Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dan's Home! + Meal Plan

Good Sunday morning!

The three week blogging break can be explained by the fact that Dan was out of the country on a church trip and I was single mommin' it for 2.5 weeks.

So, the short summary of the past three weeks is one word: survival.

Longer summary: I didn't exercise, I ate whatever was easiest at the moment, and didn't get all that much sleep. You know, generally took very good care of myself. I am in awe of true single moms, military moms, and moms whose husbands travel for work often. How, just how, do they do it?

Our experience actually was pretty good. The girls and I got into an awesome rhythm and my expectations of the evenings were very low. Also, we have a tribe of support around us that I will continue to be incredibly grateful for. Kim brought us dinner one night (and dessert TWO other nights), my dad and Dan's grandma took us out to eat two separate nights, Danielle made us dinner at her house. Dan's mom came and stayed with us one night and dusted (dusted!!!). We stayed the night at my sister's house one night, and another night she brought dinner over to ours' (along with a birdhouse painting project that was a hit).

Two separate people offered to mow. I seriously have the best people around me a girl could ever, ever ask for.

Also, I cannot fail to give a shoutout to the movies Trolls and Moana. They both helped this tired, pregnant momma out a few times.

During the last week Cora was sick and just wanted to be held for about 72 hours, during which, I really wished I had a third arm, but otherwise, we all did great.

We were able to FaceTime Dan almost every night/morning, who was in Napal and India, meeting lots of new people and having lots of fantastic experiences. There was one time when he texted me, "I think I need to vomit" and then NOTHING for 72 hours.

Since we picked him up from the airport, we are have been back in our normal swing of things, which has been lovely. Dan and the girls dumped out his lego bucket from when he was a kid, and they were able to find the design to a car that Dan bought 25 years ago, and after a lot of searching, he still had all the pieces!

At first I was surprised by this, but then wondered why I was. Really, this explains so much about my life.

I actually made a meal plan for this week and already grocery shopped, so hopefully things will get a little better in the "taking care of myself" department.

Sunday: small group - lasagna
Monday: brussels sprouts carbonara 
Tuesday: BBQ quinoa casserole
Wednesday: Dan grill + roasted veggies
Thursday: out to eat
Friday: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and roasted green beans
Saturday: Easter at our house - I am in charge of drinks and a dessert...still deciding on what to make

I hope you have a fantastic end to your weekend! We are going to church today, then dyeing some eggs, then having small group. Fantastic Sunday coming up!

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