Friday, May 19, 2017

Our Mother's Day + Other Stuff

Hey there! I hope you all have had a fantastic week.

(Cora thought her apple slices were way more important than taking a picture.)

Since we last talked:

- We celebrated my brother in law's 30th birthday kid-free at Kauffman stadium. We had fun chatting with friends and enjoyed watching my sister give her husband a TRUCK for his birthday. A truck! I hope Dan didn't notice that I failed to give him anything for his birthday this year because he was in India. Oh wait, maybe I can count that trip as a present? I will check and get back with you...

Because I am lame, we didn't actually go to the baseball game and instead opted to drive home and go to bed once everyone else went into the stadium. This year I decided I was going to own my 8 o'clock bedtime and not be ashamed.

- I volunteered at the Running with the Cows race.
My friends from the gym coordinate this race and it was beyond impressive. I worked the Udder Grit Challenge (so cute and fun!) and had a blast making sure that all the participants had correct push-up form while cheering the runners into the finish line. This is sadly the first time I have ever volunteered at a race and it was such an inspiring experience watching people cross the finish line.

Next year I hope to run!

-We celebrated my niece Hallaway's birthday with a family get together at my sister's house. The kids had a blast.

-Mother's Day was so lovely. We went to church and then took our moms out to brunch. We spent the afternoon hanging around the house, doing some outdoor chores, and throwing water balloons. So simple, yet perfect. That morning Dan told Ina that it was Mother's Day and that meant that they had to do what I wanted all day. Ina responded with, "Well Dad, I guess that means you can't take a nap."

I didn't even have to pay her to say that.

-We were in charge of snacks at Ina's t-ball practice, which of course made her all kinds of proud. She kept on saying we were "popular" and made sure that everyone on the team knew that her parents would be the ones handing out snacks after practice was over.

-Last night we went out to eat, without kids, on a week night. We even hired a babysitter (we love Miss Emily!). We took Danielle and Kyle out for their first Indian Food experience and once I finished my cup of chai I pretty much had to be rolled out the door.

-I went to the gym twice this week! Tuesday and Friday. Both workouts were intense, but were easily modifiable to my 6 month pregnant status. (Example - I held plank instead of doing plank jacks.)

Plus, a few recipes we have made lately:

-A roast for small group (Kim's recipe): 2 large roasts (seasoned with S and P and seared to begin), 2 bags of carrots, a whole lot of potatoes, and a few onions, peeled and chopped, along with 2 packages each of Italian dressing mix, Ranch dressing mix, and brown gravy mix and some water all cooked in the roasting pan all day with a salad mix and Aldi's brown and serve rolls (the kid's favorite)

-poached cod in tomato sauce with noodles, roasted Brussels sprouts, and garlic bread

-picadillo, brown rice, and greens (<----Dan has requested for me to make those daily. The extended simmer time is more than worth it!)

-mango curry chicken this was pretty good, but both Ina suffered through eating her's and Cora wouldn't take a second bite, so I don't know if I will make it again.

Lots of grilled meat (chicken thighs are our current fave), salads, and roasted vegetables.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I have a midwife appointment today and tonight we are heading to my sister's house for my first LuLaRoe party.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas


I thought I would pop in and give some Mother's Day gift ideas for those of you who just realized it is this weekend. All the ideas below are Amazon Prime eligible or something that can still be picked up last minute. Yay for two day free shipping!

I already have my gift - the whole family went out to lunch last week and then stopped by my current favorite jewelry store, which was so nice, as we typically don't buy real gifts for such occasions.

The bigger gift: on Sunday we are going to church and then brunch and then doing nothing.


Of course, having the honor of being a mom to these two (and a half) wild girls is a way better gift than anything listed below, but in case you wanted something material, here are a few ideas:

- Graphic tee/tank: I LOVE my Momma Bear shirt and just recently ordered this Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds tank top for exercising/lounging/growing a baby in summer.

- Detail her car or give her a gift certificate for a car detailing. Nothing beats having a clean car. Wait, do they charge more for mini-vans? Don't answer that...

- CSA membership, wine club, etc. The gift that keeps on giving! I just signed up for a local CSA and am super excited about all the fresh new goodies that will be delivered to my house once per week.

-Sandals. May is the start of sandal season and it is way more fun to put on a brand new pair.

- Kendra Scott ear rings or necklace. I am currently obsessed.

