Thursday, August 3, 2017


Good morning and happy almost weekend!

Here is what I have been thankful for this week:

  1. Our blackberry bush that provides just enough berries for a daily taste.
  2. Ina is officially enrolled in preschool. After what seems like 26 steps, I have submitted all the paper work and she has been approved, assigned a teacher, and a start date! She is so, so pumped. Now I am on the hunt for a perfect back pack. 
  3. Granny made dinner - so nice to get home and have dinner on the table!
  1. My mother-in-law landscaped my backyard. She trimmed bushes and cut down weeds that haven't had my attention in years. I gave her a huge hug and had to fight back tears of joy. I actually can look at (parts of) my yard when I go outside. She can stay as long as she likes.
  2. Cora wearing pig tails. It takes all sorts of wrangling and phone bribing, but occasionally I get her to sit still long enough for me to attempt to make a part down the middle of her head.
  3. BLTs. Seriously, I think they are proof that God loves us. 

  1. My mom saved the day by buying some sprinkles when the donut shop forgot to sprinkle our donuts for Cora's birthday party. I mean, who has a donut birthday party without sprinkles? Chalk that up as my biggest first world problem of the month.
  2. Cora was spoiled beyond belief by our friends and family. We had a lovely time seeing everyone and watching the kids play. Kid birthday parties are so fun! Also thankful to my friend Chessa who took some fantastic picutres!
  3. My gym friends still like me even though I stopped going there. Ha! They had a little party on Saturday night and it was fun catching up with everyone that I used to see every single morning.

  1. After church and lunch, I sat down on the couch for a few hours and did nothing. Nothing.
  2. Spontaneous swim dates.
  3. A very nice couple from our church gave us a beautiful changing table for the nursery and Dan and I picked up a Lazy-Boy rocking recliner (another FB market place purchase!), so my nesting urges are being met! Now I only have 99 other things to do..
  1. My sister and her family took the girls to the aquarium for Cora's birthday. I think they had a great time and Jessie said they were well behaved. Whew. 
  2. The smell of summer rain.
  3. Listening to the girls giggle uncontrollably when 'wrestling' with Dan.
  1. Getting started on baby clothes sorting. I now firmly believe that every pregnant woman should have her mother in law move in with her the month before she is due.
  2. Dan made dinner, so even after the dishes were done I had enough energy to whip up a double batch of our current favorite muffin
  3. Ina and Cora starting to, every once in a while, share toys on their own. Ina is currently better at this than Cora, but I suppose that is to be expected due to their age difference.
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  1. A new iPhone! I was past due for an upgrade.
  2. The crib (that Danielle and Kyle graciously lent us) is assembled! Cross that off the list. 
  3. Ice cream for dinner. It happens.
Have a great day! <3

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