Thursday, September 28, 2017


Good morning! How are things going on your side of the internet?

We are trucking along over here. As of last Friday, Mira was still 5 oz. short of her birth weight and we have a strict target of meeting it by tomorrow, which means that if she so much as whimpers or opens her mouth,  I feed her. This has translated to me spending the majority of my time sitting down with her and the other girls having to deal with it.

I present, the typical Cora look.

This has been fine, for the most part, but we have had a few rough moments, as you will see below. Also, Mira projectile pooped on me yesterday. Good times. But, along with the rough moments are some really, really good ones, when I am hit with the blessing of adding another soul to our family.

We have also continued to be spoiled with the most delicious food. So much, in fact, that out of habit Ina has started asking, "Who's bringing dinner over tonight?"

There are always things to be thankful for:


  1. My grandparents and cousin stopped by with lunch and arms ready for baby holding. I just love seeing my kids with my grandparents.
  2. Ina had a bike-a-thon at school that she was oh so excited about. I am thankful I (barely) remembered to submit the money and form in time. 
  3. Our friend Jalisa brought over an amazing dinner of pork roast, roasted potatoes, and purple cabbage.  We are so blessed.


  1. The fact that pink recycling bins exist (full story here). 
  2. Grandma Frankie and Papa Dan took the girls to a pumpkin patch, from which they returned home dirty and tired with three little pumpkins...perfection.
  3. My dad brought ultimate nachos over for dinner (so good!) and we rounded the night off by watching Heavy Weights...while eating nachos...(ha!). 

  1. I started my morning out with a little quiet time and coffee and one by one the girls made their way to my lap. The perfect start to the weekend. <3
  2. The dwindling of burn piles - such a quick way to feel some accomplishment!
  3. My brother and his family brought over delicious dinner, and even joined Dan and Ina for a late season swim!
  1. Our church recently remodeled and added in a nursing mother's room! Mira lasted through the first two songs and about 5 minutes of the sermon before she decided she wasn't having it, so we made our way to the nursing mother's room where there was a TV/speaker with the sermon, dim lighting, a changing table stocked with wipes and diapers, and two incredibly comfortable rockers. I have to admit it was difficult to leave once she was done eating. 
  2. My friend Liz volunteered to take newborn pictures of Mira, which doesn't sound all that complicated, but then you throw my family in the mix and you get the below photos. Bless her heart for her patience with my family. I think there might be a few good ones of Mira by herself, which I am excited about.
  3. Our friends brought us the most delicious fajitas for dinner. Like, the best I have ever had. Next time we are going to their house instead of a restaurant.

  1. A slow morning watching Netflix and cuddling. 
  2. Dan came home early from work, which I am thankful for, but because he put a nail through his all the way through. He says it is healing well, which I have to take his word for, because looking at stuff like that makes me all kinds of squeamish.
  3. We successfully put the cover on the pool! Closing the pool down has been on my to-do list for a few weeks now and I am so happy to have that checked off. 

  1. Library story time went much, much better this week (in that we left without hysterics). Mira slept through all of it. I even made a new mama friend. 
  2. My friend Aubrey and her girls stopped by to meet Mira and brought new mom/baby essentials (diapers, wipes, and wine). I wanted to kiss her whole face. We enjoyed catching up while our girls played/fought over every toy in the playroom. 
  3. My first night of making dinner after Mira was born (we were wonderfully spoiled for a few weeks!), went OK, as in, we survived. There was a moment when Dan was fixing something at his mom's house, Mira was screaming and acting like she was hungry even though she had nursed for the past hour, Ina was freaking out because her aqua beads weren't turning out perfectly, and Cora wanted me to hold her while also asking for chicken nuggets even though she had asked for a banana and a bowl of cereal, both of which I gave her and she did not eat, that I was afraid I might actually lose what little control/patience/sanity I had remaining, but soon Dan walked in and helped me get the food to the table and once everyone wasn't as hungry or frantic, we enjoyed some time around the table. The dinner wasn't particularly fancy and I made most of it while Ina was at preschool (garlic lover's chicken, roasted beets, baked potatoes, and cucumber/tomato/onion salad), but it felt good to be in the kitchen again. 
  1. Super hero muffins. They are so, so delicious, especially if you replace the raisins with chocolate chips. 
  2. My two week post-partum check up went great! I loved getting to see Jeane again and she told me I am healing as if I never gave birth. (I think she says that to all the mamas, but it was still good to hear!) Granny watched the older girls while I was at my appointment, and Mira and I had 20 minutes to stop into Old Navy just to walk around and see all the pretty clothes that might one day fit me again. 
  3. Watching Dan read to all three girls in bed, Mira tucked in his arm with Ina and Cora's heads snuggled in closing on either side of his. Just the sweetest.
Have a good end to your week! <3 

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