- Yeti (love that robin's egg blue color!) or Hydro Flask- us moms need to stay hydrated and typically don't get the chance to drink the water until a few hours after we filled the glass, which is why the long cooling time is even better.

- Books! You know I have a major girl crush on Shauna Niequist and would think that any mom would love Bread and Wine, Savor, or Present Over Perfect. A few other favorites: Redeeming Love and The Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers.

I hope this list helps! Have a good Thursday! <3

Related: What to do when your friend loses a baby (such fantastic advice about an incredibly heart wrenching and terrible topic)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lots of Baths Required

Good morning loves.

How was your weekend and Monday? Ours' seemed to fly by.

Friday night we celebrated Cino de Mayo in style with tacos carne asada (remind me to put that recipe on repeat) and a movie before a very early bedtime. I made myself a mocktail of grapefruit soda water with a splash of orange juice. It tasted nothing like a margarita, but was still delicious.

Saturday I worked for a few hours and then we spent the rest of the day working in the yard. Dan miraculously fixed the lawn mower and then we put in some more work on our new addition, which meant we shoveled, wheel barrowed, and spread 3 TONS of sand. By "we" I mean "Dan." I mostly watched and pretended to occasionally shovel, but maintain that the moral support I provided was essential.

Ina was in heaven and despite before bed baths, her bed (which she is still sleeping in!!!) has been full of sand the last two nights in a row. Cora napped through most of the sand moving process, so she awoke confused and wondering where all this stuff came from.

Kim brought us over dinner from Fazollis, which was delicious and so lovely not to cook dinner after working outside all day.

Sunday we woke up and prepped dinner for small group that evening and then ventured out to church. After a horrible grocery shopping experience (Cora just could not deal with the fact that her pregnant momma wouldn't hold her the entire time - lots of screaming was involved), we came home, ate pizza for lunch, and completed a few before company chores (like sweeping the piles of play-doh off the floor).

Before we knew it our living room was full of friends discussing hard things like money and our backyard was full of kids laughing, playing in sand, and throwing water balloons at each other. Shouldn't every weekend end that way? I will forever be grateful for the fantastic people in my life.

Last night Ina had t-ball practice. We had leftovers for dinner, so I thought we had the night pretty well controlled. However, minutes before we were leaving, Dan and I were still running all over the house, making sure we had everything we needed. Sunscreen, water bottle, glove, socks, pony-tail, Cora, etc. I know stand firm in my decision that each kid will get ONE activity per season. I don't know if we will even be able to handle that.

Because we had an early dinner (and because Cora constantly stands by the freezer and asks for ice cream? ice cream?) we stopped by Sonic for a treat on the way home.

There are few things cuter than a toddler marching around with an ice cream cone like she is the queen of the world.

After another bath - we are now requiring more than one a day - everyone hit the pillows hard.

Have a good day! <3

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Last 7 Days

Hello there! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Doing anything to celebrate? We are making tacos carne asada and sipping on some lime soda water while staring at the puddle that is our back yard and trying to come up with a game plan for tomorrow's yard work.

Summing up the past 7 days:

- Lots of rain, hence the back yard turned puddle.

- Harry Potter weekend marathon (which led to a delayed Harry Potter nightmare marathon. Ugh. I knew we should have stopped at the 3rd movie).

- Family lunch date at Chuy's to celebrate Dan's birthday. The whole family shared fajitas for two and it was the perfect amount of food.

- An early mother's day present for me. It was Dan's birthday month, so we took advantage of the 50% off discount.

- T-ball practice and swim lessons (we have a month overlap between the two, and having two weeknight activities is keeping us active)

- Family walks. OK, Just one family walk, but I have high hopes for more next week with more sunshine in the forecast.

- I went to the gym. Once. Must hit my goal of two to three times next week.

-I started a new book for me (Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg) and we are almost done with Ina's (very short) chapter book My Father's Dragon. So cute!

-I am feeling and looking very pregnant. Only 18 weeks to go. Ha!


Saturday: Mac and cheese. From a box. Not organic. Yep.

Sunday: We didn't wrap up small group until late, so we ate microwaved popcorn while waiting for Dan to fry up some hash browns and eggs in the skillet at 8 PM. Just keeping it real.

Monday: Greek chicken wraps before t-ball. I manned the grill! These were so good, but the best part was the addition of the pickled onions. Cora ate the entire bowl that wasn't put on our wraps.

