Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thankful + This Week's Meals

Good morning! Here is what I was thankful for this week:

  1. My mom came over and watched the girls while I worked from home and she figured out a way to make Cora want to stay in the pool for more than 3 minutes: play Ring Around the Rosie. For some reason, although she doesn't put her head underwater, Cora loves watching others "fall down."
  2. Fresh garden tomatoes. So good.
  3. Ina told me I was the "best mom ever" because she got to spend her chore chart money on Amazon. Disney Princess Aquabeads FTW. 
  1. Dan's grandma watched the girls and then Dan picked them up. For some reason, picking the girls up from daycare exhausts me in this heat. It was so nice to just have to get myself and my bags out of the car and into the house. Oh, third trimester problems.
  2. Family pool time. I could really type that everyday, but it is just so nice to spend time together as a family (even Granny joined us!) and Cora stayed in extra long tonight due to the warmer temps. 
  3. Leftovers for dinner = more time spent in the pool.
  1. My friend/neighbor Kim stopped by for a dip in the pool after she ran 14 miles in this crazy heat and let Ina swim with her. Then we joined us for breakfast! We welcomed her by spilling not one, but two, drinks across the table. 
  2. Dan replaced our garbage disposal! It broke last week and not having a garbage disposal doesn't work very well for my family. Ina did point out that because she helped by standing in the sink to put weight on it and that I helped by getting Dan a few tools and wiping something up, that it really was a team effort and "we" replaced the garbage disposal. Go team!
  3. Our friends came the Nybergs over for dinner and brought some other friends, The Hicks, that we had not seen in a very, very long time. It was so good to have a chance to chat. Also loved getting to see the kids play together, particularly the younger ones. Hearing Cora yell/sing from the swing set, "Edie, come here..." (without pronouncing the "r") was just the cutest.
  1. Our fantastic church. The music, the people, the sermon...everything. There have been times in my life when going to church felt like a chore and now I look forward to church time more than anything else in the week.
  2. Listening to Ina laugh with giggle with pride when she figured out she could swim to the bottom of the pool. Time to buy some more diving toys.
  3. An afternoon/evening with no plans except to make dinner. 

  1. Even though I have some trying times with Ina, I have to remind myself that she is a very sweet kid with an incredibly tender heart. She saw a picture of our neighbors' dog on Instagram, and then asked if she could write them a note. I had to help with the spelling of their names, but the rest was all her. <3
  2. My family still loves me even though I broke down in tears while discussing a recipe. A recipe! Pregnancy hormones are my enemy right now. 
  3. Cora's early water table birthday present from G. There were times when I didn't know if the family would get it put together without a meltdown, but we made it through and had lots of fun playing in the water and enjoying the cooler evening outside. 

  1.  On the morning of Cora's 2nd birthday I walked into her room and the first thing she said was, "I love you Mommy." 
  2. Someone else baked Cora a birthday cake because I forgot that I should do such a thing.
  3. Cora finally decided that she could ride the mini carousel at about the exact same time Ina had used the $10 in quarters we had on bouncy balls...
  1. The baby is still doing well. I love hearing her little/strong heartbeat.
  2. My grandpa had a successful gallbladder surgery! He has been in the hospital since Sunday and hopefully gets to go home soon. We went to visit him last night as soon as he was out of surgery and he had pictures of his gallbladder to share with us, so Ina and Cora also had a little anatomy lesson.
  3. Facebook Marketplace: how I am getting baby supplies that I prematurely sold a year ago. Yesterday a lovely girl who I have several mutual friends with dropped off a like new Rock N' Play for half the price of retail and the process was so much easier than Craig's List. 
Plus, what we ate this week, because I actually kept track and discovered we ate pizza for dinner 3/7 nights. 

Thursday: chicken pot pie. Dan's absolute favorite meal and some pie crusts were taking up too much room in the freezer, so I caved and made it. No, it is not the healthiest, but yes, it was absolutely delicious. 

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: smoked chicken quarters, broiled potatoes, corn on the cob, cottage cheese salad, and cucumber salad. Summer meals are the best because everything can be done beforehand, but please, someone remind me that if Dan is smoking the chicken it needs to start at least 4 hours before we plan to eat. At 6:30, when the chicken still wasn't done, I gabbed a sleeve of crackers and a jar of peanut butter and was immediately swarmed by 4 hungry babies whose energy reserved were cashed from swimming.

Sunday: homemade BBQ chicken pizza using leftovers from Saturday night (even the corn!) and this crust

Monday: oven baked chicken and rice with cucumber salad (so easy, it is a keeper for sure!)

Tuesday: out to eat for Cora's birthday at Funhouse Pizza (everyone in my family's favorite restaurant except me. It is okay, just not my favorite).

Wednesday: cold leftover pizza eaten in the back of the mini van picnic style while parked in the hospital parking lot.

I hope you have a great end to your week! <3 

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  1. I forgot about your cottage cheese salad! So making that this weekend.


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