Friday, January 13, 2017

Ice Storm Prep

Good morning and Happy Friday!

IMG 7453

Kansas City is hunkering down for a weekend ice storm. All the school are already cancelled! I stopped by the store yesterday to pick up a few things and they were out of all the staples. The milk and bread we can do without, but we need eggs! Ha! 

After work and before dinner we stopped by the library. In case the power goes out I want to be prepared to have no forms of electrical entertainment. Our town’s library moved to a new location and this was our first time visiting the new space, which was so beautiful. They have huge glass windows and as we were walking up, Ina gasped and said, “Wow…look at all those books!"

IMG 7454

We broke it in well by accidentally knocking a few things over, lots of loud talking, and a Cora melt down because I wouldn’t let her keep the Pete the Cat doll. 

The horror. 

Dinner was quickly thrown together but actually delicious. Spiced chicken legs with sweet potato fries and salad with EVOO, white wine vinegar, sea salt, and pepper.

IMG 7542

Yesterday started with a great workout at Fitness Tiger KC):

  • Warm up tabata
    • superman
    • reverse snow angels
  • 30/30 circuit x 4 (or 3 in my case because I had to leave early)
    • banded overhead press
    • side t row (25#)
    • Turkish get up (25#)
    • ring push ups
    • ball slams (30#)
    • thrusters (With our new bar! -pictured below)
    • Feet over ball
    • Plate ground to overhead
    • ERG

IMG 7545

This circuit was so fun because there were a few new exercises in it. Using the bar for thrusters was a fun/new challenge and I was surprised I could actually do the ring push ups with my feet on the box. 

I hope you all stay safe and warm this weekend. <3

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