Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lots of Baths Required

Good morning loves.

How was your weekend and Monday? Ours' seemed to fly by.

Friday night we celebrated Cino de Mayo in style with tacos carne asada (remind me to put that recipe on repeat) and a movie before a very early bedtime. I made myself a mocktail of grapefruit soda water with a splash of orange juice. It tasted nothing like a margarita, but was still delicious.

Saturday I worked for a few hours and then we spent the rest of the day working in the yard. Dan miraculously fixed the lawn mower and then we put in some more work on our new addition, which meant we shoveled, wheel barrowed, and spread 3 TONS of sand. By "we" I mean "Dan." I mostly watched and pretended to occasionally shovel, but maintain that the moral support I provided was essential.

Ina was in heaven and despite before bed baths, her bed (which she is still sleeping in!!!) has been full of sand the last two nights in a row. Cora napped through most of the sand moving process, so she awoke confused and wondering where all this stuff came from.

Kim brought us over dinner from Fazollis, which was delicious and so lovely not to cook dinner after working outside all day.

Sunday we woke up and prepped dinner for small group that evening and then ventured out to church. After a horrible grocery shopping experience (Cora just could not deal with the fact that her pregnant momma wouldn't hold her the entire time - lots of screaming was involved), we came home, ate pizza for lunch, and completed a few before company chores (like sweeping the piles of play-doh off the floor).

Before we knew it our living room was full of friends discussing hard things like money and our backyard was full of kids laughing, playing in sand, and throwing water balloons at each other. Shouldn't every weekend end that way? I will forever be grateful for the fantastic people in my life.

Last night Ina had t-ball practice. We had leftovers for dinner, so I thought we had the night pretty well controlled. However, minutes before we were leaving, Dan and I were still running all over the house, making sure we had everything we needed. Sunscreen, water bottle, glove, socks, pony-tail, Cora, etc. I know stand firm in my decision that each kid will get ONE activity per season. I don't know if we will even be able to handle that.

Because we had an early dinner (and because Cora constantly stands by the freezer and asks for ice cream? ice cream?) we stopped by Sonic for a treat on the way home.

There are few things cuter than a toddler marching around with an ice cream cone like she is the queen of the world.

After another bath - we are now requiring more than one a day - everyone hit the pillows hard.

Have a good day! <3

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