Thursday, August 24, 2017


Good morning! Still pregnant over here. Ha!

Here are the things I was thankful for this week:


  1. Having time in the morning to blog. It isn't a lot, however I know these precious few moments of silence, screen, and coffee before the girls wake up will be even more rare in a few weeks.
  2. Lactation cookies are baked, frozen, and ready to go.
  3. After spending all my energy on lactation cookies, the girls were fine with chicken nuggets for dinner.

  1. Costco and their huge boxes of diapers and wipes. We will soon have three kids in diapers, if you count the pull-ups Ina wears at night. Also thankful for Costco's rotisserie chicken and chocolate covered cashews. 
  2. Granny was willing to watch Cora while Ina and I swam. The water is just too cold for Cora's little body.
  3. Bath plus early bedtime for all. I was able to successfully put both girls to sleep by myself without too much trouble.

  1. I had a lot of help at a family birthday party while the girls ran around playing games and riding rides at our favorite pizza place.
  2. Dan is home from a 3 day work trip! The single mom life is not for me.
  3. We had the chance to visit Dan's step-mom Stacie in hospice before she died (which wasn't until Monday). I am thankful she is no longer in the pain the horrible cancer caused, but she will be missed.

  1. Sunday relaxing. The bump is Cora's new favorite head rest.
  2. Our tomato plants are finally (finally!) giving us some red tomatoes. 
  3. The nursery unicorn decal is up! I am happy my dad and his girlfriend came to help with the process and install, because Dan and I would have failed miserably and surely not talked to each other for a few days at least.

  1. Ina rocked out her first day of preschool. I cried of course, which for some reason surprised me. Her teachers post tons of pictures on Facebook while she is in class, which I love. She was slightly disappointed they didn't "learn anything" and instead "just played." Apparently she really misses the worksheets she did at Danielle's. (She is so my child.) However, I know she is learning by playing, as she has told us lots of new info and sang a few new songs. 
  2. Granny and I enjoyed watching the eclipse together (I was working from home, Ina was at school, and Cora was napping) and passing the glasses my dad gave me back and forth. I didn't think I would enjoy watching it as much as I did. We weren't in the path of 100% totality, but about 99%, which was still very enjoyable.
  3. My mom stopped by to check on Ina's first day of school and stayed for dinner and did the dishes!
  1. Cora calmed down after being very, very upset that she could not get out of the car with Ina to go to pre-school. It was a full on melt down with kicking, screaming, and thrashing. Even after she calmed down, she couldn't relax enough to take a nap. Poor girl.
  2. Baby #3 continues to move like a crazy baby. I love the reassurance knowing she is doing A-okay.
  3. Some family swim time. I tried to do a hand stand in the water to induce labor and quickly learned my body doesn't really bend that way right now.

  1. I found out my midwife is on call the weekend of my due date. I have given up hoping for baby to come beforehand and just hope she will not be a week late. Also, everything else at my appointment was great, weight and blood pressure stable and measuring on track.
  2. Ina sat almost completely still during her hair cut at the "big girl" salon. Cora...well...Cora didn't bite the beautician...and sat somewhat still after a few goldfish and some PBS kids on my phone. 
  3. Sitting in the almost finished nursery as a family for an hour playing I spy with Ina while Cora climbed on the crib. (Oh, and my new pump came in the mail! Ina modeling below.)

Have a good rest of your week/weekend! <3

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