Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

Hey hey hey!

I am writing after a long, but fun, Easter weekend. It started off on Good Friday with grocery shopping (three stores!) and then a little partial family date. Ina had a sleepover with her grandma, so Dan and I took Cora out to eat by herself.

It was so funny how different she acted without Ina around. She was much more talkative and interactive with strangers. She also rotated from my side of the booth to Dan's throughout our meal, taking samples off of each of our plates. After dinner we plopped her in the stroller and walked around the plaza for a bit, window shopping and looking at the fountains.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to start prepping our house for the evening's Easter celebration. I worked for a few hours while Dan took Cora on some errands. Then I picked up Ina, who was shining with the excitement she had experienced. Sleepovers with grandma are just the best. We pulled in the driveway to a few guests already arriving and spent the rest of the day celebrating with my mom's side of the family. The kids played outside in the backyard and the adults sat inside and watched the Royals game.

We had a slow Sunday morning as we opted to go to our church's late service to miss the larger crowds. I did some cooking and baking and the girls opened their Easter gifts. (A little drama ensued. I might write about that later, but let's just say that early morning lessons on thankfulness are not that easy to learn. Or give.)

Some of Dan's family met us at church, along with my grandma, which was lovely. We sang and clapped our hearts out celebrating our Risen Savior. Afterwards, we hopped in the car and drove to Dan's grandma's house for some delicious food and an egg hunt.

Cora had fun playing with the dyed eggs, until she mistook one for a chocolate egg and attempted to eat it. That child...

We hopped back in the van to our last destination of the weekend - my sister's house to see my dad's side of the family. The girls fell asleep for about 5 minutes in the car, but rallied once they saw their cousins playing in the backyard.

We sat on their brand new deck and chatted and ate some delicious food. Looking back, I am fairly confident that both Ina and Cora ate nothing but chocolate and sugar over the weekend. Time to get in some veggies and extra rest today!

Have a good week! <3

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