Monday, April 24, 2017

Our Weekend

Good Monday morning!

How was your weekend? Ours' was the perfect combo of rest of productivity - my favorite. We were slightly lacking on the social side, but Easter was extra social, so I think we get a pass.

Thursday Dan started leveling the yard in preparation for a new addition. (I am not going to admit what we are doing online until it is complete. Too scared.)

Here is a before picture. Sadly, we have to remove the garden bed, but Dan says we can add one on the other side of the house next year.

Unfortunately, while leveling, he cut our internet line. He knew how not happy I was about this, so he made sure to arrange for it to be fixed ASAP. So fixing our internet was our Friday night, along with a family movie night of Moana. (The soundtrack is just so catchy, isn't it?)

I worked Saturday morning for an hour or so while Dan made corned beef hash and veggie scrambled eggs for breakfast (I think he really felt bad about the internet line. Ha!) Ina had a playdate with a friend in the neighborhood (all my herself!), so Cora and I played while Dan worked outside some more.

While Cora napped and Ina was away, I felt like I could be trusted with power tools.

Don't worry, I was only cutting wood to be burned, so my main goals were to keep my appendages and get rid of one of the 75 piles of stuff in our back yard.

My grandma and mom came over just in time for an outside break. The girls played with grandma,
Dan and I cooked dinner, and then we watched Rogue One.

(The Easter baskets win the prize for "most played with" toy from Easter. Ha!)

By some miracle, we were all ready for church thirty minutes early, which of course means a trip to Big Daddy's Donuts is happening.

Although those things are tasty, we all crashed pretty hard while grocery shopping after church.

Sunday afternoon was yard and house work with a little relaxing before small group, when we started our new study - Financial Peace University. This makes my nerdy budget loving heart so, so happy. Dan and I took this before Ina was born and we were on baby step #1. Now, 4.5 years later, we are on baby step #5. Although we have made it far, we are somewhat stagnant and our budget/savings plan needs a little inspiration to move forward in right direction.

We were excited that Miss Emily, Ina's favorite teenager from church, came to help watch the kids while we had our study. Ina invited her to stay for dinner and, of course, play with aqua beads afterwards.

Our heads hit the pillow hard after such a fun weekend. Ina starts t-ball practice today - yay!

Have a good week! <3

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