Tuesday: bone-in/skin on chicken thighs on the Traegar (so good!) with beets, sautéed garlic-y kale, and cottage cheese

Wednesday: baked salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, and roasted broccoli - it took three pans, but this was a nice set it and forget it type meal and super healthy. Ina finished her plate. Cora didn't touch her's.

Thursday: Korean beef bowls, cucumber salad, and greens (from our new CSA!!!) after swim lessons.

Other recipes I made and loved this week: paleo banana blender muffins, freezer coconut oil chocolate cups, and egg wraps.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! <3

Friday, April 28, 2017

Thankful Friday

Hey there!

(Believe it or not, this picture was taken after I brushed their hair. Sigh. At times I think I was meant to have boys...)

This post was mostly written on Thursday and then Cora, currently known as the child who doesn't sleep past 5:30 AM, couldn't believe that I would dare do anything else with my hands other than hold her.

Here are some things I was thankful for this week:

- I am thankful for the lilac bush right outside our kitchen window. Currently, there is no better place in our house than at our table inhaling the scent of freshly bloomed lilacs. Mmmmm...

- Ina's t-ball coach. This man had the patience of Job as he slowly taught the difference between the bases, how to hold a ball when throwing, and how to bat, while the (4 year old) kids half listened and half covered themselves in dirt. He also sends detailed, bulleted emails, which you know this momma appreciates!

- Speaking of Ina, she has slept in her own bed with no argument for the last FOUR nights. You know this has been a battle for some time now (mostly because Dan is on team co-sleep, while I am on team get-some-sleep), but I think we have finally gotten somewhere, thanks to night lights, library books, and the Trolls Play-Doh set she can see but can't touch until she sleeps in her bed for 7 nights in a row.

I am not above bribery.

- I am thankful Dan has made dinner the past few nights. I just haven't felt up to it and he has been rocking the Traeger. It has been delicious.

- I am thankful that our small group start FPU again. Dave Ramsey is just so motivating and makes me want to check my budget over and over again. Also, Dan's mom is taking the class with us and after the first lesson she cut up all her credit cards! When Ina asked while we were all cheering, I told her that Granny was working towards financial peace. Ina then, of course, asked what "financial peace" meant, which led to an hour discussion. Ha!

- I am thankful that baby #3 is perfectly healthy. She measured right on track in every category during my ultrasound on Friday and was quite the show off, moving all around.

I am thankful for the weekend ahead! I hope your's is great! <3

Monday, April 24, 2017

Our Weekend

Good Monday morning!

How was your weekend? Ours' was the perfect combo of rest of productivity - my favorite. We were slightly lacking on the social side, but Easter was extra social, so I think we get a pass.

Thursday Dan started leveling the yard in preparation for a new addition. (I am not going to admit what we are doing online until it is complete. Too scared.)

Here is a before picture. Sadly, we have to remove the garden bed, but Dan says we can add one on the other side of the house next year.

Unfortunately, while leveling, he cut our internet line. He knew how not happy I was about this, so he made sure to arrange for it to be fixed ASAP. So fixing our internet was our Friday night, along with a family movie night of Moana. (The soundtrack is just so catchy, isn't it?)

I worked Saturday morning for an hour or so while Dan made corned beef hash and veggie scrambled eggs for breakfast (I think he really felt bad about the internet line. Ha!) Ina had a playdate with a friend in the neighborhood (all my herself!), so Cora and I played while Dan worked outside some more.

While Cora napped and Ina was away, I felt like I could be trusted with power tools.

Don't worry, I was only cutting wood to be burned, so my main goals were to keep my appendages and get rid of one of the 75 piles of stuff in our back yard.

My grandma and mom came over just in time for an outside break. The girls played with grandma,
Dan and I cooked dinner, and then we watched Rogue One.

(The Easter baskets win the prize for "most played with" toy from Easter. Ha!)

By some miracle, we were all ready for church thirty minutes early, which of course means a trip to Big Daddy's Donuts is happening.

Although those things are tasty, we all crashed pretty hard while grocery shopping after church.

Sunday afternoon was yard and house work with a little relaxing before small group, when we started our new study - Financial Peace University. This makes my nerdy budget loving heart so, so happy. Dan and I took this before Ina was born and we were on baby step #1. Now, 4.5 years later, we are on baby step #5. Although we have made it far, we are somewhat stagnant and our budget/savings plan needs a little inspiration to move forward in right direction.

