Sunday, March 19, 2017

Park Day and Meal Plan

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

I hope you have had a great weekend so far. Our's has been just about perfect. It started out Friday morning with a workout at Fitness Tiger KC.

Genius me decided to go back to the gym after a few weeks of rest on the day of the fitness test. Even so, it was good to see that I could still do all the moves (even though my back doesn't feel great and I am so, so sore). It was even better to see everyone in my gym family. I sure missed them.

I worked from home on Friday and was excited to shut my laptop and go pick the girls up from Danielle's. After some push pops and a few rides in the Barbie Jeep around the back yard, we headed back to Danielle and Kyle's to celebrate Danielle's birthday with pizza, veggie, salad, ice cream, and cake. The adults talked while the kids played. It was a fun night.

After a few hours of work on Saturday morning, we packed up the van and drove to a super fun park Dan had spotted in the city a few weeks before. I was proud of Ina and her braveness on the spider web climbing thing, and after a few trips with Dan and myself, she climbed up by herself over and over again!

Cora loved the swing and the slides and wanted to follow Ina everywhere. Next year, my sweet baby.

We worked up quite the appetite with all that climbing, and next visited a new to us restaurant close by - Aladdin Cafe. We had hummus (amazing) and gyros and walked down the street to a snow cone place for an extra treat.

Cora has been pretty fussy at night and had a fever off and on (yesterday morning it was 99.6) and we stopped by our friends' house on the way home because Chessa has an otoscope. Her ears were in the clear (whew), but it was still nice to stop by and chat with some friends for an hour.

After all the outside playing and adventure, we were ready for a relaxing evening. Dan and Ina dropped me and Cora off at the house and ran by Target to pick up Trolls and popcorn. We had the best night watching the movie and the girls dance their hearts out to that fantastic soundtrack.

Here is this week's meal plan. (What?!? The past few months the words "plan" and "meal" haven't gone in the same sentence at this house. However, now that I am solidly in the second trimester, and craving a consistent intake of normal food again, meal plans are back! Try not to hide your excitement.)

Also, I am going to be playing single mom for the next few weeks around dinner time, so a plan is completely necessary. Also know the odds of at least one of the meals below being replaced with "chicken nuggets and apples" are about 99%.
I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing Sunday. We have church and small group, but hope to get some outdoor play in there as well. <3

Thursday, March 16, 2017



How have things been on your side of the internet? We have been great over here, taking it easy, and enjoying spending time as a family.

The weather went from warm and sunny to cold and snowy, so we have spent most of our spare time inside in pajamas with the fire going.

Cora was sick Sunday and Monday, so my naturally cuddly girl was even more so, which means I have spent a lot of time either sitting down or standing with a toddler on my hip. Monday Dan stayed home with both girls and Tuesday I worked from home with both girls. Want to know how it went?

(Photographer credit: Ina)

Just picture me running up and down the stairs frantically going from conference call to change the Paw Patrol episode to conference call to getting Cora candy so she would sit down and be silent for 5 minutes while I had to explain something to a client, to conference call, to puzzle organizer. to email, to lunch chef. And somewhere in there I thought it would be a good idea to bake Irish soda bread.

I slept really well on Tuesday night.

We had a surprise visit from my grandparents on Tuesday evening and went with them to grab a quick bite to eat. After being kept mostly inside for four days in a row, Ina was bursting with excitement to see some guests in our house. She literally looked and acted like she might explode. The chocolate ice cream likely didn't dissipate that feeling much.

Seeing them was such a treat, I hope we get to do it again soon.

I still haven't been to the gym and our eating has been pretty sporadic. A bag of kale has sat in our crisper drawer untouched for two weeks, but I did make Zuppa Tuscana last night. I have single handedly eaten half a loaf of Irish soda bread in 24 hours. Being pregnant is hard. Things that have sounded good: eggs, hummus, smoothies, and iced tea.

Dan roasted four corned beef briskets in anticipation of small group dinner on Sunday night, which we later had to cancel because of Cora's infectiousness. We froze some, but still have been enjoying pieces here and there and made Rubens on Monday night.

Dan was in charge of the sandwiches, which were amazing, even Ina devoured her's. I was in charge of the brussel sprouts, which were burnt.

Another meal win - red curry from my office cafeteria. This was so yummy and re-inspired my love for Asian/Thai foods. The cucumbers were my favorite part! Ordering some curry paste from Amazon now...

Another extra exciting improvement to our house - I cleaned and organized the toy room.

You can actually see the carpet! All the legos are in the lego container, the doll clothes with the dolls, and kitchen supplies tucked into the kitchen. Cora hasn't left the room since I did this, as she is so enamored with all her "new" toys.

I am going to the gym tomorrow. Typing it now for accountability.

Have a good rest of your week! <3

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Hello there!

Things have been happening around here:

1. We found out on Friday that the baby is a girl! 💝

I opted for the $10 genetic blood test that just happens to also reveal the gender. I was on the fence about which gender I preferred more. A girl would make things easier in a lot of ways, but it also would be nice to have a boy.

Dan and Ina, however, were fully on the girl train and so, so excited with the news. (Ina had actually told Danielle that we were giving the baby to Kim if it was a boy. Ha!) Cora has absolutely no idea how her world is about to change. No idea.

2. We bought a mini van! Our family went on a mini-road trip (as the van was 1.5 hours away) last night to pick it up. We had a few minor hiccups at the bank (cashier's checks...ugh), but were able to drive away in soccer mom style.

The van has a lot of features and gizmos that I am not familiar with, so I have a date with the owner's manual this evening. Now we have the small task of selling my current vehicle...minor detail.

Other things we have been up to:

We have been enjoying some absolutely beautiful weather. Dan was able to fix his mom's Traeger grill that was damaged in her fire and we started it out right with some delicious steaks.

On Saturday Lucy's friend Ina invited her to "Lunch with Belle" at the local bible college. She had the best time.

The Catholic church down the street has a fish fry every Friday evening during Lent. They also have amazing baked fish. You know where to find us the next few weeks... We met some friends there last week, met some other friends for lunch on Saturday, and last night met Dan's sister and brother in law for dinner on the way home from buying the van. Yay for being social!

The gym: I haven't been going and I miss it terribly, but I am somehow getting even more tired. Not so much during the day, but I feel like I need 10+ hours of sleep each night. Maybe I need to start going to sleep at 6?

Things I have been thankful for lately:

  • Hearing the birds chirp in the morning. So refreshing!
  • Cora's language exploding. She has so many new words every day which is great, but she now expects me to always understand what she is saying, which sadly, isn't the case.
  • New maternity clothes! I put in a large order to Old Navy/Gap.
  • Small group - we started meeting again a few weeks ago and the discussions have been wonderful, along with some delicious meals afterwards. 
That's all for today! Have a good one! <3

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