Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Month Before Baby To-Do List

Well, we officially made it. I don't know where the time went, but somehow I am 36 weeks (and 2 days!) pregnant, we are a month away from Labor Day, and baby girl is practically full term and welcome to join us at anytime.

Having said that, I know she will likely follow Cora's lead and wait until a week after my due date to make an appearance, so I feel confident that I have plenty of time to get this list tackled. Right? 

Here is a list of things I need/want to do over the next 4 weeks. While I want to get everything ready, I also know I need to be realistic about what my 9 month pregnant body can do while caring for two other children. 
  • Purchase all the baby essentials. As this isn't my third rodeo, I know exactly what we will use on a day to day basis during the first few months. For me, this includes diapers, wipes, Desatin, sleepers, and pacifiers. Everything else is incredibly optional. 
  • Pack hospital bag - or at least make a list of things to gather in less than 10 minutes. The problem with having a minimal maternity wardrobe is that nothing can stay packed for long...
  • Pack diaper bag with one or two going home outfits and a few blankets
  • Gather nursing/pumping gear. 
    • Order new pump (I don't absolutely need a new one, but my insurance will pay for an upgrade)
    • Wash boppy(s)
    • Buy nipple cream, nursing pads, and milk freezer storage bags
    • Make sure to have multiple water bottles at the ready for intense increase in thirst...
  • Install car seat - Dan
  • Nursery - technically we have some time for this, as the baby won't be in the nursery for the first few months, but there is something about being pregnant that makes me feel like the nursery has to be complete.
    • Install curtains
    • Optional: paint nursery wall (my aunt offered to do this!)
    • Optional: decorate nursery walls (I went from not wanting to decorate the nursery to pinning unicorn nursery images in a matter of seconds. Oh nesting.)
    • Put up wall unicorn decal (I know!)
    • Make tassel garland and possibly a mobile/puffy thing hanging from the ceiling.
  • Food prep
    • Bake and freeze lactation cookies - this is my favorite recipe
    • Freezer Meals - no recipes sound good right now, but I am hoping some inspiration will come to me.
    • Frozen muffins/pancakes/snacks
  • Set up bathroom packs. (Warning - this bullet is all TMI.) When I got home from the hospital after having Cora I found myself in the bathroom without anything I needed, most of which was packed in a bag somewhere in the car. This time around I am going to have the master bath and main level bath set up with:
    • Pads
    • Squirt bottles
    • Tucks pads
    • Lidocaine spray
    • Witch hazel pads
    • On this note, I also need to make sure I have stool softener and ibuprofen ready.
  • Finalize plan for girls. If I go into labor while Granny is still living with us, this is a no-brainer. However, if later, things would be up in the air.
  • Other things I have already done (listing these out to make me feel like I have accomplished something):
    • Had my eyes checked/stocked up on contacts
    • Upgraded my phone
    • Filled out my paperwork for short term disability through work
    • Ordered some comfy lounge clothes. I am so, so over my maternity clothes, so I bought a few new tanks and shorts, lounge pants, and a hoodie from Old Navy. 
    • Ordered nursing tank and bra from Kindred Bravely. I also already own these PJs (size up!) and want another pair they are so comfortable) 
    • Assembled crib
    • Purchased a Rock N Play - not optional
    • Bought a used Lazy Boy recliner for late night nursing sessions. Also not optional. We have rocking chairs in both Ina and Cora's room, but we still use them regularly, and honestly after sitting in this one I wish I had it for the first two times around.
    • Cleaned car seat - oh man - the things that were underneath the pads - some unrecognizable. I also called to see when the seat expired and found out that belt was recalled. Sorry Cora....
    • Scheduled a massage, hair cut, and eye brow wax and had a pedicure! We all know this won't be happening again for the next year. 
    • Steamed pump supplies, bottles, and pacis. 
    • Organized all available old clothes by size.
Although I have already done a lot (with my mother in law's help!), there is still a lot to do. What am I missing? 

I have an ultrasound today and I am so looking forward to seeing baby girl up close!

Have a good one! <3

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