Thursday, June 22, 2017



Here is what I noted this week when attempting to look at the bright side of things:

  1. A night with nothing to do but swim and eat an easy dinner.
  2. Having friends and family who are willing to help my mother in law move. We are so blessed.
  3. A toddler nose that easily crinkles. 

  1. No gestational diabetes! As Cora was such a big baby (9 pounds; 4 oz.) I was a little worried that perhaps I just went un-diagnosed with her, but am thankful for the good results of the test.
  2. Our town's pool store and their willingness to test our pool water often. I actually told the girl working there that I loved her when she told me she would test it for free once a week. I keep telling myself that I have taken enough chemistry classes to figure all this stuff out. Also, if a high school boy can maintain a pool, then so can I. (Ask me if I still think this at the end of the summer.)
  3. Little goggles and the big joy they bring my girls.

  1. A good family friend bought Ina a light up wand at her cousin's dance recital. She asked for one and I told her no (partly because I had left my wallet in the car, partly because I am trying to teach her she can't have everything she wants/asks for, and partly because we don't need any more toys), and she was upset at first, but was able to pull it together. On our way out the door he walked by and handed her one. So sweet. 
  2. The people sitting behind us at the outdoor wedding were amused instead of appalled when I used the bag of candy I had grabbed out of the pantry earlier to entertain Ina and Cora during the ceremony. What I didn't think about was that the bag only contained chocolate and it pretty hot out. Cora and Ina also sort of get competitive when they see a limited amount of something they both want. This all resulted in Cora attempting to shove as much in her mouth at once, and chocolate all over her face, then all over her hands, then all over my hands, hair, and dress. Also thankful for the very short ceremony and baby wipes.
  3. Watching our community's fireworks show from the bedroom widow and listening to Ina and Cora both squeal at the beautiful colors. Cora heard Ina say, "Awesome!" and then she quickly repeated it with every explosion. Ten minutes to remember indeed.


  1. All the wonderful fathers I am blessed with in my life. 
  2. Apple fritters. 
  3. A pond full of unlimited fish, which helped my impatient 4 year old at the time, but only fed her unrealistic expectations of what her fishing success would be elsewhere.

  1. Purplish-pink flowers blooming by my back door.
  2. Chore charts and the positive reinforcement, hard work, and money lessons they produce.
  3. A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful double rainbow at Ina's t-ball game. 
  1. A very small baby tomato on Ina's tomato plant.
  2. .Swimming + grilled food + t-ball game + more swimming = SUMMER (and wet swimsuits, which aren't the most fun to put on).
  3. Water aerobics and the endorphins that follow an elevated heart rate. Oh how I have missed those.
  1. Reading a fiction book! I checked out The Shack from the library, and am enjoying it so much I had a hard time listening to my bedtime of 9:30. However, the massive amount of pool time has helped me sleep. I keep telling myself that I won't let myself read fiction books if I don't get a proper amount of sleep. Rules are rules. Ha!
  2. My one year ago self that made a huge batch of Mexican beans and froze the leftovers - they were perfect for a quick cheesy bean and rice burrito before t-ball and had zero taste of being left in the freezer for a year. 
  3. After three nights in a row of games, we were still all in one piece and only had a few minor melt downs. Ina asked why we had three games scheduled back to back and I told her that "they" were really trying to test our commitment to sports. I think that we failed the test, particularly after being disappointed that the past two games have lasted over an hour instead of the promised 45 minutes. In 4-year-old world, those 15 minutes matter. 
What are you thankful for? 

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