Thursday, September 21, 2017


Good morning!

Things are going pretty smoothly over here. I am slowly adjusting to being a stay at home mom to three for the next few months. Although I know I need my rest, I also need my sanity, so we are venturing out of the house at least once a day for an hour or so. I am taking advantage of the 2 hours a day that Cora is napping while Ina is at pre-school and soak in some couch/baby cuddle time.

Mira is doing great! She continues to eat like a champ, every 1 to 2 hours during the day, and has even stretched out her sleeping to a few 3 to 4 hour chunks at night. She continues to be the cuddliest thing in the world and I just want to never forget the way her body collapses on me after she gets done eating and the way she smells and the little noises she makes. Yes, I am in love...again...

Ina doesn't seem to be phased by the addition of a new sister, except to make sure I comfort/feed Mira immediately if she so much as squeaks. She also asks to hold her often.

Cora is doing okay, actually better than expected. Not surprisingly, Cora is a little jealous of Mira, wanting to be on or near me whenever Mira is. She also wants to lay on Mira's nursing pillow, sit in her bouncy seat, sit in her car seat, etc. However, I am really trying to sell the big sister gig, and giving extra attention when Mira is napping, so things are looking good.

Dan is excited to have another girl in the house to love on. We have had a few hiccups in our routine, and a few frustrating late night moments, but for the most part, the transition has been good for us.

I have felt so blessed this week, with the things I am thankful for being too many to list or count, but here is what I happened to jot down this week:


  1. Mira looked great at her doctor's appointment! She has lost almost a pound since being born, so my job over the next few days is to nurse, nurse, nurse, so she will get back up to her birth weight by next Friday. If not, we have to go in for daily weights until she meets that goal.
  2. Granny and G went with Ina to pre-school for grandparents' day. Ina was pretty proud to have them there. 
  3. My mom came over and made Dan and I dinner! (I also enjoyed the leftovers the next two nights!)


  1. A blacked out room that enables sleeping in past sunrise. Mira doesn't like to sleep at night, but is fine with sleeping all morning long.
  2. A day full of nothing but baby snuggles. I am really trying to soak all of this in.
  3. The move War Room. This goes along with Fervent, a book I read a year or so ago and it had both Dan and me laughing and crying. 


  1. Grace and learning (and re-learning) how to give and receive it.
  2. A little time to myself (plus a sleeping Mira) to watch a few chick flicks and drink a long awaited adult beverage while Dan was sanding the floors at his mom's house.
  3. Wal-mart grocery pick up (<--we both get $10 if you use that link). More on that later.

  1. Lots of hugs and kisses from the "big" girls. I sure did miss them.
  2. Multiple visitors. It was so good to see our toy room get some action after a week of inactivity.
  3. My sister brought over fajitas for dinner and Kim brought over chili. Have I mentioned we are beyond spoiled? 

  1. I thought ahead and made a few bowls of overnight oats before the girls came home (1/2 C each of oats, yogurt, and milk mixed and refrigerated overnight and topped the next day with bananas, pecans, and coconut). I must have known my feet would be required to hit the ground running and a prepared breakfast would ensure that I actually eat something. 
  2. We came out of the first day all together and in one piece. In less than 2 hours Cora fell down the stairs, put a goldfish cracker in Mira's mouth, and then stepped on Mira's head. Similarly, I am thankful Cora is a lightweight.
  3. Our friend Michele made us dinner (sausage with cabbage served over mashed potatoes WITH the most beautiful apple pie) and Dan was able to convince her and her kids to stay and eat it with us. Ina and Cora loved having the extra company. 

  1. Dan came home from work to eat lunch. This was such a treat. Although I love being on maternity leave with my girls, some adult interaction and a chance for someone else to answer the questions for 20 minutes was sure lovely. I told him he needs to make it a daily habit.
  2. Our friends Matt and Sarah made us a delicious and healthy dinner - breaded chicken tenders, garlic quinoa, roasted tomatoes, and a kale salad. The girls literally fought over the last of the tomatoes. I will have to remember that next time I am struggling to come up with a veggie side.
  3. We ventured out of the house as a family for some ice cream at a fund raise for Ina's pre-school. It was nice to get out of the house in the evening.

  1. I successfully bathed all three girls at the same time. I am working on honing in my multi-tasking skills..
  2. Library story time and the fact that they didn't revoke my library card when I made the walk of shame out of the library with screaming children.
  3. We went to Fun House Pizza to celebrate Big Dan's birthday and I was able to eat pizza with both hands while others held Mira, helped the big girls eat, or corralled them in the game area. It was lovely.

Have a great end to your week! <3

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  1. You are killin' it, girl! I don't know how you care for your little army. I can barely take care of myself! :-)

    At first, I thought that first pic of Mira was of Baby Ina and you photo shopped some black hair on her. :-)

    So happy for you!


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