Friday, January 27, 2017

Motherboard Problems

Good morning and Happy Friday! This week was an extra long one, so I am more than ready for a weekend with not much on the agenda. 

I hope things are great on your side of the internet. We are currently living in a world of disarray with refrigerator parts strewn about our entire first floor. Dan’s mom gave us her struck-by-lightning-but-otherwise-brand-new fridge and we have decided we are going to fix it. I ordered a new motherboard, which we thought would be the biggest challenge. But, as it turns out, installing that took less than 5 minutes. 

IMG 7603

What took way, way more than 5 minutes was getting a large appliance in our house, which required major disassembly. Hence the parts, all over our house. Add those to the typical toy, shoe, paper, book scattering and we are lucky to have spots of bare floor. 

This weekend’s goal is getting that bad boy set up. 

We also had the girls first swim lessons of the semester last night. I was in the water with Cora, who absolutely loved it and kept saying, “NO! NO!” when we had to leave. As far as I could tell Ina also enjoyed her class, although she was late because we were confused about the start time. #Fail 

Workouts at Fitness Tiger KC have been doozies. Wednesday was a unilateral balance, core, and cardio (aka a lot of planks). Thursday was Tabata. A lot of tabata. 20 seconds on/10 seconds off x 8 for each of: 

  • speed skaters
  • push ups
  • KB thrusters (30#)
  • side planks (attempting to put my leg in the air)
  • alternating dumbbell snatch (25#)
  • single leg hop
  • lunges
  • hallow rocks

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! <3

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Good morning! <3

Things have been quiet around here because, well, life. 

The weekend went by quickly and consisted of a lot of rest, a first birthday party (Happy Birthday Jurni!), a visit to Dan’s mom’s house to pick up a possibly new refrigerator, fires in the fireplace, church, chili, and football. 

Dan is in charge of cooking dinners this week and although I love to cook and meal plan, I have to say it is super nice to have one thing off my plate. I also enjoy having this time to play with the girls, but when Dan is in the kitchen we all sort of gravitate there as well. 

Dan’s meals tend to lack color, so I will have to work hard on getting something green in during breakfast and lunch. Not green, but still delicious, I have been eating this peanut butter baked oatmeal for breakfast

Other updates:

IMG 7587

The girls had a dentist appointment, which Ina has been counting down the days to since Halloween. The secret is the 10 cent toy they give out after the appointment is over 

IMG 7589

Ina let them do everything - clean, inspect, x-ray, and fluoride. Cora let them count her teeth. Barely. But when Ina was in the seat she wanted to be there as well. 

IMG 7592

Later Monday my sister called to tell me that Hallaway’s dance school was having a “bring a friend” night and invited Ina to join her. 

IMG 7596

Ina loved every single second and has been asking to take dance lessons every hour since. We might have to make that happen, although we start swim lessons this week and I really don’t want to overbook our family.  I am sure we can find a time that fits, but there was an hour class, with younger children, starting at 7:15 PM when we left! When do they sleep? When do they eat dinner? I feel like we are lucky to squeeze in dinner, bath time, and a book before bed, and I get home from work earlier than a lot of parents. <rant over>

I took a gym break over the weekend and Monday because I have a little lower back twinging/pain going on. It is improved, but still there. I am just being very careful during the workouts and modifying when necessary. Yesterday was a great workout at Fitness Tiger KC:

  • 6 minute running clock per station partner workout (work to fatigue)
    • Ring rows (5)
    • Sand bag box step ups
    • Bench press
    • Shoulder press 
    • Sandbag bent over row (modified to squat)
    • I feel like there was one more…but I just can’t remember
  • Cardio blast x 3: 30 seconds each
    • tuck jumps
    • plank shoulder taps
    • flutter kicks
    • lunge-squat-lunge
    • bird dogs
    • butt kicks
    • rest

Definitely out of breath after that one. 

Have a good day! 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Future Ballerina?

(not me, ha!)


