Thursday, August 17, 2017



(Making herself at home while we have the pool water checked)
  1. Our pool levels were perfect! For the first time this summer, I didn't have to change anything. And then it appears our pump stopped working...
  2. I worked from home with the girls there with Granny and Dan came home from work early and I was still able to get a decent amount of work done. This bodes well for my working from home future plans once baby girl is outside the womb.
  3. After an hour and a half of trying to get Cora to go to sleep and stop screaming unless held in my arms, Dan took over and somehow got her to sleep within minutes. 

  1. I used a Christmas gift card from my mom to get a prenatal massage. When I opened that gift card I pictured a facial/regular massage combo and found out I was pregnant the next day. Ha!
  2. Weather cool enough to enjoy a little evening fire in the fire pit.
  3. A last minute dinner that prevented the takeout monster.

  1. Our friends Silo and Edie turned 2 and 4 and we celebrated with a breakfast taco truck birthday party! It was lovely to catch up with some friends.
  2. The motorized scooters at Menards. We had a few things on our shopping list that were located in opposite corners of the store, plus due to Dan's tendency to peruse, we were in the store for an hour. I would have lasted for about 10 minutes standing, but with the scooter, I was good to go.
  3. Granny made salmon patties for dinner with fried zucchini. 


  1. The lovely ladies that work in the 2's and 3's room in our church. Cora recently upgraded classrooms and hasn't done well with the transition. It takes a special person to accept a screaming red head with open arms. 
  2. Team yard work. I helped by sitting in the chair and growing a baby and occasionally pushing Cora in the swing.
  3. My mom brought Ina over some new outfits to pick from for the first day of pre-school and then we shopped for backpacks on Amazon. Ina is pumped.

  1. Baby girl is visibly moving. She rolls from one side of my belly to the other, which anyone could see from across the room. Ina loves to sit next to me, sing a song to her, and watch her move.
  2. I saw Danielle's text about 'meet your teacher' night 20 minutes before it ended.  I quickly threw some clean clothes on and brushed Ina's hair and we rolled in with 3 minutes to spare. I am so thankful we didn't miss it, because Ina was literally jumping for joy as we walked through the school and talked about what preschool would be like with her new teachers. They even gave her a free book, which is clearly Ina's love language.
  3. Our unicorn wall decal arrived. Woohoo!

  1. My aunt came to paint the nursery wall! Teresa and my grandparents, along with my cousin, were there as well. With so many helping hands, even a DIY ombre wall comes together within a few hours. I will hopefully show the finished project next week!
  2. Although Ina loved the baby's room, she didn't want to make it her's. We were all a little worried about that.
  3. Dan was helping a friend all night long, so I was single momming it, which doesn't happen very often. This reminds me how thankful I am to have his help 99% of the time.

  1. The baby is still doing great. My midwife did check my dilation today and so far just a "finger tip." Although that was my dilation the day before I went into labor with Cora, I have a feeling that we are in this for 2 to 3 more weeks at least. 
  2. Dan fixed the pump on our pool! Yay, now we can vacuum it again. (I never knew I would use the words yay and vacuum" in the same sentence.)
  3. Cora went to sleep without much of a fuss last night. The child who has slept pretty much perfectly for the last 6 months has decided to pick the two weeks before a newborn comes home to take 2 hours to go to sleep. Sigh.
I hope you have a great weekend! <3

Thursday, August 10, 2017



  1. Cora's two year check up went well. Her weight made a little dip off the trend line, but she is still growing well length-wise. She eats quite a bit, but we can't seem to keep any meat on those bones. The pediatrician said she wasn't too concerned and she expects her weight to bounce right back up at her next visit. I have absolutely zero experience with this issue, so hopefully that is the case.
  2. Granny and Ina made dinner! Well, it was mostly Granny, but Ina helped a little, or as she pointed out, "quite a bit."
  3. The cooler weather. After dinner we went outside and sat in lounge chairs while the girls played on the swing set and I actually was a little cold..
  1. Waking up on my own. Not to use the bathroom, not to a child screaming, not to the baby kicking, but just because I was ready to wake up. Glorious.
  2. Knowing the right people who can help in my unicorn nursery madness. 
  3. A play date with my high school friends and their kids/sibling's kids. Liz has a bounce house, which made Ina and Cora scream with delight and they jumped their hearts out while I caught up with a few of my high school girl friends.
  1. A member of Dan's family has breast cancer and just came home from the hospital with a whole bunch of new medications. I was able to help her sort through all of her meds, figure out what she needed and didn't, and get her pill box set up for the week. Those six years of school have to be good for something!
  2. We made it safely to my aunt and uncle's lake house as we drove through some not so fun storms.
  3. See Ina and Cora with their cousins. Even if there is some arguing, it just warms my heart.

