Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Round 3

Three children.

Can you believe it? 

I couldn’t when I was having random waves of nausea around Christmas and then checked the calendar to realize something wasn’t quite right. I didn’t believe the first test. The second test had me slightly convinced. However, by the third test I was staring in the mirror thinking I was having a dream and asking myself what in the world I was going to do. 

Three children.



Three children wasn’t exactly our plan. We planned on having two children. One per adult. One per hand. I sold all my baby stuff. I sold all my maternity clothes. I booked an adult only vacation to St. Thomas for my birthday in September.

I would be lying if I said the first few weeks of the year weren’t spent worrying. How are we going to afford a third child? How are we going to care for a third child? How are we going to sleep? How am I going to get them all in the car at the same time? The car! We will need a new car that will fit our family. And on and on and on.

Then, I put my big girl pants on and decided that if this is God’s plan and if other women can survive the life of having three (+!) children then so can I. We are perfectly capable of feeding, bathing, and clothing three children. We can buy a minivan (a minivan!). We can sleep…later.

And baby snuggles.

Being a mom again.

Having a love like I have for Ina and Cora...again.

Watching Ina be a big sister again.

Seeing Cora become a big sister.

Having a “big” family. 

All children are a blessing and this child will be as well. Our family is nothing but blessed to have this “surprise” extra member. I hate to admit that it took my Type A control freak brain some time to wrap around that concept.

Dan, on the other hand, was ecstatic from the moment I told him. Since Cora’s first birthday, he has been casually mentioning that maybe we shouldn’t be done having children, to which I would reply, “do you want to see me completely lose my mind?!?…” 

Now I have to prove myself wrong. I hate when that happens.

Here is how the past few months have gone:

4.5 Weeks: 

I feel completely normal, with the exception of a few random waves of nausea. So normal, in fact, that I often forget I am pregnant. Then Dan reminds me, which sends me into a mini-freakout, and then I have to remind myself that everything will be fine. It will be fine. Fine.

6 Weeks:

Still pretty normal. A few tiny waves of nausea and a few moments of feeling pretty tired, but moving helps with both! Speaking of moving, I have been keeping my workouts the same as normal, but holding back a little on the high intensity portions. I am trying hard to listen to my body and drink a lot of water. 

7 Weeks:

So. freaking. tired. One day it took all the willpower I had in my body to hold my head up and pretend I was looking at my computer screen. I cannot think about cooking or else I gag. I have to stop looking at Instagram because I follow so many people who post pictures of food. Cooked vegetables are not my favorite thing right now, but cold ones are great. On the plus side, my nails are growing and noticeably stronger. 

7.5 Weeks:

I saw the baby today via ultrasound. Darn it if I didn’t fall in love with that little peanut from the second I saw its tiny heart flashing. The ultrasound tech said that everything looks perfect. 

We told Ina today. She did not take it very well. She screamed, “No!!!” and told us that she wanted to give this baby up for adoption. She seemed very disappointed in us that we “asked for” another baby and told us she was sad that we would pay less attention to her. But, I think she got over the sadness just in time to tell everyone at the restaurant we went to for dinner. We may be paying less attention to her, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t give her more attention. Ha! That girl knows how to work things out for her good. 

9 Weeks:

Still so tired. Half the time we come home and I just sit on the couch and don’t get up until we head for bed around 7. We watch Batman until 8 and then go to sleep. Our new routine.

10 Weeks: 

My jeans don’t fit. Not even close. This is more likely from the non-stop carbohydrate intake than the lemon sized baby in my belly. Still nauseous. Still tired. Soul crushingly tired. I swear I can feel little kicks already, which is so exciting!

11 Weeks:

Hello fresh vegetables and energy! I am starting to feel like my old self again. Whoo hoo! Although, I still want a chocolate chip cookie or brownie as soon as I wake up in the morning. I am still worn slick by the end of the day, but the beginning and the middle are back to the way they used to be. It feels so, so good. 

12 Weeks:

I just conquered Disney World during my first trimester. Although I was tired, I don’t know how much of it was the pregnancy and how much of it was standing all day and walking 15 miles. 

13 Weeks:

I am enjoying days full of energy, but about every third day I still feel completely drained. I suppose I can’t just expect the third trimester to end and a lightbulb to go off saying, “Now you have energy again!!!” 

Maternity clothes are still too big and baggy. My normal clothes don’t fit. My decision to go places is solely based on if they allow stretchy pants. 

Thanks for following us on this journey. 

