Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weekend Review

Good morning!

I hope you had a great weekend/start to your week!

Friday night the girls and I ventured off to my sister's house for our first LuLaRoe party. The clothes were super cute and I was tempted to buy almost everything, but due to my pregnant belly and our current clothing budget, I stuck to a few pairs of leggings for Ina and one ridiculously neon pair for me. I mean, if you are going to be pregnant and in leggings, you might as well go all out.

I am not really a fan of parties that sell things, but I have to make an exception for this. Watching all the ladies try on clothes was so fun and the girls loved playing with the other kids, although the night ended with Cora's first blood related injury. They were bouncing on the bed and she somehow bit her lip pretty deep. This would upset any kid, but particularly so with Cora because she sucks on her bottom lip for comfort. So you can imagine her dilemma when she was in pain, needed comfort, and the thing that provides the comfort was also causing the pain. Not to worry, her belly button (her other comfort provider) was easily accessible. Yes, my kids are weird.

Saturday I worked for a few hours while the girls and Dan lounged around the house due to Ina's cancelled t-ball practice. Then we loaded up the van and headed to our friends' house for a little brunch party. I spent the afternoon eating delicious food and catching up with my best friends from pharmacy school.

We headed home and lounged the rest of the evening and Dan made breakfast for dinner.

Sunday we made it to the early church service, and then Dan stayed home to do some yard work while the girls and I celebrated our friend Paisley's 2nd birthday.

The party was Mickey Mouse themed and super cute, but, I am not going to lie, this party was a challenge. Cora was in particularly rare form and had a few full on tantrums while Ina was trying her best but somehow still had a few slip ups (like "accidentally" dumping the bubbles into the ball pit). I was very tempted to leave almost as soon as we arrived, but after some great party food and present opening, everything calmed down.

We came home just in time to put Cora down for a much, much needed nap and tidy up the house a bit before small group. We are on Week 4 of FPU, which is the "Dumping Debt" lesson. Even though we are non-mortgage debt free, listening to Dave scream his head off was highly motivating and just the kick in the pants I needed to re-evaluate our mortgage situation as well as decrease a few of our spending habits (our grocery budget is a little out of control). Gazelle intense baby!

After small group we pulled a few leftover containers out of the fridge and Dan made some delicious fried rice.

Monday we did the work and daycare thing, came home and chopped up a quick dinner of roasted potatoes, sausage, and peppers before t-ball practice. Ina is almost to the game portion of her season, and what she lacks in skills she makes up in enthusiasm. Sometimes. Dan had to bribe her with candy so she wouldn't sit down for most of the practice.

I get it, it's tough being four.

This is a short week for me, and the only other major thing we have going on is our last swim lesson of the season. I am getting to the point of my pregnancy that when 6 o'clock hits, my body is done with being upright and by 8 o'clock during bath time I want to lie down on the bathroom floor, so I am looking forward to the extra down time.

Have a good week! <3

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