Thursday, August 10, 2017



  1. Cora's two year check up went well. Her weight made a little dip off the trend line, but she is still growing well length-wise. She eats quite a bit, but we can't seem to keep any meat on those bones. The pediatrician said she wasn't too concerned and she expects her weight to bounce right back up at her next visit. I have absolutely zero experience with this issue, so hopefully that is the case.
  2. Granny and Ina made dinner! Well, it was mostly Granny, but Ina helped a little, or as she pointed out, "quite a bit."
  3. The cooler weather. After dinner we went outside and sat in lounge chairs while the girls played on the swing set and I actually was a little cold..
  1. Waking up on my own. Not to use the bathroom, not to a child screaming, not to the baby kicking, but just because I was ready to wake up. Glorious.
  2. Knowing the right people who can help in my unicorn nursery madness. 
  3. A play date with my high school friends and their kids/sibling's kids. Liz has a bounce house, which made Ina and Cora scream with delight and they jumped their hearts out while I caught up with a few of my high school girl friends.
  1. A member of Dan's family has breast cancer and just came home from the hospital with a whole bunch of new medications. I was able to help her sort through all of her meds, figure out what she needed and didn't, and get her pill box set up for the week. Those six years of school have to be good for something!
  2. We made it safely to my aunt and uncle's lake house as we drove through some not so fun storms.
  3. See Ina and Cora with their cousins. Even if there is some arguing, it just warms my heart.

  1. Even though there was a forecast of all day rain the day our family was at the lake, the clouds held back and we even had a few moments of sunshine! The water was just warm enough for swimming. Even Cora took a little dip. 
  2. Boat rides. There is nothing like them.
  3. Ina and Cora both were brave enough to tube - even if Ina's braveness stemmed from aqua beads bribery. We had such a fun day with family. I wish we could do that every day!

  1. Being able to work from home the day after pulling in the driveway at 11 PM. Woof. 
  2. Granny bought steaks for dinner and Dan grilled them So delicious!
  3. I started a new book - finally finishing the series I started when pregnant with Cora. Ha!

  1. I had a little pampering session of getting my hair cut and curled, my eyebrows waxed, and a pedicure. During the pedicure I just read my book, relaxed, and felt the baby kick. It was lovely.
  2. My aunt and cousin took Cora and Ina to the Royals game. Ina and my cousin even got on the field before the game and met some of the players! Cora colored and played at the children's spot, but I heard she really enjoyed the chanting, "Let's go Royals!"
  3. A rare night at home without kids. We ate leftovers for dinner and lounged around in a clean and quiet house.

  1. My group at work beat our revenue record for the month of July and we had a little party with cupcakes and t-shirt making to celebrate. There is nothing like seeing the creative side of scientists.
  2. The ultrasound was great! Baby Girl is perfect in every way and already is predicted to weight 6 pounds and 11 oz. So, if she goes to 41 weeks I will have another 9 pounder on my hands. 
  3. The girls' cousins (different cousins than the weekend!) came over last night and hearing them all laugh together was amazing. Ina now seems 5 years older.

What a great week filled with lots and lots of rest, celebration, and family time! <3

What are you thankful for? 

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