Again. <3

Monday, February 27, 2017

Big Sister Training

The girls are so excited to finally be able to share some news with you...

Although if you saw us in person Ina would blurt out, "my mom's pregnant!" and you would give me an awkward look that asked, is she telling the truth? should I say congratulations?

Discovering this way is much less weird.

Round 3, coming atcha in September.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Disney 2017

Hello there, remember me? 

I am recovering from an all out trip to Disney and dealing with a toddler who has decided to wake up at 5 am. However, I am determined to get this post written today before I forget everything that happened. 

This trip has been in the works ever since my oldest nephew Kauffman was born. My cousins are huge Disney fans, and because they are so generous, have wanted to take the kids to show them all the wonder and magic there is to offer. This was the last year where Kauffman could miss school and Ina was just old enough to maybe remember everything, or at least something, so we went. Cora and I were lucky enough to tag along. 

Tagging along was exactly what we did. I didn’t plan a thing, but very much enjoyed the benefits of every ride, fast pass, and show being planned for me. 

The night before our plane left, we spent the night at a hotel close to the airport so we could be there bright and early and ready for action. We had a layover, but the kids did great. My biggest memory from the flight experience was Ina crawling under a bench an unsuspecting woman was sitting on and poking her in the rear end. Thankfully, she thought it was hilarious, but Ina definitely learned her lesson.

After we landed we grabbed our rental cars, ran to the grocery store for some breakfast supplies and park snacks, and then checked into our first hotel at Animal Kingdom. We had a suite that was fantastic. The best part was seeing the animals (giraffes, zebras, long horns, ostriches, etc.) right outside our balcony! 

Soon it was time for our dinner at Chef Mickey's, a character buffet at The Contemporary Resort. The food was pretty good for buffet food, but of course the highlight was seeing the characters. Every single one gave each table a good one to two minutes of their undivided attention. There we say Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald. 

The kids were so excited to see the characters, and unlike the first time I took Ina to Disney and she cried next to the characters, this time everyone gave very big hugs. Cora even touched Minnie’s nose!

A large meal and a long day of travel meant an early bedtime for all of us.

Our first park day was early at Magic Kingdom.

We spent the morning checking off as many rides as possible before the crowds arrived: barn stormer, tea cups, Big Thunder, Dumbo, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan, 

the carousel,

and even had a character experience with Belle’s story (which Ina says was her favorite thing we did the whole time we were there!).

We had lunch at Cinderella’s castle, 

which was pretty fancy. Of course we were all exciting to get more one on one time with each princess.

After lunch we hit up more rides: The Magic Carpets of Alladin, It’s a Small World, Buzz Lighyear’s Space Ranger (twice), and Ariel’s Grotto. We also paused at three to watch the parade, which was absolutely fantastic and my favorite thing about Magic Kingdom, well, except for the fireworks. 

We chose to watch the fireworks from a distance, while enjoying some ice cream. This gave the girls a chance to don their princess dresses and dance like royalty under the light of the fireworks to Disney music. Ina was dancing with Kauffman and soon my uncle was dancing with Halllaway. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few tears. It was a pretty darn cool experience.

Friday morning we headed to Epcot bright and early. We immediately ran to Soarin’, which was one of the coolest rides of the week. At Epcot we also tasted the different sodas at Cool Factory, met some characters, 

tasted some food from around the world (empanadas, churros, and French ice cream), and road Test Track, another really, really cool ride.

But I have to say the highlight of Epcot was meeting Anna and Elsa and riding the Frozen ride, which was fantastic.
Even though the girls had met so many princesses already, it was obvious from their excitement that Anna and Elsa were different. They kept a full conversation with them for five minutes and I admit, a few tears came to my eyes (again) when I saw just how happy Ina was. 

After Epcot we headed back over to Magic Kingdom to finish up a few things we didn’t get to do the day before: meeting Tiana and Rapunzel, riding The Pirates of the Caribbean, and riding Buzz Lightyear and Ariel’s Under the Sea again. This was our latest night and by the time we got to our car I was so, so happy to sit down.

Saturday morning started at Hollywood Studios before the park opened to stand in line for Jedi Training, which was hands down my favorite part of the trip. The Star Wars attractions at Hollywood were absolutely fantastic-the ride was awesome, the shows were entertaining, meeting the characters was fun/scary, but the best was Jedi Training.

If your kids like Star Wars at all this is a must do. It starts with a “show” and the Master Jedi trains the kids. Then, danger is sensed and Darth Vader appears and each kid gets the opportunity to fight him. Then he retreats and they think that have won until Kylo Ren appears, who, at least in Ina’s eyes , is much scarier than Vader. The training Jedi fights him, but in the end it takes everyone using “The Force” to get him to retreat. Seriously fantastic.

