Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Curling Lessons

Hi there!

IMG 7643

(Ina making soup in the bathroom. Mind you, she has a play house with a play kitchen, but it lacks the vital feature of running water, which is why our only main floor restroom transforms into a kitchen when Dan and I are mildly distracted with something else. At least the floor gets cleaned with all the extra water?)

How was your weekend? Our’s was good and pretty low key. Friday night we met with the pastor of our church to discuss his and Dan’s upcoming trip to India. So many things to think about! I worked Saturday morning, we played with the girls, and then Granny came over while Dan and I headed to a birthday party. 

We ate an early dinner at Granite City Brewery and then headed to the ice for a lesson on curling. (KC friends: click here for more info)

IMG 7649

We had so much fun, but I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t very good. These pictures don’t do the experience justice, because I spent a good amount of time sprawled out on the ice and am sporting a nice sized bruise on my knee. I thought that all the work I have been doing on core strength and balance would help, but as it turns out, I am still a klutz. Ha!

IMG 7651

I would like to go again and get another shot at it. Regardless of my lack of skills, I still had a great time and enjoyed celebrating our friend Tara. 

Sunday we went to church, grocery shopped, and Dan and Ina went to his mom’s house while Cora napped and I did laundry. We watched half the game and then went to sleep. I am used to finding out the results of sporting events from the next morning’s FaceBook or people at the gym.

Speaking of the gym, yesterday’s workout was a tough one at Fitness Tiger KC. 

  • 8 minute partner AMRAP
    • 3 burpees, 12 mountain climbers, 21 half squats
    • Partner jumps rope and then switch
  • Push/Pull x 2
    • Seated sled rope pull x 3 (this set the timing for each round)
    • Sled pull back/walking lunges
    • Strict Press (20# DB)
    • Hard pull ERG
    • Dumbell snatch (25 or 30#)
    • Manmakers (20#)
    • Bent over row (20#)
    • Pull ups or ring row

We have noticed that my “pulling” ability from my left side is pretty weak. On my pull-ups I honestly feel like I can’t get my left side to move. Ha! I think this might be from carrying my children on my right side…so time to make a transition. 

Have a good day! 

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