Monday, July 24, 2017

Third Trimester Update

34 weeks and growing!

I don't feel like I have much to report, because everything in this pregnancy is going about the same as the last two, with the exception of more painful varicose veins (to be expected with the third) and some dizziness that comes and goes.

Because of the above two reasons, I have stopped going to the gym and am limiting my exercise to taking care of two children (which takes a lot of physical energy), climbing up and down the stairs (I do at least 20 times per day) and swimming in the pool (which has been fantastic!)

Even though I love the outcome of pregnancies, being pregnant isn't my favorite. I think it is because I typically feel so great, energized, comfortable, and pain free. So, when I am not all those things, it isn't very fun. However, I know that this is very temporary and incredibly worth it, so I am doing my best to just roll with it for the next few weeks without counting down the weeks/days all the time and limiting my complaining to Dan. Picturing baby snuggles and coos is very motivating.

Ina is so, so excited about having another baby, which took some time, but was worth the wait. She talks about her new baby sister often and has a complicated yet detailed plan of what actions will need to be taken if both Cora and the baby's diapers need to be changed at the exact same time. I for one am happy that someone is planning all this out other than me.

I don't think Cora truly understands what is going on, although she does kiss my belly when I ask her to give her baby sister kisses. However, when asked if she loves her baby sister, she quickly crinkles up her nose and squeals, "NO!"

Dan is generally the most excited out of everyone, until we are having a trying parenting moment and look at each other and /ask, "What were we thinking?" However, he more often randomly asks, "Can't we just have one more?"

Then it is my turn to scream, "NO!"

My walk has already developed a significant waddle, which worsens as they day goes on. Multiple strangers have acknowledged my pregnancy this week, which must mean I have officially popped.

I am generally sleeping well, but have to switch sides about 10 times a night, which can take some effort. If I do happen to fully wake up, then it is difficult for me to go back to sleep, so I am usually awake from 2 to 4 am every night.

My appetite has been pretty typical, but unlike my other two pregnancies, my energy and motivation to plan for and cook meals is still high. I think this has a lot to do with having a CSA.

Baby girls moves a lot and really loves when I drink ice water or eat dessert.

I painted the "nursery." I am using quotes because I feel like calling the room a nursery right now is a bit of a stretch. We are going to put a crib up, order some black out curtains, move in a recliner, and possibly look for a changing table on Craig's List and call it a day. Once baby girl is a little older, we might decorate the room a little more. I hope that the lack of benefits she has from being the third child are compensated by having two loving older sisters.

I don't know if I have said here or not, but Dan and I have agreed on a name. Yay! It takes the two name southern theme to a whole new level but we love it.

I am seeing my midwife every 2 weeks now and starting at 36 weeks I get an ultrasound (just to make sure everything is going well after what happened to Ina) and then start once weekly appointments. My midwife is one of my favorite people ever, so I love this stage of the pregnancy for that reason.

Also, just a PSA to anyone who thinks otherwise: maternity leave is not a vacation.

35 weeks pregnant with Ina
8 months pregnant with Cora

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