Other fun things at Hollywood Studios included The Disney Junior Show, The Little Mermaid Show, Frozen Sing-along, and The Toy Story Ride. 

Our last day at the Parks was at Universal Studios, which mainly focused on Harry Potter World, which was also fantastic. Seeing the Harry Potter world come to life in front of me was an exciting experience for this HP fan. As soon as we entered Diagon Alley, our first order of business was tasting a butter beer. It was delicious and pretty much exactly how I expected it to taste. While we enjoyed our butter beers the kids munched on chocolate frogs.

Next we visited Olivander’s wand shop where the kids each selected an interactive wand. This wand allowed them to perform “magic” around the park, which they really enjoyed. Ina is still carrying her wand around at home.

We hopped on The Hogwart’s Express to Hogsmeade, where we at lunch at The Three Broomsticks. After lunch my aunt and I rode the Quidditch ride (my favorite ride of the week) and the kids rode Flight of the Hippogriff. 

After the rides we were pretty worn out, so we decided to call it an early night and go back to our hotel to swim, which was a great way to end the trip. 

 We had a fantastic time and are unbelievably thankful to get the opportunity to go on such a great trip! 

Some things I would recommend for Disney: using Magic Bands, getting the photo pass, bringing/renting strollers (even for bigger kids), packing lots of snacks, and wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Also, if at all possible, bring more adults than children and have someone else plan your trip. Ha! :)

Until next time! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Catch Up

Hello! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Doing anything fun? The girls and I plan to make some chocolate covered strawberries this morning, but past that we don’t have much planned.

My phone has been on a picture taking break, in preparation for the massive amount of pictures it will be taking in the days to come. The girls and I leave tomorrow for Disney World and we are so, so excited. (Dan is staying home. He isn’t much on Disney, which does not compute in my brain. Even so, we will miss him and will be sure to send him lots of mouse-eared pictures.)

I will be back next week with a full run down of our trip, but until then, how about we catch up? 

We have been up to our normal winter routine - gym-work-reading time-dinner-Batman episode, with a few exceptions:

- The girls stayed the night at Granny’s house on Friday night. Although I sometimes fantasize about a day without motherhood responsibilities, after about 12 hours without the girls I realized I missed them horribly. While they were gone I went shopping, had my hair cut and eyebrows waxed, watched a chick flick, worked, did all the laundry, read, knocked out a little yard work, and sat in silence in the back yard sipping on a lemon water and enjoying the sun beating down on my face.

When Dan brought them back home they were both asleep in his car, so I just stood by the window looking at them for longer than I should admit. 

That night we took them to get their hair cut and then to see The Batman Lego movie. Not my favorite, but apparently other people like it. I just went so Dan would have to see Beauty and The Beast when it comes out in March. Ha!

- I did our taxes! Always a relief to get that out of the way and exciting to get some $$$ back. 

- We started small group again. Although, due to the winter ickies, it was an extra small small group. It was still so nice to get back in the swing of opening up our doors and having people over to discuss God’s word.

- Cora somehow changed the programming on our baby monitor to not connect to the camera in her room anymore. Both Dan and I have tried to fix it without success, so I guess she is ready to sleep without supervision.

- I am reading the Savor daily devotional and LOVING it. I have a major girl crush on Shauna Niequist. 

That is all I have. Life has been restful and good

Have a great week! <3

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Curling Lessons

Hi there!

IMG 7643

(Ina making soup in the bathroom. Mind you, she has a play house with a play kitchen, but it lacks the vital feature of running water, which is why our only main floor restroom transforms into a kitchen when Dan and I are mildly distracted with something else. At least the floor gets cleaned with all the extra water?)

How was your weekend? Our’s was good and pretty low key. Friday night we met with the pastor of our church to discuss his and Dan’s upcoming trip to India. So many things to think about! I worked Saturday morning, we played with the girls, and then Granny came over while Dan and I headed to a birthday party. 

We ate an early dinner at Granite City Brewery and then headed to the ice for a lesson on curling. (KC friends: click here for more info)

IMG 7649

We had so much fun, but I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t very good. These pictures don’t do the experience justice, because I spent a good amount of time sprawled out on the ice and am sporting a nice sized bruise on my knee. I thought that all the work I have been doing on core strength and balance would help, but as it turns out, I am still a klutz. Ha!