We were excited that Miss Emily, Ina's favorite teenager from church, came to help watch the kids while we had our study. Ina invited her to stay for dinner and, of course, play with aqua beads afterwards.

Our heads hit the pillow hard after such a fun weekend. Ina starts t-ball practice today - yay!

Have a good week! <3

Sunday, April 23, 2017

What We Ate Last Week

You guys, after months of the first trimester blahs and then Dan being gone, I finally, finally am back in a cooking groove!

I haven't been following a meal plan, but instead shopping for a few meals I want to make "sometime" in the week and completely winging the rest. So, instead of posting a meal plan, I thought I would summarize what we ate and my family's like/dislike of it.

This keeps me more accountable to actually cooking food and also is helpful to know if the recipes are good ones. Perhaps this will help in your meal planning for the following week? 


Pakastani kima (subbed sweet potatoes) with brown rice and a chopped tomato/cucumber/onion salad (all chopped small with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and a dash of sugar). Protein! Whole grains! Vegetables! Flavor! I will be putting this exact recipe on a monthly repeat in my house. Dan told me he liked it and Cora and Ina both cleaned their plates and each asked for more of the salad. After an Easter weekend sugar fest, I was so happy to inject some vegetables into my family's stomachs. 


Hot sauce chicken thighs with roasted carrots, kale, and beets. I don't have a recipe link, but I follow Julie from PaleOMG on Instagram and she always has some interesting, helpful, hilarious and sometimes colorful stories to share. She made this meal a few times last week which inspired me to pick up all the ingredients when I was grocery shopping. Simply roast the carrots, season and saute the chicken thighs in oil and add hot sauce to taste for the last few minutes. Then saute the kale in the same pan as the chicken. Voila, dinner is done.

I took a few thighs out of the pan for the girls before adding the hot sauce. I accidentally over-salted the kale, but everything was still delicious and (for the second night in a row!!) both girls cleaned their plate with the help of a dollop of ranch dressing to dip everything in. 


We had some friends over for carne asada tacos! I picked up some supplies from TJ's on the way home and let my boyfriend Joe do a little of the meal prep with the pre-marinated and pre-cut carne asada and the pre-cooked rice, which I "mexicanified" using this recipe. Dan grilled the steak and I chopped the cilantro and onion and lime wedges for serving. I also heated up a can of black beans, as my kids LOVE them.

But, the star of the show was the salad that our friends brought. You can't tell from this picture, but it was chalk full of fresh spring fruits and veggies and covered in a fresh avocado based dressing. I had three servings of it and Cora stood above the bowl yelling "Moi!" (more) after each bite.

Seriously delicious.

Thursday: swim lesson day. 

Some family went with us to swim lessons, so we decided to celebrate with pizza afterwards. I thoroughly enjoyed the two pieces of pepperoni black olive pizza, but thoroughly regretted eating it  30 minutes later due to pregnancy heart burn. No more evening red sauce for this girl until September.


Chicken pad thai (using this sauce) with roasted broccoli. I prepped most of the meal the day before, after a quick noodle boil, re-heat, and broccoli roast, dinner was complete.

Cora ate half the roasted broccoli and the rest of her meal was covered in harissa or siracha. She is so funny.


We spent most of the day doing yard work and hadn't gone to the grocery store in over a week, so dinner was a random compilation of what we had left in the fridge. Dan grilled some chicken legs, I roasted some potatoes and carrots in the oven, and chopped up a cucumber/tomato/onion salad.

My mom and grandma ended up staying for dinner. This never would have been a meal I planned for guests, but it actually ended up tasting pretty good.


- Smoothies (made with banana, spinach, almond butter, collagen powder, and almond milk)
- Turkey, sweet potato, and kale hash (obsessed with this recipe)



I intended to make these for the girls, but somehow they only each had one and I had the rest...

Also M&M cookies leftover from Easter. I cannot be trusted alone with them...

Looking back, everyone in the family loved every meal we made this week. This is not typical. I think the girls might be in a growth spurt. Or it might be that they are playing outside all day and more hungry for dinner. Or it might be the Trolls plates they received for Easter. Either way, I am calling this week a win!

Have a good week! See you on Monday for a weekend recap. <3

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Good morning!

