Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Good morning! <3

Things have been quiet around here because, well, life. 

The weekend went by quickly and consisted of a lot of rest, a first birthday party (Happy Birthday Jurni!), a visit to Dan’s mom’s house to pick up a possibly new refrigerator, fires in the fireplace, church, chili, and football. 

Dan is in charge of cooking dinners this week and although I love to cook and meal plan, I have to say it is super nice to have one thing off my plate. I also enjoy having this time to play with the girls, but when Dan is in the kitchen we all sort of gravitate there as well. 

Dan’s meals tend to lack color, so I will have to work hard on getting something green in during breakfast and lunch. Not green, but still delicious, I have been eating this peanut butter baked oatmeal for breakfast

Other updates:

IMG 7587

The girls had a dentist appointment, which Ina has been counting down the days to since Halloween. The secret is the 10 cent toy they give out after the appointment is over 

IMG 7589

Ina let them do everything - clean, inspect, x-ray, and fluoride. Cora let them count her teeth. Barely. But when Ina was in the seat she wanted to be there as well. 

IMG 7592

Later Monday my sister called to tell me that Hallaway’s dance school was having a “bring a friend” night and invited Ina to join her. 

IMG 7596

Ina loved every single second and has been asking to take dance lessons every hour since. We might have to make that happen, although we start swim lessons this week and I really don’t want to overbook our family.  I am sure we can find a time that fits, but there was an hour class, with younger children, starting at 7:15 PM when we left! When do they sleep? When do they eat dinner? I feel like we are lucky to squeeze in dinner, bath time, and a book before bed, and I get home from work earlier than a lot of parents. <rant over>

I took a gym break over the weekend and Monday because I have a little lower back twinging/pain going on. It is improved, but still there. I am just being very careful during the workouts and modifying when necessary. Yesterday was a great workout at Fitness Tiger KC:

  • 6 minute running clock per station partner workout (work to fatigue)
    • Ring rows (5)
    • Sand bag box step ups
    • Bench press
    • Shoulder press 
    • Sandbag bent over row (modified to squat)
    • I feel like there was one more…but I just can’t remember
  • Cardio blast x 3: 30 seconds each
    • tuck jumps
    • plank shoulder taps
    • flutter kicks
    • lunge-squat-lunge
    • bird dogs
    • butt kicks
    • rest

Definitely out of breath after that one. 

Have a good day! 

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