Friday, June 2, 2017

A Few Friday Favorites (Plus a Giveaway!)

Happy Friday to you!

I hope your work week was short and sweet and you are ready to knock out the weekend! This weekend is our church's 20 (TWENTY!!!) year anniversary, so we are celebrating with an event tonight and ice cream and outdoor baptisms at church on Sunday.

Ina also has her first official t-ball game and we have a birthday party and small group after church on Sunday, so this weekend is looking great.

A few favorites from the week:

- Lake time!

The girls and I crept off to the lake to visit my aunt and uncle. We enjoyed a boat ride, fishing, swimming in some extra cold water, and soaking in the view of the lake. I just love being near water.

How to Find Your Food Prep Focus <-- such fantastic advice! I thought I was decent at food prep, but after reading that article, I discovered I made way too big of a deal out of it. Simplicity for the win!

- This Grapefruit Lime Spritzer recipe looks delicious. I have been mixing a splash of juice into my soda water to give it some pizzazz. Also drinking a daily glass of iced tea, as coffee sounds absolutely disgusting after 6:30 am. Who am I?

- Bringing back the cash envelopes! Although most of our budget is done electronically in Google Docs, there are a few categories that tend to go negative every.single.month. While retaking FPU, Dan and I realized that we might need to go old school and pay with cash for a few things like groceries, entertainment, and restaurants.

Larkburger! I was so lucky to get a chance to try out the new-to-KC (well, really Overland Park) restaurant. I received the email invite and happily replied yes while I pictured myself eating at a restaurant without a child on my lap and keeping all of my food for myself.

I had a blast trying delicious food and talking to local food bloggers and IG-ers. A few things I loved:
  • The food, obviously. The burgers were on point, the truffle fries were out of this world, and the crispy jalapeƱos on the chicken burger were amazing. I am looking forward to trying the tuna burger (best served rare) after September. 
  • They have a fantastic sustainability mission. Almost everything is recycled. 
  • Kids eat free on Monday nights - Little Larks Night Out. We will be back.
  • All menu items can be customized to be gluten free
KC friends: you can enter to win a few burgers if you like my Instagram post here. 

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! <3

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