Friday, May 19, 2017

Our Mother's Day + Other Stuff

Hey there! I hope you all have had a fantastic week.

(Cora thought her apple slices were way more important than taking a picture.)

Since we last talked:

- We celebrated my brother in law's 30th birthday kid-free at Kauffman stadium. We had fun chatting with friends and enjoyed watching my sister give her husband a TRUCK for his birthday. A truck! I hope Dan didn't notice that I failed to give him anything for his birthday this year because he was in India. Oh wait, maybe I can count that trip as a present? I will check and get back with you...

Because I am lame, we didn't actually go to the baseball game and instead opted to drive home and go to bed once everyone else went into the stadium. This year I decided I was going to own my 8 o'clock bedtime and not be ashamed.

- I volunteered at the Running with the Cows race.
My friends from the gym coordinate this race and it was beyond impressive. I worked the Udder Grit Challenge (so cute and fun!) and had a blast making sure that all the participants had correct push-up form while cheering the runners into the finish line. This is sadly the first time I have ever volunteered at a race and it was such an inspiring experience watching people cross the finish line.

Next year I hope to run!

-We celebrated my niece Hallaway's birthday with a family get together at my sister's house. The kids had a blast.

-Mother's Day was so lovely. We went to church and then took our moms out to brunch. We spent the afternoon hanging around the house, doing some outdoor chores, and throwing water balloons. So simple, yet perfect. That morning Dan told Ina that it was Mother's Day and that meant that they had to do what I wanted all day. Ina responded with, "Well Dad, I guess that means you can't take a nap."

I didn't even have to pay her to say that.

-We were in charge of snacks at Ina's t-ball practice, which of course made her all kinds of proud. She kept on saying we were "popular" and made sure that everyone on the team knew that her parents would be the ones handing out snacks after practice was over.

-Last night we went out to eat, without kids, on a week night. We even hired a babysitter (we love Miss Emily!). We took Danielle and Kyle out for their first Indian Food experience and once I finished my cup of chai I pretty much had to be rolled out the door.

-I went to the gym twice this week! Tuesday and Friday. Both workouts were intense, but were easily modifiable to my 6 month pregnant status. (Example - I held plank instead of doing plank jacks.)

Plus, a few recipes we have made lately:

-A roast for small group (Kim's recipe): 2 large roasts (seasoned with S and P and seared to begin), 2 bags of carrots, a whole lot of potatoes, and a few onions, peeled and chopped, along with 2 packages each of Italian dressing mix, Ranch dressing mix, and brown gravy mix and some water all cooked in the roasting pan all day with a salad mix and Aldi's brown and serve rolls (the kid's favorite)

-poached cod in tomato sauce with noodles, roasted Brussels sprouts, and garlic bread

-picadillo, brown rice, and greens (<----Dan has requested for me to make those daily. The extended simmer time is more than worth it!)

-mango curry chicken this was pretty good, but both Ina suffered through eating her's and Cora wouldn't take a second bite, so I don't know if I will make it again.

Lots of grilled meat (chicken thighs are our current fave), salads, and roasted vegetables.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I have a midwife appointment today and tonight we are heading to my sister's house for my first LuLaRoe party.


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