Thursday, January 19, 2017

Future Ballerina?

(not me, ha!)


It has been awhile since we last talked, although I can’t say much has happened. Right now we have a pretty solid routine of work, play, dinner, bed.


(Change that to 8:00 and this would be completely accurate.)

IMG 7575

Ina has been really into playing ballet. Yesterday she changed into her play leotard, she asked me to introduce her (Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, tonight, for your viewing pleasure, you have the rare chance of witnessing Ina Mae Kendrick as she performs her magnificent ballet, along with her side kick, Cora Lee!), and then we found some ballet music on YouTube. We added in some props (the broomstick and some toilet paper to trail behind her) and both she and Cora were easily entertained for an hour.

I suppose it is time to sign her up for some classes. 

We had this soup for dinner last night, which was pretty hearty, and the whole family loved it. 

A few other meals lately:

Lentils, roasted veggies, ground beef, tahini sauce, and sriracha. So good.

IMG 7572

Banana oatmeal pancake almond butter sandwhich:

IMG 7571

Salad with roasted potatoes and green beans and the Mediterranean chicken kabobs from Costco (so $$ but so good!). 

IMG 7570

And, full disclosure, we had pizza and wings for dinner on Tuesday. It was a day and the thought of going to the kitchen to make dinner made me want to sit on the couch. So that is what I did. Ha! 

Yesterday I took a mid week rest day because my back was pretty stiff, but Tuesday’s workout at Fitness Tiger KC was a good one:

The Ben Franklin

  • 17:06 AMRAP
    • 1 Turkish Get up (15# DB)
    • 17 sumo deadlift high pulls (35# KB)
    • 1 Turkish get up
    • 17 bent over rows  (35# KB, this may have been too heavy)
  • $100
    • 100 alternate DB snatches (20#/30#)
    • 100 KB swings (35#)
    • 100 plank jacks
    • 100 skaters

Whoo, was I sweating by the end of this. I started snatches out with a 20#, but before I got to the half way point a 30# was handed to me. This workout wore. me. out. 

Have a lovely day! <3

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