Sunday, March 19, 2017

Park Day and Meal Plan

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

I hope you have had a great weekend so far. Our's has been just about perfect. It started out Friday morning with a workout at Fitness Tiger KC.

Genius me decided to go back to the gym after a few weeks of rest on the day of the fitness test. Even so, it was good to see that I could still do all the moves (even though my back doesn't feel great and I am so, so sore). It was even better to see everyone in my gym family. I sure missed them.

I worked from home on Friday and was excited to shut my laptop and go pick the girls up from Danielle's. After some push pops and a few rides in the Barbie Jeep around the back yard, we headed back to Danielle and Kyle's to celebrate Danielle's birthday with pizza, veggie, salad, ice cream, and cake. The adults talked while the kids played. It was a fun night.

After a few hours of work on Saturday morning, we packed up the van and drove to a super fun park Dan had spotted in the city a few weeks before. I was proud of Ina and her braveness on the spider web climbing thing, and after a few trips with Dan and myself, she climbed up by herself over and over again!

Cora loved the swing and the slides and wanted to follow Ina everywhere. Next year, my sweet baby.

We worked up quite the appetite with all that climbing, and next visited a new to us restaurant close by - Aladdin Cafe. We had hummus (amazing) and gyros and walked down the street to a snow cone place for an extra treat.

Cora has been pretty fussy at night and had a fever off and on (yesterday morning it was 99.6) and we stopped by our friends' house on the way home because Chessa has an otoscope. Her ears were in the clear (whew), but it was still nice to stop by and chat with some friends for an hour.

After all the outside playing and adventure, we were ready for a relaxing evening. Dan and Ina dropped me and Cora off at the house and ran by Target to pick up Trolls and popcorn. We had the best night watching the movie and the girls dance their hearts out to that fantastic soundtrack.

Here is this week's meal plan. (What?!? The past few months the words "plan" and "meal" haven't gone in the same sentence at this house. However, now that I am solidly in the second trimester, and craving a consistent intake of normal food again, meal plans are back! Try not to hide your excitement.)

Also, I am going to be playing single mom for the next few weeks around dinner time, so a plan is completely necessary. Also know the odds of at least one of the meals below being replaced with "chicken nuggets and apples" are about 99%.
I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing Sunday. We have church and small group, but hope to get some outdoor play in there as well. <3

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  1. Let us know what you think of Beauty and the Beast! I think it looks fantastic and it's not even one of my favorite stories.


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