I am bringing back Thankful Thursday. I wanted to post what I was thankful for daily, but then things in my life quickly changed, and we all saw how well that was going, so a weekly (or more likely monthly) post will have to do.

Here is what I have been thankful for lately:

Having my nails done.

I had an extra hour last week and decided to splurge some time and blow money on my nails. Although having painted shiny nails is such a simple thing, every time I look down and see them I get a surge of joy. I might put this splurge on a monthly repeat. (The asparagus is fresh from a co-worker's garden. He has his kids harvest it and keep the profits. Such a great idea!)

The beautiful weather. I just love the girls coming home from daycare covered in dirt from playing outside a good chunk of the day and then coming home to play in more dirt, eat popsicles, and swing their hearts out. Cora is constantly begging (well, more like shouting) to go, "OUTSIDE!" Spring can stay for good. 

Easter gifts from our generous family. I think that picture says it all.

Aqua beads. The best $9.99 ever spent. Even though we initially had some problems with Ina being appropriately thankful for her Easter gifts, she soon changed her tune and has been obsessed with these things. Already hours of entertainment. However, the new challenge is making sure that Cora is adequately entertained, because toddler hands and tiny colorful beads that can be mistaken as candy ("Titi!!! Titi!!!") don't mix well.

Cora's language skills. I have to admit there was a time I was lightly concerned about Cora not talking as much as I thought she should, but lately her words have exploded. She can repeat or at least attempts to repeat, pretty much anything I say. She also can tell us what she wants, which is almost always something to eat. At times she will rattle off a 15 syllable sentence that is completely gibberish to us. but the look of conviction on her face means that she knows what she is saying and she means business.

My devotional: Savor. I love starting my day out this way reading a bible verse or two and then a blurb from Shauna Niequist, who I absolutely adore. If you are looking for a devotional, I highly recommend this one.

That is all I have for today. I hope your Thursday is fantastic! <3

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

20 Week Update: 3rd Pregnancy

Half way there and feeling...

Generally pretty good. I still occasionally have a "blah" day, but am mostly loving the second trimester.

(This is the first bump picture I have taken. At 20+ weeks. #ThirdChildProblems

Lots of kicks! I am pretty sure I felt a little sporadic movement starting around 10 weeks, but now anytime I eat baby girl has a party. Me too girl, me too.

Speaking of eating, I am very hungry. I need to capture what I eat in a day because it is pretty much nonstop and mostly carbohydrates. I try to squeeze in at least a green monster smoothie for breakfast to get some veg in my diet. Actually, this week veggies have made a comeback, but I still cannot be trusted with cookies, chocolate, or candy.

I am sleeping decently (thanks to my Snoogle), however if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night, it takes me an hour or so to go back to sleep.

I have a goal to workout three days a week for the foreseeable future. The coaches at Fitness Tiger KC are absolutely fantastic and help me with any modifications I need to make, which can basically be summarized by:
  1. planking instead of any ab work on my back
  2. lighter weights
  3. less jumping
I went to the gym today and felt great.

Every time I think we have decided on a name Dan decides he doesn't like it. I know we will find one eventually, but nothing solid for now.

We went back and forth about putting the new baby is Cora's current room (as it is all decked out for a baby) and moving Cora to another room, or keeping Cora is her room and creating another "nursery." I think we have decided on the later because a). Cora is still sleeping in a crib and I don't want to mess any of that up. b). It doesn't seem fair to Cora to take away her room or to the new baby to not have a room planned for her. However, having said that, there will be little work done to the nursery. We borrowed a crib from Danielle. I will buy black out curtains, hang a wall decal or two, and find a changing table on Craig's List. There is a full bed in there now, which I am considering keeping in there for the nursing season until Cora is ready for it in her room. 

How the rest of the family is dealing:

Ina: she has really come around and often talks about how she will soon have another sister to take care of. "Mom, can you believe we are going to have TWO girls to take care of?!?"

Cora: she doesn't really understand just yet. I tell her there is a baby in my belly and she lifts up my shirt, sees by belly, and gives me a confused look. She is, however, incredibly possessive of me and doesn't like other babies (and sometimes Ina) to get to close to me. She has been known to yell, "No baby!" at other kids at small group that have gotten too close and will occasionally scream if Ina interrupts our cuddling. Poor girl doesn't know what is coming...

