Friday, May 26, 2017


Good morning and Happy Friday!

Today is my Saturday as I am taking a rare day off work to just, well, not work and spend time with the girls. We are hoping to visit my grandparents today and then maybe make it back home in time for a pizza night in. I am so thankful for a 4 day weekend!

Other things I am thankful for:

- My friend Hannah is helping me refinance our house. I think the third child has cemented our decision to stay in our current house for fear that it is the only one that will fit our growing family. Ha! We also recently received a letter from the nice country assessor man letting us know that our property value went up, which really means that we get to pay more in taxes. This was the kick in the pants I needed to refinance to a 15 year loan and get rid of PMI. So, to cut to the chase, we are taking about 10 years off our loan and keeping our payment almost the same! Woo hoo!

- Our parents as teachers teacher. She is just fantastic, but let us know that she won't be returning next school year. While I am super happy for her opportunity to get to spend more time with her children, I am still sad we won't see her anymore. Maybe at the grocery store...

- Speaking of teachers, I am so thankful for Danielle. Starting in the fall Ina will start preschool and Cora (and the new baby, eventually) will start to spend most of the week with Dan's mom. While I am grateful for these new opportunities and the time the girls get with their Granny, I am also sad that that girls will only see Danielle one day a week. I started crying the other day just thinking about not seeing her every morning. I mean, she taught Ina how to make bar graphs.

It just doesn't get any better than that, does it?

- Our new CSA. I am always, always thankful for fresh veggies and this summer a garden wasn't happening. I found a local farm that delivers to our house! This week we received eggs, strawberries, lettuce, radishes, broccoli, and new potatoes. YUM.

I used last week's strawberries to make my grandma's strawberry shortcake. Ina finished her bowl in about 5 seconds, slammed it down, and proclaimed, "There isn't one thing I don't like about that!"

-Dan's continued work on our new addition. After he works all day he comes home to work a little more each night while I mostly sit and make sure the girls don't touch anything they aren't supposed to.

- My new bedtime routine. Ina is still successfully sleeping in her own room, so I have found that there are an extra 30 minutes or so I get to myself. I now actually wash my face, apply lotion, and change into real pajamas, as opposed to falling into bed in whatever clothes I am wearing. I also have started reading consistently before bed instead of scrolling through social media. Here is what I have from the library this week:

I have already finished Essentialism (recommend) and am now reading Love Does (also, strongly, strongly recommend). I am hoping Dan and I can read Smart Money, Smart Kids together a few pages at a time. I find that reading helpful, non-fiction books is satisfying, yet I can put them down after 30 minutes or so. Unfortunately, my personality is such that if I read fiction books before bed I stay awake until I finish the book. I will have to save those for vacation.

- This enchilada sauce. I used leftover pulled pork and some other random stuff from the fridge to put dinner together last night. Dan kissed me three times while we were eating, Cora kept on saying, "mmmm..." and Ina finished her plate. That is a win.

I hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend! <3

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