It has been awhile since we last talked, although I can’t say much has happened. Right now we have a pretty solid routine of work, play, dinner, bed.


(Change that to 8:00 and this would be completely accurate.)

IMG 7575

Ina has been really into playing ballet. Yesterday she changed into her play leotard, she asked me to introduce her (Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, tonight, for your viewing pleasure, you have the rare chance of witnessing Ina Mae Kendrick as she performs her magnificent ballet, along with her side kick, Cora Lee!), and then we found some ballet music on YouTube. We added in some props (the broomstick and some toilet paper to trail behind her) and both she and Cora were easily entertained for an hour.

I suppose it is time to sign her up for some classes. 

We had this soup for dinner last night, which was pretty hearty, and the whole family loved it. 

A few other meals lately:

Lentils, roasted veggies, ground beef, tahini sauce, and sriracha. So good.

IMG 7572

Banana oatmeal pancake almond butter sandwhich:

IMG 7571

Salad with roasted potatoes and green beans and the Mediterranean chicken kabobs from Costco (so $$ but so good!). 

IMG 7570

And, full disclosure, we had pizza and wings for dinner on Tuesday. It was a day and the thought of going to the kitchen to make dinner made me want to sit on the couch. So that is what I did. Ha! 

Yesterday I took a mid week rest day because my back was pretty stiff, but Tuesday’s workout at Fitness Tiger KC was a good one:

The Ben Franklin

  • 17:06 AMRAP
    • 1 Turkish Get up (15# DB)
    • 17 sumo deadlift high pulls (35# KB)
    • 1 Turkish get up
    • 17 bent over rows  (35# KB, this may have been too heavy)
  • $100
    • 100 alternate DB snatches (20#/30#)
    • 100 KB swings (35#)
    • 100 plank jacks
    • 100 skaters

Whoo, was I sweating by the end of this. I started snatches out with a 20#, but before I got to the half way point a 30# was handed to me. This workout wore. me. out. 

Have a lovely day! <3

Monday, January 16, 2017

IMG 7551

Good Monday morning to you.

I hope you had a great weekend. Ours’ included a whole bunch of relaxing, but started with a workout on Friday morning at FitnessTiger KC:

  • The Liz
    • Donkey kicks and sit ups
    • 50-40-30-20-10
  • Happy Birthday Liz 19:64 partner AMRAP
    • 53 goblet squats (40#)
    • 53 tuck jumps
    • 53 frogger burpees
    • 53 good mornings
    • 53 hand clap push ups
  • Circuit x 2 40 on /20 off
    • jump rope
    • Thor hold
    • legs only bike
    • bosu ball battle rope
    • knees to elbows (or, in my case, knee ups)
    • glute bridge on balance ball

We spent the weekend waiting for bad icy weather that never really came, which is good. Sunday morning Ina announced that she wanted to thank God that our power still worked. I agreed.

IMG 7562

Cora has a new schedule of waking up at 5 am, so she helped me make pancakes on Sunday morning. If you are looking for a healthy pancake recipe (gluten free, no added sugar) this is it.

IMG 7567

Even though the weather stayed good, we pretended it wasn’t by staying in most of the weekend, with the exception of church on Sunday morning/afternoon. Dan brought home a lot of wood from his grandma’s house and we had a fire in the fireplace all weekend long, which was just so cozy. I started one of my new library books (Pretty Girls), and really didn’t get much else done because of it. 

I will pay for weekend inactivity today and the rest of this week, but it felt great to just sit.

IMG 7568

Here is our meal plan for the week:

I hope you have a great week! <3

Friday, January 13, 2017

Ice Storm Prep

Good morning and Happy Friday!

IMG 7453

Kansas City is hunkering down for a weekend ice storm. All the school are already cancelled! I stopped by the store yesterday to pick up a few things and they were out of all the staples. The milk and bread we can do without, but we need eggs! Ha! 

