Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Good morning!

I am bringing back Thankful Thursday. I wanted to post what I was thankful for daily, but then things in my life quickly changed, and we all saw how well that was going, so a weekly (or more likely monthly) post will have to do.

Here is what I have been thankful for lately:

Having my nails done.

I had an extra hour last week and decided to splurge some time and blow money on my nails. Although having painted shiny nails is such a simple thing, every time I look down and see them I get a surge of joy. I might put this splurge on a monthly repeat. (The asparagus is fresh from a co-worker's garden. He has his kids harvest it and keep the profits. Such a great idea!)

The beautiful weather. I just love the girls coming home from daycare covered in dirt from playing outside a good chunk of the day and then coming home to play in more dirt, eat popsicles, and swing their hearts out. Cora is constantly begging (well, more like shouting) to go, "OUTSIDE!" Spring can stay for good. 

Easter gifts from our generous family. I think that picture says it all.

Aqua beads. The best $9.99 ever spent. Even though we initially had some problems with Ina being appropriately thankful for her Easter gifts, she soon changed her tune and has been obsessed with these things. Already hours of entertainment. However, the new challenge is making sure that Cora is adequately entertained, because toddler hands and tiny colorful beads that can be mistaken as candy ("Titi!!! Titi!!!") don't mix well.

Cora's language skills. I have to admit there was a time I was lightly concerned about Cora not talking as much as I thought she should, but lately her words have exploded. She can repeat or at least attempts to repeat, pretty much anything I say. She also can tell us what she wants, which is almost always something to eat. At times she will rattle off a 15 syllable sentence that is completely gibberish to us. but the look of conviction on her face means that she knows what she is saying and she means business.

My devotional: Savor. I love starting my day out this way reading a bible verse or two and then a blurb from Shauna Niequist, who I absolutely adore. If you are looking for a devotional, I highly recommend this one.

That is all I have for today. I hope your Thursday is fantastic! <3

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