Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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I did not make it to midnight, but a respectable 10:45, which I am very proud of. We spent the evening with Danielle and Kyle’s family and had a great time eating treats, watching movies, and playing games. 

Other things since we talked last: I had the treat of spending Friday evening with a few of my dear friends from high school chatting and snacking.

I visited two grocery stores.

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I scrubbed my hard wood floors. I wish I could think of something more exciting, but when a lot of time and energy are spent on a task, it must be documented. 

This week’s meal plan:

Today is the beginning of another DP detox, which really means I am focusing on cleaning up my food. Yay for vegetables!



  • A fresh, new, blank planner ready for 2017. Is there anything better?
  • Goals: writing them down and seeing them through.
  • Seeing my high school friends was such a treat. I am so proud of them and love them to pieces. 


  • My mom hooked us up with FREE gas at HyVee with her fuel saver discounts.
  • The girls sat through two grocery stores with minimal problems. 
  • Danielle and Kyle’s family including us in their NYE get together, just like we were part of the family. We love them.


Friday (Designed by Fitness Tiger KC)

  • 10 sets of single leg, double leg, single leg jump
  • Heavy kettle bell swings 10 set of 30 seconds (50#)
  • 3 minute AMRAP x 4
    • Round 1: 20 single leg glute bridge, 10 narrow squat to wide squat
    • 100 mountain climbers
    • Round 2: 8 knees to chest push ups, 8 spider push ups
    • 50 plank jacks
    • Round 3: 8 single leg burpees, 20 skaters
    • 50 reverse crunches
    • Round 4: 12 supermans, 6 plank walk outs
  • Group effort: 50 pull-ups: I had 5 rounds and mostly tried to lower myself as slow as possible. On the last round I tried pulling up and moved a few inches…until one of the coaches was nice to give me a little assist. 
This class was tough by fun. I loved the group challenge in the end. Some of us hung there (me), others did their first pull up in a long time, and a few did one armed, burpee, or L pull ups, but we were all in it together. 

Saturday (Designed by Fitness Tiger KC)

  • Skill work: 5 minutes of kettle bell shoulder stabilization
  • Two Dumb Bells Walk into a Bar (isn’t Kent so clever?): 2 Rounds using 30# dumb bells (ouch)
    • 20 squat thrusters
    • 16/17 plank taps
    • 20 chest presses
    • 16/17 curls
    • 20 front rack lunges
    • 16/17 cleans
    • 20 snatches
    • 16/17 bent over row
    • 20 inchworms with weights

Whew, this was hard. As you can see from the video, I spent a lot of time just standing there trying to breathe. Ha! I barely finished in time to get home for Dan to be able to leave. 

Today is a rest day, which my arms are so, so thankful for!

Have a fantastic day!

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