After work and before dinner we stopped by the library. In case the power goes out I want to be prepared to have no forms of electrical entertainment. Our town’s library moved to a new location and this was our first time visiting the new space, which was so beautiful. They have huge glass windows and as we were walking up, Ina gasped and said, “Wow…look at all those books!"

IMG 7454

We broke it in well by accidentally knocking a few things over, lots of loud talking, and a Cora melt down because I wouldn’t let her keep the Pete the Cat doll. 

The horror. 

Dinner was quickly thrown together but actually delicious. Spiced chicken legs with sweet potato fries and salad with EVOO, white wine vinegar, sea salt, and pepper.

IMG 7542

Yesterday started with a great workout at Fitness Tiger KC):

  • Warm up tabata
    • superman
    • reverse snow angels
  • 30/30 circuit x 4 (or 3 in my case because I had to leave early)
    • banded overhead press
    • side t row (25#)
    • Turkish get up (25#)
    • ring push ups
    • ball slams (30#)
    • thrusters (With our new bar! -pictured below)
    • Feet over ball
    • Plate ground to overhead
    • ERG

IMG 7545

This circuit was so fun because there were a few new exercises in it. Using the bar for thrusters was a fun/new challenge and I was surprised I could actually do the ring push ups with my feet on the box. 

I hope you all stay safe and warm this weekend. <3

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Our Evening Routine

Yesterday we had our typical evening routine:

Dance party/play time. Our Amazon Fire Stick allows easy access to YouTube on our TV. Multiple music videos inspired Ina to get fully dressed up for her performance. At some point the horse joined in. 

IMG 7351

Dinner: last night we had a favorite: slow cooker picadillo with brown rice and a cucumber/tomato/red onion salad. 

IMG 7353

So good. 

Clean up: I am trying to encourage everyone to pick up their stuff before we go upstairs. I have been setting the oven timer for 5 minutes and it is amazing how much stuff can be picked up and put away in 5 minutes. It is also amazing how much more calm I feel before bed and when I wake up if the house is semi-picked up. 

Bath: Now that Cora is old enough to hold her own in the water, I am more free to go about my bedtime routine (wash face, brush teeth, lay out my gym clothes, etc.) In the winter I let them stay in there for at least 30 minutes and they love it. 

Story Time: Cora has a new love for The Pout Pout Fish which brings back so many memories of Ina loving it. I need to master my voices again. 

Lights out at 8:15. This allows for plenty of sleep before my 4:35 alarm. 

I am so looking forward to the sun being out longer. I forget every year how much energy I get from simple daylight. 

Wednesday’s Workout (at Fitness Tiger KC):

  • 4 minute AMRAP x 4
    • First two: add two reps each round
      • 4 single arm chest press (25#/30#)
      • 4 kb swings (40#)
    • Last two (2 35# KB) add two reps each round
      • 8 split squats each leg (ouch, ouch, ouch)
      • 8 single arm rows
  • Team AMRAP; single person descending hang
    • 2 push ups
    • 20 twist mountain climbers
    • 3 dive bombers
    • 30 flutter kicks
    • 4 body weight turkish get ups
    • 40 jumpking jacks

I had to leave 10 minutes early again, so I felt a little guilty missing out on the last few minutes of the AMRAP, but even the 10 minutes I did complete had me out of breath. And those split squats…I am going to feel that for a week. Ha!

I hope you have a wonderful day! <3

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What I Ate Wednesday

Good morning! 

I thought I would go back to old school blogging and list everything I ate yesterday. But first, the day started out with an awesome workout at Fitness Tiger KC. 

  • 20/15/10/5
    • push press (30# KB)
    • jumping lunges
    • hallow rocks
    • double bicep curls (25# DB)
  • Tony Buy Your Wife a Battery (This is why I am thankful Dan doesn’t go to my gym. Ha!) 20 sec work/15 sec rest x 3
    • 25# low sled push
    • slosh pipe hold with squat
    • assault bike
    • ab wheel
    • sand bag fire man carry
    • sand bag bent over row
    • ring hold (I didn’t fall!)
    • box jump

I love the circuit workouts and I particularly love the 20 seconds of work. You really do feel like you can give it your all for 20 seconds. 

