea he brought back from India. It was so yummy, warm, and comforting. 

  1. Baby coos. It feels like she is actually talking to me. Melts my heart. 
  2. Cora had a tantrum during story time at the library, but we were able to turn it around and walked out with dignity and our heads held high.
  3. The Champs came over for dinner and playtime. Danielle and I enjoyed a glass of wine while the kids ran around like crazy people and may or may not have broke into the Halloween face paint.
  1. Granny came over to watch the big girls while Mira and I went to see my midwife.
  2. Speaking of that, there is now a 99.9% chance we will not have any more babies. For at least five years. Thank God.
  3. My mom came over with toy catalogs which entertained Ina for a solid hour. I remember looking through those when I was a kid and I loved 
I didn't do a lot of cooking this week, but a few recipes we made:

Easy paleo breakfast casserole: I have had this for breakfast every day this week and I love it.

Pizza pinwheels: such a playdate food because kids can grab and go and they aren't as messy as a slice of pizza. 

French Dip Sliders: these are really good - if you are ever looking for easy appetizers, make these for sure.

Skyline chili - a classic favorite.

Spiced shrimp with naan, cilantro, and yogurt. I can't stop with this recipe. I want to eat it every week.

Have you tried any recipes lately that were a success? What are you thankful for?

Have a great week! <3

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thankful 11.2.17

  1. Ina didn't have preschool today, so we had a day without leaving the house, which was a nice break. This makes me laugh so much, because when Ina was an infant, there were many, many days we didn't leave the house. However, because of her older sisters, Mira is mostly along for the ride.
  2. My body isn't as sore from exercising as it was on Monday. Trying to stay positive. 
  3. My friend Michele and her kids came over for dinner. Talking with her always does my heart good, and she brought over pumpkin cake, which made my belly happy as well.

  1. My mom brought over Cora's Halloween costume - yay! it came in time and matches Ina's! Now we just need to get her to wear it. Minor detail.
  2. My aunt and uncle came in town took the older girls with them to my grandparents' house for the night. Before they left we chatted and then went to lunch. I love that they give me some momma-baby time, but I also love getting the chance to catch up with them.
  3. Dan and I had a date night (with Mira) that involved my second trip to Aldi for the day (is it weird that I loved it?), wine, a movie, and bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapeƱos. 
  1. With the big girls gone and Mira immobile, I took advantage of my free time and cleared out the many items in my kitchen cabinets that we have not used since we moved here more than six years ago. All the items are currently sitting in our garage, awaiting a garage sale. Any guesses on how long it will take me to pull one of those off? 
  2. When I picked up the girls at my grandparents', we all played a few rounds of UNO while waiting for Cora to wake up from a nap. Nothing beats card games at my grandparents' house.
  3. We left my grandparents' house and went over to my brother's church's trunk-or-treat. I loved seeing all the trunks decorated, all the costumes, and his family. 
  1. New planners and friends who nerd-out over them just as much as I do.
  2. My dad and his girlfriend brought over some Halloween treats for the girls and my birthday presents. I was beyond spoiled with a pedicure and A TREADMILL! Whoop whoop! I ran a hole in my old one, so I can't wait to get this one set up.
  3. I felt like I had mad mom skills when I successfully rocked both Cora and Mira to sleep at the same time right before small group started. 

  1. I went back to the gym and I survived. I modified quite a bit, was way slower than I used to be, and there were a few moves I just didn't do very well (like v-ups, because my core muscles have disappeared), but I showed up and sometimes that is the hardest part, particularly when your baby who always goes right back to sleep after being fed at 4:30 AM is wide awake. 
  2. My kitchen tongs. They were something I never bought because I never thought I needed them, but now that I have them I use them all the time. 
  3. Dan took over the pumpkin carving activity this year and everything went great. I was so tired after dinner and didn't feel like carving mine, but after hearing Dan, Ina, and Cora sing multiple renditions of, Do Your Guts Hang Low, I couldn't help but get in the spirit and invested the 10 minutes. So happy I did.


  1. The girls and I had the treat of meeting the very nice couple whose house Dan's company has been working on lately. They gave the girls the sweetest treats. We also had the chance to tour their house and property, which was absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to go back.
  2. On our way to my sister's house, we received word that Dan's grandma was going to the hospital likely to a heart attack, so we turned around so Dan could go to the hospital with his mom. Thankfully, his grandma is doing OK now, although they don't know exactly what was wrong yet. 
  3. My sister made us dinner, my aunt and uncle helped take the big girls trick or treating while I fed the baby, and my mom fixed me a warm adult beverage. I love Halloween. 

  1. My aunt sent the girls the cutest sister shirts. I wanted to do something like this, but kind of forgot, so I am happy she remembered for me.
  2. I have started watching The Office (again) during nap time and I pretty much don't stop laughing. I forgot how funny that show is.
  3. A warm cup of tea and heated seats on a chilly drive. It is just so cozy. 
Recipes I made this week:

Smoked chicken legs, smashed potatoes, and salad.

Sweet Potato Banana Bites (made into bars for way less of a mess)

Butternut squash soup with sandwiches. You guys, that soup is absolutely amazing, like eating fall out of a bowl. I know what I am doing with the four butternut squashes piled on my pantry floor right now. Make it. Don't skip the curry powder.

Basic Bulgogi (made with pork loin) with brown rice and roasted cauliflower and broccoli. I should note that Dan is a meat and potatoes comfort food type guy who is usually a pretty good sport with my food experiments, so when I answered his "What's for dinner?" question with, "a Korean pork dish" he gave me a heavy sigh, which he apologized for over and over after he tasted it. I loved it and will make it again soon.

Paleo blender muffins (with a few mini chocolate chips added for the girls). I love having something I can grab for them for breakfast during the crazy morning routine.

Breakfast salads (greens topped with roasted veggies and fried eggs).

Chicken with bacon and brussels sprouts and smashed potatoes. That meal will be a weeknight staple for sure. Just two pieces of bacon gave the sprouts and chicken so much flavor.

Also, full disclosure, I have been eating a large amount of dark chocolate with almonds, a bar I just discovered at Aldi but need to stop purchasing soon. Ha!

Have a great week!
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