IMG 7651

I would like to go again and get another shot at it. Regardless of my lack of skills, I still had a great time and enjoyed celebrating our friend Tara. 

Sunday we went to church, grocery shopped, and Dan and Ina went to his mom’s house while Cora napped and I did laundry. We watched half the game and then went to sleep. I am used to finding out the results of sporting events from the next morning’s FaceBook or people at the gym.

Speaking of the gym, yesterday’s workout was a tough one at Fitness Tiger KC. 

  • 8 minute partner AMRAP
    • 3 burpees, 12 mountain climbers, 21 half squats
    • Partner jumps rope and then switch
  • Push/Pull x 2
    • Seated sled rope pull x 3 (this set the timing for each round)
    • Sled pull back/walking lunges
    • Strict Press (20# DB)
    • Hard pull ERG
    • Dumbell snatch (25 or 30#)
    • Manmakers (20#)
    • Bent over row (20#)
    • Pull ups or ring row

We have noticed that my “pulling” ability from my left side is pretty weak. On my pull-ups I honestly feel like I can’t get my left side to move. Ha! I think this might be from carrying my children on my right side…so time to make a transition. 

Have a good day! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Sick Day + Swim Lessons

Happy Friday friends!

A few exciting things:

- Ina woke up yesterday morning with a fever, moaning, and nauseous. The exciting part was that all it took was a bath and a popsicle to beat her fever and turn her frown upside down. I have no idea how it happened, but I will take it. 

IMG 7639

Something else I will take - both Ina and Cora putting themselves to sleep while I was playing mom and scientist and not doing a stellar job of either. 

IMG 7640

Working from home with both girls makes for a long day. Long.

IMG 7641

There is a Chinese restaurant in the same strip mall as swim lessons that as drinkable egg drop soup. Wet hair plus freezing temperatures makes soup the perfect dinner. I am having a blast playing in the water with Cora, but I do miss seeing Ina’s skills. Dan said she spent the entire time under water, so I suppose that is a plus.

IMG 7642

The gym has been fun. Today was an “easy” day but somehow I still left out of breath and sweating. It may have had to do with the fact that the workout was bookmarked by 50-40-30-20-10 sit-ups and jumping jacks. 

So easy. Ha!

Any big plans this weekend? We are going curling for a friends birthday and watching the Super Bowl hunkered down at home. Fresh pretzels and chicken wings will likely be involved. 

Have a great one! <3

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Two Good Excuses

Hello there!

IMG 7637

I apologize for my absence, but I have two very good excuses:

One: We spent most of the weekend installing, cleaning, and stocking our new fridge and also cleaning and un-stocking our old fridge. The new fridge needed to be cleaned because it was in a fire. The old fridge needed to be cleaned because it had the unfortunate fate of being our family’s fridge. As if it decided to rebel, I was cleaning the large piece of glass that covered the bottom, and after scrubbing it with hot water and then placing it next to the door to dry, it literally exploded into a million pieces in my hand. Pieces flew 15 feet in every direction, sliced my finger, and scrapped my legs. 

Peace out old fridge. 

Dan and I have this fantasy of buying a fixer upper house and remodeling. I had to laugh when it took us two week nights and an entire weekend to switch out a fridge. Perhaps we will stay put for a while. 

IMG 7612

Two: I have fallen in love with Shauna Niequist. A few of my friends have told me about her books and when Carrie mentioned Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes on her blog, I immediately ordered it on Amazon. You guys, this book is fantastic. It is like I could have written it myself, although much less eloquently. I love the way Shauna writes about her love for food and how it brings people together in a way that nothing else can. She encourages us to swing open our doors and make meals together happen, regardless if you know how to cook. Her love for her family and friends, her battle with shame (body shame, house shame, work shame), her prayer life, and her passion for God are all things I can relate to. I haven’t been able to put the book down and I want to order all of her other books at a the same time and spend the next week in the kitchen making her recipes.

For the sake of productivity, I will take them both one at a time.

Otherwise, things have been pretty good over here. Dan has been continuing to cook dinner, because I can’t stop reading a book about…cooking dinner. Our fantastic parents as teachers teacher visited last night and left a large sheet of paper that she and Ina was doing math problems on, which soon transformed into a cape, blanket, and shield that kept both Cora and Ina entertained the rest of the evening.

I took a break from the gym over the weekend, and again yesterday, but Monday and today’s workout were fantastic. My back is feeling a lot better with the breaks and I was able to bend and pick things up today without any pain. Yay!

I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday and hopefully I will talk to you again before the week is over. 


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