Back to food: 

IMG 7346

  • Breakfast: coconut banana pecan steel cut oats (leftover from the weekend)
  • Lunch: leftovers from the night before’s easy dinner of pepper pork with cabbage and brown rice
  • Snack: cucumber
  • Snack #2: fruit with Cora (plus a few handfuls of tortilla chips)
  • Dinner: chicken thighs with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts (all thrown in the pressure cooker) + sautéed greens
  • Drinks: lots of water, two cups of coffee with Nutpods creamer, and one can of grapefruit soda water. 

Thoughts: this was a weird day in that I didn’t have any eggs! I usually eat at least two per day and because of this my protein may have been a little low. Also, looking back, I think I should have added a few more greens in the first portion of my day. Always room for improvement. 

Yesterday Dan and I had marriage counseling and then I had an evening teleconference with a client in Australia, so bedtime came up awfully quick. We tried to include Cora is last night’s Harry Potter chapter, but she kept on sitting on my head, which isn’t conducive to reading. Ha!

Today is supposed to be a high of 60, so we might be able to go to the park before it gets dark! 

Have a good one! <3

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Easiest Meal Ever

Good morning! 

IMG 7340

(They have developed a love for singing/screaming in the bath. I try to stay a safe distance away.)

You guys, I have to tell you about the easiest meal I just made that the whole family loved. I didn’t take a picture because I am the worst blogger ever, but it isn’t that pretty to look at anyways. My aunt made it over Christmas, so I wanted to try it again.

Yesterday morning I put a few small slits in a pork roast and stuffed it with minced garlic. Then I put it in the slow cooker and covered it with a jar of sliced pepperoncini peppers (juice included) and set on low for ~10 hours. 

Thirty minutes before it was time to eat I shredded the pork and let it sit with the juice, then sautéed a head of cabbage and made some brown rice.

Bam. I was in the kitchen maybe 10 minutes total and created a meal that everyone ate. Cora was bite for bite with me and even had seconds, Ina cleaned her plate, which is a rarity these days, and Dan said he was looking forward to leftovers for lunch. Ha! Let me know if you give it a try. 

Other things that have been going on:

- Dan has been trying to teach me to play chess. I am not doing well so far, but I am blaming that on the small children distracting me.

- We finished the first Harry Potter book last night and Ina (and Dan) immediately asked to start the second one. This makes my heart so happy.

-Our little sugar/gluten fast (and dairy for me too!) is still going strong. 

IMG 7337

Having a smoothie (banana, almond butter, almond milk, spinach/kale/chard blend) on my way home really helps to tame my early evening snacky tendencies. 

- When it gets dark so early and is so cold outside, our routine is dinner, bath, bed. There isn’t much else to report. Ha! 

Sunday was a rest day, even though my gym is doing stretching and mobility on Sundays, which I want to try! 

Monday’s Workout (by Fitness Tiger KC):

  • Warm-up: 15# DB
    • 10 halos
    • 10 cossack squat, each side
  • Chipper (30# KB); every 1:15 stop to do pull ups/10 sit ups
    • 10 snatches
    • 20 push ups
    • 30 goblet squats
    • 40 cleans
    • 50 swings
    • 40 lunges with rotation
    • 30 diamond push ups
    • 20 goblet squats
    • 10 snatches
  • Tabata: 3 rounds
    • Snatches (25# KB)
    • Squats
    • Jumping Jacks

I really want to do a pull up and I am really, really, far away from actually being able to do a pull up. It is like my muscles just don’t listen to me. Ha! I had to leave early for Dan to leave the house and finished the jumping jacks tabata at home. Proof below: 

IMG 7336

Have a good day! <3

Sunday, January 8, 2017

This Week's Plan


IMG 7330

Cora and I are writing from the couch…because she has been awake since 4 am…because…I have no idea. Her diaper is clean and she doesn’t appear sick. She is just, well, awake. So after 2 hours of trying to go back to sleep, we decided to give up and sit in front of the computer. 