Dan: he is generally excited, but, similarly to me, will occasionally become overwhelmed with the thought of adding another baby to the mix. Things just started to get easy with Cora. (Well, in some ways. See above)

Looking forward to the ultrasound this week. It isn't as exciting as the last two 20 week ultrasounds, because we already know the gender, but I am still pumped to see baby girl. 

21 Week Update with Cora (I was so little! I attribute that to being pretty sick a few times during the first trimester with her. Ha!)

Have a good day! <3

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

Hey hey hey!

I am writing after a long, but fun, Easter weekend. It started off on Good Friday with grocery shopping (three stores!) and then a little partial family date. Ina had a sleepover with her grandma, so Dan and I took Cora out to eat by herself.

It was so funny how different she acted without Ina around. She was much more talkative and interactive with strangers. She also rotated from my side of the booth to Dan's throughout our meal, taking samples off of each of our plates. After dinner we plopped her in the stroller and walked around the plaza for a bit, window shopping and looking at the fountains.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to start prepping our house for the evening's Easter celebration. I worked for a few hours while Dan took Cora on some errands. Then I picked up Ina, who was shining with the excitement she had experienced. Sleepovers with grandma are just the best. We pulled in the driveway to a few guests already arriving and spent the rest of the day celebrating with my mom's side of the family. The kids played outside in the backyard and the adults sat inside and watched the Royals game.

We had a slow Sunday morning as we opted to go to our church's late service to miss the larger crowds. I did some cooking and baking and the girls opened their Easter gifts. (A little drama ensued. I might write about that later, but let's just say that early morning lessons on thankfulness are not that easy to learn. Or give.)

Some of Dan's family met us at church, along with my grandma, which was lovely. We sang and clapped our hearts out celebrating our Risen Savior. Afterwards, we hopped in the car and drove to Dan's grandma's house for some delicious food and an egg hunt.

Cora had fun playing with the dyed eggs, until she mistook one for a chocolate egg and attempted to eat it. That child...

We hopped back in the van to our last destination of the weekend - my sister's house to see my dad's side of the family. The girls fell asleep for about 5 minutes in the car, but rallied once they saw their cousins playing in the backyard.

We sat on their brand new deck and chatted and ate some delicious food. Looking back, I am fairly confident that both Ina and Cora ate nothing but chocolate and sugar over the weekend. Time to get in some veggies and extra rest today!

Have a good week! <3

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lake Walk

Good morning to you!

I have been trying to get more activity in, because the temptation is sit down 24 hours a day is real. Like my last two pregnancies, I am dealing with varicosities that make standing more than 5 minutes painful. They are genetic and there isn't much I can do about them but deal. However, my midwife did suggest walking.

After I picked the girls up from Danielle's on Tuesday we headed to a local lake for a walk. Of course, both girls wanted to sit in the same place in the stroller. Therefore, both girls ended up walking. I suppose it is good practice for when the stroller will be inhabited again.

We ended up meeting a woman who had a beautiful parrot out for a walk. Ina had no less than 53 questions for her, so most of our walking time was spent learning about parrots and keeping Cora from jumping in the water or grabbing the parrot, which she kept on calling an "owl."

We came home to dinner already done, thanks to an easy quinoa casserole that I had assembled beforehand, and have eaten for my last 3 meals.

I told myself that I could purchase maternity workout gear if I made it to the gym three times this week (bribing myself works). Two down! Wednesday's Fitness Tiger KC Workout:
  • 10 minute EMOM: 5 eccentric push ups with a 4 count down 
  • 20 s work/20 s rest/20 s work /20 rest circuit
    • ring rows
    • ab wheel
    • upright rows with bar
    • man makers (15 lb DB)
    • hallow rocks (I planked)
    • push press alternating arms (20 lb DB)
    • bench dips
    • curls
    • plate ground to overhead
    • plank wag the tail
My legs are still (embarrassingly) sore from Monday and now my arms are sore. Can't wait to see what Friday holds.

Last night after work we met with our parents as teachers teacher and she worked on sight words with Ina. This week's project is to make her some flashcards. If she is anything like her momma, nothing is better than flash cards.

We had leftovers for dinner and then hung around outside drinking a golden milk latte and enjoying the beautiful evening. Have I mentioned how much I love spring?

I hope you have a fantastic day! 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sunday + Monday Highs and Lows

Good morning!

