Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What I Ate Wednesday

Good morning! 

I thought I would go back to old school blogging and list everything I ate yesterday. But first, the day started out with an awesome workout at Fitness Tiger KC. 

  • 20/15/10/5
    • push press (30# KB)
    • jumping lunges
    • hallow rocks
    • double bicep curls (25# DB)
  • Tony Buy Your Wife a Battery (This is why I am thankful Dan doesn’t go to my gym. Ha!) 20 sec work/15 sec rest x 3
    • 25# low sled push
    • slosh pipe hold with squat
    • assault bike
    • ab wheel
    • sand bag fire man carry
    • sand bag bent over row
    • ring hold (I didn’t fall!)
    • box jump

I love the circuit workouts and I particularly love the 20 seconds of work. You really do feel like you can give it your all for 20 seconds. 

Back to food: 

IMG 7346

  • Breakfast: coconut banana pecan steel cut oats (leftover from the weekend)
  • Lunch: leftovers from the night before’s easy dinner of pepper pork with cabbage and brown rice
  • Snack: cucumber
  • Snack #2: fruit with Cora (plus a few handfuls of tortilla chips)
  • Dinner: chicken thighs with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts (all thrown in the pressure cooker) + sautéed greens
  • Drinks: lots of water, two cups of coffee with Nutpods creamer, and one can of grapefruit soda water. 

Thoughts: this was a weird day in that I didn’t have any eggs! I usually eat at least two per day and because of this my protein may have been a little low. Also, looking back, I think I should have added a few more greens in the first portion of my day. Always room for improvement. 

Yesterday Dan and I had marriage counseling and then I had an evening teleconference with a client in Australia, so bedtime came up awfully quick. We tried to include Cora is last night’s Harry Potter chapter, but she kept on sitting on my head, which isn’t conducive to reading. Ha!

Today is supposed to be a high of 60, so we might be able to go to the park before it gets dark! 

Have a good one! <3

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