All typos are her fault. 

I hope you have had a great weekend! Our’s has been very low key. Granny came to visit on Friday, which has been such a treat, Dan picked up Chpotle for dinner and we vegged. 

I worked on Saturday morning and then we loaded up the car to visit Target and Costco. Costco on a Saturday with two children is not for the faint of heart.

By the time we arrived home we were so worn out the only thing we could do was unload our treasures and watch a movie (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original). Ina and Cora both loved it. 

Today we have church and then one last family Christmas get together. Here is our meal plan for the week:

  • Sunday: Dan’s in charge
  • Monday: slow cooker pork roast with pepperoncini  peppers, cabbage, and roasted potatoes
  • Tuesday: avocado salmon, rice, salad
  • Wednesday: picadillo with brown rice and roasted vegetables
  • Thursday: pressure cooker experiment: artichoke chicken
  • Friday: leftovers/out to eat
  • Saturday: piri piri chicken 
  • snacks: hb eggs, raw veggies with tahini sauce, homemade larabars 
  • lunches: wholesome lentil protein bowls

Friday’s Workout (by Fitness Tiger KC):

  • The Darkening: 30 seconds each x 2
    • jump rope
    • flutter kicks
    • jumping jacks
    • mountain climbers
  • The Storm Fitness Test: one minute each x 2
    • push ups
    • squats
    • frog sit ups
    • pull up bar hang (or pull ups)
  • The Wreckage Recoverability Test: 3 rounds for time
    • 50 high knees
    • 50 butt kicks
    • 10 kettle bell swings (40/45)
    • 10 burpees
    • 10 kettle bell swings
    • 10 burpees
    • 10 kettle bell swings
    • 50 high knees
    • 50 butt kicks

Take aways: I have lots of room for improvement with push ups and pull ups/hang. I recover OK, but I was cashed out with those burpees. At the end I didn’t know if I was going to puke or cry because it was over. 

I am resting over the weekend and getting ready for a good workout week.

Have a great day! <3

Friday, January 6, 2017

Snow Day!

Hello and Happy Friday! The first week os 2017 is in the books.  

IMG 7319

We woke up yesterday to a blanket of snow! 

IMG 7311

Starting at 6:30 am, Ina asked if we could go outside to build a snowman approximately every 3 seconds. So, the moment the sun came up we layered up and gave it our best.

IMG 7320

As it turns out, the snow was very dry and wouldn’t stick together, so our best wasn't all that great. Thankfully, Ina was happy to have a pile to stick the carrot in, so we called it a win. 

IMG 7313

The girls went to daycare and I worked from home in my slippers. We came home and started working on our first meal from Blue Apron. If you haven’t heard of them, the basic concept is this company sends you all the ingredients for a meal, along with a step by step recipe with pictures.

One of my sweet, sweet friends gifted a few meals to us in memory of Papa Gordon, so I thought it would be a good idea for the girls to help me with the cooking.

IMG 7322

Ina was very much into it, and overzealously threw a few things in the pot a little early. And she broke a bowl.

Cora just couldn’t quite understand why she could see me and yet I wasn’t holding her. I don’t like to brag, but I was pretty proud of the fact that we created an edible meal and I didn’t lose my cool while stepping on glass shards, holding a crying baby, and scraping the burnt rice off the bottom of the pot. 

I think I might go back to turning on Disney Junior during dinner making. Ha! 



  • I feel great! Cleaning up my eating has been so refreshing and I can tell my body is loving all these fresh veggies. 
  • Cora started feeling better - she had a fever for all of a few hours, which was weird, but thankfully it was short. 
  • There is still room for my car in the garage! No snow scraping for this girl.

