Thursday, October 12, 2017

Life Update

Good morning!

I am so excited to report that after a month of the three kid/newborn life, we are all alive and well. I daresay, even, that we have a pretty good little routine down, and everyone knows what to expect in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. This of course means that Mira will soon change everything she does in the next few days, requiring us to start all over again.

There were some hard days in there...too many cries, too many "Mommy!"s, too many demands, too many expectations, with not enough hands, not enough time, and not enough patience. After a lot of deep breaths, an extreme lowering of my expectations, an increase in screen time, limiting the number of times Ina can say, "mom," and a few attitude adjustments on my part, things are getting easier. Still hard, but easier.

The days all seem to run together, but I have made it a point to write down things we have done in my planner. A few things of note:

We started small group again, which is so, so, good for my soul. I love having our house full of my friends and their kids as we study The Word together.

We continue to have visitors- my cousins from Texas came over for the day, my grandmas have each visited, and we have had friends bring dinner...

Speaking of dinner, the helpful meals keep coming in - Danielle and her family brought over dinner and stayed to enjoy eating it with us, as well as our friends The Nashes. My mom also brought over a roast and veggies one morning, and all I had to do was pop it in the oven. I am also really enjoying my time back in the kitchen (see below for a few recipes we have made lately.)

Grandma Frankie took the big girls to the pumpkin patch when Ina had the day off school (bless that woman's heart). They loved every second. Cora kept on telling me how she road a "porsey" (a combo of pony and horsey) and when I changed her diaper, there were a few stray corn kernels from the corn pit stuck to her butt - a sure sign of a good time.

Last Saturday a combination of my frugality and a need to get out of the house motivated me to load up all three girls by myself and drive the 25 minutes to Costco (we needed allergy medicine) and Aldi (we needed to use the $5 off coupon...which...I forgot to use). Surprisingly, the trip was an overall success. We scored a Halloween costume for Ina, ate pizza at Costco's food court, and came home with an assortment of random items from Aldi that would fit in the cart around Mira's carseat. The only snags were Cora spilling her drink and Mira having a blowout, neither one of which were unexpected.

Either Dan or I (or both of us) have played at least one game of Uno with Ina per day. She is obsessed and my card game loving heart couldn't be more pleased.

I have started reading a few books. I just finished Outlander (Whoa, so addicting. I have the next book waiting for me at the library, but am waiting to pick it up in the interest of productivity) and am half way through Dinner: A Love Story (I am absolutely smitten).

Recipes I have cooked:

I hope you have a fantastic end to your week! <3


  1. You are killin' it, girl! Love the recipes you've posted - I'm going to try them all! I think you have the wrong link the enchilada sauce, though... And I'm curious!!!

    1. Thank you! Sorry about that, I updated the link! Warning - the color of the sauce is darker than most (maybe because of the chili powder we buy?), but it doesn't stop us from devouring it. Ha!

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