Thursday, August 31, 2017


Good morning!

Here is what I was thankful for this week, without pictures, because both of my children are awake. Ha!

  1. Everyone in my family is stepping up to help with the extreme end of pregnancy fatigue, which comes and goes, but was here today for sure. Ugh. Not a great afternoon/evening. I keep on telling myself I am in the home stretch and it is only a few more days, two weeks at the worst. Every day I stay pregnant is a day for baby girl to get stronger and for me to get one more night of (mostly) uninterrupted sleep.
  2. Sling TV (<---affiliate link). The girls have been getting a little more screen time as I spend most of my time sitting on the couch, and this provides the shows they like for super cheap, as we cancelled our satellite months ago. 
  3. TUMS. Lots of tums. 
  1. Maternity pants still fit. For some reason this is exciting.
  2. It was lovely to see so much of Dan's family at Stacie's visitation. Although it was a sad night, the love in the family was in the air.
  3. Delicious late night Mexican food. Oh, and lots more Tums. 
  1. Dan shaved his face all the way down to a little goatee and minimal side burns. I later heard Ina talking to Gunner as follows: Gunner: Did your dad shave his beard?
    Ina: Yep. He did it for my mom. I don't like it. He looks like a baby.
    Me: Come on Ina, who's team are you on?!?
  2. We celebrated Dan's honorary step mom's life with a beautiful service and burial. The service was a full mass and I was incredibly hesitant to bring the girls for obvious reasons. However, armed with plenty of snacks and sticker books, in we went. Cora talked during most of the service and after every song yelled, "YAY!" but generally things went pretty well, considering. 
  3. Speaking of Cora talking, she continues to say the funniest/cutest things. Some of my favorites:
    • I like your shirt mom (almost every time I change, without saying her l's or r's correctly- so cute!)
    • What'cha doing mom? (notice the "mom" and not "momma" or "mommy")
    • Ina Mae push me! I fall! (about every 5 minutes)
    • Mom! I carry yoooouuuu! (standing at the top of the stairs...someone please reassure me I can carry a newborn and a two year old skillfully)
  1. My beloved family in Houston is staying safe. They live north of Houston, so have been in the clear so far.
  2. Cora didn't cry when I dropped her off in her new(ish) classroom for church.
  3. We had Danielle and her family over for dinner. Danielle started telling me all the leftovers she had, and as the texts kept coming in, the plans slowly evolved to them bringing dinner instead. I told her we could do this every week. 
  1. We had our first parents as teachers meeting of the school year. We have a new teacher, and because our last teacher was beyond fantastic, I wasn't expecting as much excitement the second time around. However, our new teacher is just as lovely in her own way and Ina absolutely adores her. Cora takes a little longer to warm up to people, but I have faith she too will come around.
  2. My friend Chessa sent us a Blue Apron trial, and we cooked the second meal tonight. General Tso's chicken was fantastic and there wasn't a bit of leftovers after the entire family gobbled it up. I like that Blue Apron sends us all the ingredients measured out, but I also love that it pushes me outside of my cooking comfort zone. I would usually see a recipe that required me to stand in the kitchen for 30 minutes without stopping and keep on clicking, but the extra time and effort is worth it every once in a while. 
  3. I think we have successfully switched our bedtime routine with Dan in Cora's room and me in Ina's room. It has always been logistically easier to do the opposite, however, there is little chance that Cora would happily deal with a newborn messing up her bedtime routine and getting in the way of momma snuggles. This way, Ina, Baby, and I can hang out in her room and Dan and Cora can have their own time. Whew.
  1. Being able to work from home and hear the girls' giggles downstairs with Granny. Then hearing a silent house and watching them leave for their daily walk, all holding hands. It is precious.
  2. The Good Samaritan who helped my mother in law jump my van that died while she was waiting with Ina in the pre-school drop off line. As this is not the time in our lives to have an unreliable vehicle, Dan and I made our way up to AutoZone after dinner to purchase a new battery, which they also installed. However, after said installation, my radio is now locked as some sort of theft protector. I see a lot of silence and some Googling in my future.
  3. Dan also took Ina to wash and clean out his vehicle in preparation for the ride to the hospital after a few suggestions from me that I would not enjoy riding in a dirty car while in labor. After typing that I realized I have reached the high maintenance level of pregnancy. Best to tone it down from here on out. Ha!
  1. The end of August weather has been absolutely beautiful and not too hot at all. When I found out I was due Labor Day I pictured a very hot and miserable last month of pregnancy. However, I am happy to report it has been lovely. 
  2. Baby Girl's heart beat was still going strong at my appointment today. I have a biophysical profile/ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday, the day after my due date, if I don't go into labor beforehand. Hopefully that won't be necessary. I am having tons of contractions, but none are consistent and none are painful, so we wait.
  3. Granny made this amazing pork chop potato crock pot dish for dinner that even kept Cora's squirmy bottom in her seat at the table for most of dinner. 
I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend! <3

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