IMG 7321


  • The ability to work from home and not drive in the snow
  • Dan stayed safe while plowing snow. Him being out there in those big machines just makes me nervous.
  • Faster internet: now that we switched to Sling TV, we needed a little upgrade, which our company was happy to provide during the snow yesterday.

Workout: (by Fitness Tiger KC)


  • Warm-up: 8 minute AMRAP Turkish get-ups. (15# to 25#)
  • Workout: partner 5 minute stations AMRAP
    • 10 cal assault bike/15 sit ups
    • 10 ball slams/jump rope
    • 15 cal ERG/10 v ups
    • 10 thrusters / 10 sumo dead lift high pull
    • 10 plank sandbag pulls/box jumps

The cardio burned so good. 

Dan plowed snow on Thursday morning, so I stayed home with the girls and slept in until 6. It was glorious and needed, as today’s workout was tough.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! <3

Wednesday, January 4, 2017



IMG 7302

(I really do try to tame Cora’s hair, but it just does that. She is destined to forever look like Pebbles.)

How was your first work day of 2017? Mine was surprisingly uneventful. I expected my email box to be full of questions from others who were back at it, but that didn’t happen. So, I did some training, crunched some numbers from 2016’s budget spreadsheet to project how much we need to set aside for expenses each month (because that is important), and called the IRS to tell them that no, I did not in fact make $1.5 million last year, contrary to what their letter said. I did tell the nice woman that I would be happy to pay taxes on it if someone wanted to give me the lump sum.

The chances of us getting audited went up a trillion percent. 

Moving on. 

After work I came home to dinner ready in the crockpot and our new Amazon Fire Stick in the mail box. We cancelled our satellite and signed up for Sling TV to save $$$. I will let you know how I feel about the decision after a month of use. We watched a new Fixer Upper last night and despite a few pauses, we were happy with it. 

The night ended with ballet performances by Ina and Cora, which has become a daily routine. 


  1. Heated seats in my car. I didn’t wear a coat yesterday and instantly regretted that decision.
  2. Danielle making math worksheets for Ina. She absolutely loves them and begs us to make more for her when she gets home. Seriously, she wrote us a note (folded and stuffed in an envelope) the other day that said, “Do Homework."
  3. Dan helping with laundry. The mountain never ends. 

Workout: (by Fitness Tiger KC)

  • Tabata 20/10 x 8
    • 35# KB swings
    • 35# goblet squats
  • Workout: 5 x 7 minute EMOM (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14)
    • 50# sand bag clean
    • push press (25# dumb bells)
    • suitcase squat (25# dumb bells)

Once I didn’t make the minute (which happened for me around 8 or 10), the EMOM went to AMRAP, and I made it to 12…but never reached 14. I also had to leave early because Dan had to leave the house early, so I only finished 3.5 rounds, which was enough to leave me huffing and puffing. 

I hope you have a great day! <3

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Back to the Real World

Hello there!

Is everyone ready to jump back into the real world? I haven’t decided all the way yet, but my lunch is packed and tonight’s dinner is prepped in the slow cooker, so I am off to a good start. 

The past few days flew by, but were great. The only picture I took was of the girls’ booties in the bathtub. Although it was super cute, I went against my overhearing nature in hopes that Ina will still speak to me once she learns how to use the internet. A few highlights:

- Church (awesome, awesome sermon) and then we re-took our membership class for a refresher.

- The Chiefs winning the AFC West!

- Cleaning out Dan’s side of the closet. This took most of yesterday but was so worth it. My eyes are happy and I get a dopamine rush when I walk in the closet. 

- Food prepping like a boss. I chopped veggies and roasted some and kept others fresh, plus made an egg bake and some energy balls. Dan is also trying to clean up his eating, and I am trying not to be too enthusiastic to scare him away. How much spinach can you give a guy before he rebels? 

