Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Catch Up

Hello! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Doing anything fun? The girls and I plan to make some chocolate covered strawberries this morning, but past that we don’t have much planned.

My phone has been on a picture taking break, in preparation for the massive amount of pictures it will be taking in the days to come. The girls and I leave tomorrow for Disney World and we are so, so excited. (Dan is staying home. He isn’t much on Disney, which does not compute in my brain. Even so, we will miss him and will be sure to send him lots of mouse-eared pictures.)

I will be back next week with a full run down of our trip, but until then, how about we catch up? 

We have been up to our normal winter routine - gym-work-reading time-dinner-Batman episode, with a few exceptions:

- The girls stayed the night at Granny’s house on Friday night. Although I sometimes fantasize about a day without motherhood responsibilities, after about 12 hours without the girls I realized I missed them horribly. While they were gone I went shopping, had my hair cut and eyebrows waxed, watched a chick flick, worked, did all the laundry, read, knocked out a little yard work, and sat in silence in the back yard sipping on a lemon water and enjoying the sun beating down on my face.

When Dan brought them back home they were both asleep in his car, so I just stood by the window looking at them for longer than I should admit. 

That night we took them to get their hair cut and then to see The Batman Lego movie. Not my favorite, but apparently other people like it. I just went so Dan would have to see Beauty and The Beast when it comes out in March. Ha!

- I did our taxes! Always a relief to get that out of the way and exciting to get some $$$ back. 

- We started small group again. Although, due to the winter ickies, it was an extra small small group. It was still so nice to get back in the swing of opening up our doors and having people over to discuss God’s word.

- Cora somehow changed the programming on our baby monitor to not connect to the camera in her room anymore. Both Dan and I have tried to fix it without success, so I guess she is ready to sleep without supervision.

- I am reading the Savor daily devotional and LOVING it. I have a major girl crush on Shauna Niequist. 

That is all I have. Life has been restful and good

Have a great week! <3

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