  1. Even though there was a forecast of all day rain the day our family was at the lake, the clouds held back and we even had a few moments of sunshine! The water was just warm enough for swimming. Even Cora took a little dip. 
  2. Boat rides. There is nothing like them.
  3. Ina and Cora both were brave enough to tube - even if Ina's braveness stemmed from aqua beads bribery. We had such a fun day with family. I wish we could do that every day!

  1. Being able to work from home the day after pulling in the driveway at 11 PM. Woof. 
  2. Granny bought steaks for dinner and Dan grilled them So delicious!
  3. I started a new book - finally finishing the series I started when pregnant with Cora. Ha!

  1. I had a little pampering session of getting my hair cut and curled, my eyebrows waxed, and a pedicure. During the pedicure I just read my book, relaxed, and felt the baby kick. It was lovely.
  2. My aunt and cousin took Cora and Ina to the Royals game. Ina and my cousin even got on the field before the game and met some of the players! Cora colored and played at the children's spot, but I heard she really enjoyed the chanting, "Let's go Royals!"
  3. A rare night at home without kids. We ate leftovers for dinner and lounged around in a clean and quiet house.

  1. My group at work beat our revenue record for the month of July and we had a little party with cupcakes and t-shirt making to celebrate. There is nothing like seeing the creative side of scientists.
  2. The ultrasound was great! Baby Girl is perfect in every way and already is predicted to weight 6 pounds and 11 oz. So, if she goes to 41 weeks I will have another 9 pounder on my hands. 
  3. The girls' cousins (different cousins than the weekend!) came over last night and hearing them all laugh together was amazing. Ina now seems 5 years older.

What a great week filled with lots and lots of rest, celebration, and family time! <3

What are you thankful for? 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Month Before Baby To-Do List

Well, we officially made it. I don't know where the time went, but somehow I am 36 weeks (and 2 days!) pregnant, we are a month away from Labor Day, and baby girl is practically full term and welcome to join us at anytime.

Having said that, I know she will likely follow Cora's lead and wait until a week after my due date to make an appearance, so I feel confident that I have plenty of time to get this list tackled. Right? 

Here is a list of things I need/want to do over the next 4 weeks. While I want to get everything ready, I also know I need to be realistic about what my 9 month pregnant body can do while caring for two other children. 
  • Purchase all the baby essentials. As this isn't my third rodeo, I know exactly what we will use on a day to day basis during the first few months. For me, this includes diapers, wipes, Desatin, sleepers, and pacifiers. Everything else is incredibly optional. 
  • Pack hospital bag - or at least make a list of things to gather in less than 10 minutes. The problem with having a minimal maternity wardrobe is that nothing can stay packed for long...
  • Pack diaper bag with one or two going home outfits and a few blankets
  • Gather nursing/pumping gear. 
    • Order new pump (I don't absolutely need a new one, but my insurance will pay for an upgrade)
    • Wash boppy(s)
    • Buy nipple cream, nursing pads, and milk freezer storage bags
    • Make sure to have multiple water bottles at the ready for intense increase in thirst...
  • Install car seat - Dan
  • Nursery - technically we have some time for this, as the baby won't be in the nursery for the first few months, but there is something about being pregnant that makes me feel like the nursery has to be complete.
    • Install curtains
    • Optional: paint nursery wall (my aunt offered to do this!)
    • Optional: decorate nursery walls (I went from not wanting to decorate the nursery to pinning unicorn nursery images in a matter of seconds. Oh nesting.)
    • Put up wall unicorn decal (I know!)
    • Make tassel garland and possibly a mobile/puffy thing hanging from the ceiling.
  • Food prep
    • Bake and freeze lactation cookies - this is my favorite recipe
    • Freezer Meals - no recipes sound good right now, but I am hoping some inspiration will come to me.
    • Frozen muffins/pancakes/snacks
  • Set up bathroom packs. (Warning - this bullet is all TMI.) When I got home from the hospital after having Cora I found myself in the bathroom without anything I needed, most of which was packed in a bag somewhere in the car. This time around I am going to have the master bath and main level bath set up with:
    • Pads
    • Squirt bottles
    • Tucks pads
    • Lidocaine spray
    • Witch hazel pads
    • On this note, I also need to make sure I have stool softener and ibuprofen ready.
  • Finalize plan for girls. If I go into labor while Granny is still living with us, this is a no-brainer. However, if later, things would be up in the air.
  • Other things I have already done (listing these out to make me feel like I have accomplished something):
    • Had my eyes checked/stocked up on contacts
    • Upgraded my phone
    • Filled out my paperwork for short term disability through work
    • Ordered some comfy lounge clothes. I am so, so over my maternity clothes, so I bought a few new tanks and shorts, lounge pants, and a hoodie from Old Navy. 
    • Ordered nursing tank and bra from Kindred Bravely. I also already own these PJs (size up!) and want another pair they are so comfortable) 
    • Assembled crib
    • Purchased a Rock N Play - not optional
    • Bought a used Lazy Boy recliner for late night nursing sessions. Also not optional. We have rocking chairs in both Ina and Cora's room, but we still use them regularly, and honestly after sitting in this one I wish I had it for the first two times around.
    • Cleaned car seat - oh man - the things that were underneath the pads - some unrecognizable. I also called to see when the seat expired and found out that belt was recalled. Sorry Cora....
    • Scheduled a massage, hair cut, and eye brow wax and had a pedicure! We all know this won't be happening again for the next year. 
    • Steamed pump supplies, bottles, and pacis. 
    • Organized all available old clothes by size.
Although I have already done a lot (with my mother in law's help!), there is still a lot to do. What am I missing? 