- I attended a distant family member’s visitation service last night. It is always sad when someone passes, but this woman lived a vibrant life and I loved seeing pictures of her, both young and old. 

Sunday was a rest day, but Monday’s workout was a doozy (designed by Fitness Tiger KC):

  • Warm-up: 4 Rounds
    • 10 start jacks
    • 10 squats
    • 10 frog sit ups
    • 10 push ups
  • Skill Work:
    • KB snatch with a 4 step cue
    • Low swing - clean - high swing - snatch
  • Partner Work-out:
    • 400 m run (together)
    • 100 burpees (split)
    • 400 m run
    • 100 snatches (30# KB)
    • 400 m run
    • 100 walking lunch with plate overhead (35#)
    • 400 m run
    • 100 kettle bell jump squat (20#)
    • 400 m sand bag carry (110#)

I really liked the skill work we did you can’t help but feel super cool with throwing a kettle bell around. One of the coaches was my partner for the workout, which kept me motivated. However, this workout made me realize how out of running shape I am. Those 400 m runs were tough…particularly with the work in between. Perhaps a run every once in a while wouldn’t hurt anything, huh? 

I hope you have a wonderful day! <3

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

IMG 7292

I did not make it to midnight, but a respectable 10:45, which I am very proud of. We spent the evening with Danielle and Kyle’s family and had a great time eating treats, watching movies, and playing games. 

Other things since we talked last: I had the treat of spending Friday evening with a few of my dear friends from high school chatting and snacking.

I visited two grocery stores.

IMG 7291

I scrubbed my hard wood floors. I wish I could think of something more exciting, but when a lot of time and energy are spent on a task, it must be documented. 

This week’s meal plan:

Today is the beginning of another DP detox, which really means I am focusing on cleaning up my food. Yay for vegetables!



  • A fresh, new, blank planner ready for 2017. Is there anything better?
  • Goals: writing them down and seeing them through.
  • Seeing my high school friends was such a treat. I am so proud of them and love them to pieces. 


  • My mom hooked us up with FREE gas at HyVee with her fuel saver discounts.
  • The girls sat through two grocery stores with minimal problems. 
  • Danielle and Kyle’s family including us in their NYE get together, just like we were part of the family. We love them.


Friday (Designed by Fitness Tiger KC)

  • 10 sets of single leg, double leg, single leg jump
  • Heavy kettle bell swings 10 set of 30 seconds (50#)
  • 3 minute AMRAP x 4
    • Round 1: 20 single leg glute bridge, 10 narrow squat to wide squat
    • 100 mountain climbers
    • Round 2: 8 knees to chest push ups, 8 spider push ups
    • 50 plank jacks
    • Round 3: 8 single leg burpees, 20 skaters
    • 50 reverse crunches
    • Round 4: 12 supermans, 6 plank walk outs
  • Group effort: 50 pull-ups: I had 5 rounds and mostly tried to lower myself as slow as possible. On the last round I tried pulling up and moved a few inches…until one of the coaches was nice to give me a little assist. 
This class was tough by fun. I loved the group challenge in the end. Some of us hung there (me), others did their first pull up in a long time, and a few did one armed, burpee, or L pull ups, but we were all in it together. 

Saturday (Designed by Fitness Tiger KC)

  • Skill work: 5 minutes of kettle bell shoulder stabilization
  • Two Dumb Bells Walk into a Bar (isn’t Kent so clever?): 2 Rounds using 30# dumb bells (ouch)
    • 20 squat thrusters
    • 16/17 plank taps
    • 20 chest presses
    • 16/17 curls
    • 20 front rack lunges
    • 16/17 cleans
    • 20 snatches
    • 16/17 bent over row
    • 20 inchworms with weights

Whew, this was hard. As you can see from the video, I spent a lot of time just standing there trying to breathe. Ha! I barely finished in time to get home for Dan to be able to leave. 

Today is a rest day, which my arms are so, so thankful for!

Have a fantastic day!

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