I have an ultrasound today and I am so looking forward to seeing baby girl up close!

Have a good one! <3

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Good morning and happy almost weekend!

Here is what I have been thankful for this week:

  1. Our blackberry bush that provides just enough berries for a daily taste.
  2. Ina is officially enrolled in preschool. After what seems like 26 steps, I have submitted all the paper work and she has been approved, assigned a teacher, and a start date! She is so, so pumped. Now I am on the hunt for a perfect back pack. 
  3. Granny made dinner - so nice to get home and have dinner on the table!
  1. My mother-in-law landscaped my backyard. She trimmed bushes and cut down weeds that haven't had my attention in years. I gave her a huge hug and had to fight back tears of joy. I actually can look at (parts of) my yard when I go outside. She can stay as long as she likes.
  2. Cora wearing pig tails. It takes all sorts of wrangling and phone bribing, but occasionally I get her to sit still long enough for me to attempt to make a part down the middle of her head.
  3. BLTs. Seriously, I think they are proof that God loves us. 

  1. My mom saved the day by buying some sprinkles when the donut shop forgot to sprinkle our donuts for Cora's birthday party. I mean, who has a donut birthday party without sprinkles? Chalk that up as my biggest first world problem of the month.
  2. Cora was spoiled beyond belief by our friends and family. We had a lovely time seeing everyone and watching the kids play. Kid birthday parties are so fun! Also thankful to my friend Chessa who took some fantastic picutres!
  3. My gym friends still like me even though I stopped going there. Ha! They had a little party on Saturday night and it was fun catching up with everyone that I used to see every single morning.

  1. After church and lunch, I sat down on the couch for a few hours and did nothing. Nothing.
  2. Spontaneous swim dates.
  3. A very nice couple from our church gave us a beautiful changing table for the nursery and Dan and I picked up a Lazy-Boy rocking recliner (another FB market place purchase!), so my nesting urges are being met! Now I only have 99 other things to do..
  1. My sister and her family took the girls to the aquarium for Cora's birthday. I think they had a great time and Jessie said they were well behaved. Whew. 
  2. The smell of summer rain.
  3. Listening to the girls giggle uncontrollably when 'wrestling' with Dan.
  1. Getting started on baby clothes sorting. I now firmly believe that every pregnant woman should have her mother in law move in with her the month before she is due.
  2. Dan made dinner, so even after the dishes were done I had enough energy to whip up a double batch of our current favorite muffin
  3. Ina and Cora starting to, every once in a while, share toys on their own. Ina is currently better at this than Cora, but I suppose that is to be expected due to their age difference.
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  1. A new iPhone! I was past due for an upgrade.
  2. The crib (that Danielle and Kyle graciously lent us) is assembled! Cross that off the list. 
  3. Ice cream for dinner. It happens.
Have a great day! <3
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