I hope the beginning of the week has treated you right! Ours' has been a little all over the place with some great moments but a few not so fun ones as well.

Let's start with the highs:

- Family dress up time. Dan brought us all home some fun Indian garb, which he insisted we all wear to church. The dresses were beautiful and the girls loved all the extra attention they received. I felt a little silly once I had dropped them off in their rooms, but everyone was very nice about my change in fashion.

- Dan's mom joined us at church! It was a show stopper service. (I blamed the tears on the pregnancy hormones. I don't know what Dan's excuse was.) Listen to the sermon here. We were so thankful she was there.

- Dying Easter eggs. Cora ended up napping through this, which was probably a good thing.

- An awesome, awesome small group discussion and fellowship afterwards with lasagna.

- I returned to the gym Monday morning! I felt so good during the workout, and took it pretty easy on myself, but still managed to accelerate my heart rate and work up a sweat all while having fun. Here was Monday's Fitness Tiger KC workout:
  • 30 rep complex with 12 lb dumbbells (this was pretty light for me, but I was still feeling it!)
    • 1 clean
    • 2 squat press
    • 1 push press
  • Sprints
  • 10 minutes AMRAP:
    • 250 m row
    • flutter kicks (I planked)
    • Ball slams (20 lb)
  • 10 minutes AMRAP:
    • 10 cal bike
    • leg over ball (I planked or tried to catch my breath and not die)
    • jumping jacks (these felt really weird, so I can't say that I did too many in a row)
And then for a few lows:

-During small group while the kids were playing outside Ina somehow found a board that had fallen off (or was pulled off....) the swing set with nails sticking out of it and was carrying it around and then fell on it. A nail punctured her upper arm, but after some soap, Neosporin (from another mom in small group because I couldn't find ours'), a cookie, and a call to her doctor's office to make sure she is up to date on her tetanus, we were all good. 

-While Dan was bandaging Ina up, his mom called to let us know she had fallen and broken her foot! Talk about overwhelming. My house was full of people, my daughter was bleeding and screaming, I couldn't find the Neosporin, and I felt a huge need to jump in the car and take Dan's mom to the ER. Thankfully, all of small group worked better under pressure than me and the stressful situation soon dissipated. Dan's mom seems to be doing pretty well, considering. She has stayed with us since then so we can help with a few things and she can be closer to the doctor.

- The Royals lost Sunday's game in extra innings and Monday's home opener. I know, not a big deal big picture-wise, but still kind of sad.

Today I am resting my sore legs from the gym, but plan to return tomorrow. I might try to get outside for a walk.

I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday. <3

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dan's Home! + Meal Plan

Good Sunday morning!

The three week blogging break can be explained by the fact that Dan was out of the country on a church trip and I was single mommin' it for 2.5 weeks.

So, the short summary of the past three weeks is one word: survival.

Longer summary: I didn't exercise, I ate whatever was easiest at the moment, and didn't get all that much sleep. You know, generally took very good care of myself. I am in awe of true single moms, military moms, and moms whose husbands travel for work often. How, just how, do they do it?

Our experience actually was pretty good. The girls and I got into an awesome rhythm and my expectations of the evenings were very low. Also, we have a tribe of support around us that I will continue to be incredibly grateful for. Kim brought us dinner one night (and dessert TWO other nights), my dad and Dan's grandma took us out to eat two separate nights, Danielle made us dinner at her house. Dan's mom came and stayed with us one night and dusted (dusted!!!). We stayed the night at my sister's house one night, and another night she brought dinner over to ours' (along with a birdhouse painting project that was a hit).

Two separate people offered to mow. I seriously have the best people around me a girl could ever, ever ask for.

Also, I cannot fail to give a shoutout to the movies Trolls and Moana. They both helped this tired, pregnant momma out a few times.

During the last week Cora was sick and just wanted to be held for about 72 hours, during which, I really wished I had a third arm, but otherwise, we all did great.

We were able to FaceTime Dan almost every night/morning, who was in Napal and India, meeting lots of new people and having lots of fantastic experiences. There was one time when he texted me, "I think I need to vomit" and then NOTHING for 72 hours.

Since we picked him up from the airport, we are have been back in our normal swing of things, which has been lovely. Dan and the girls dumped out his lego bucket from when he was a kid, and they were able to find the design to a car that Dan bought 25 years ago, and after a lot of searching, he still had all the pieces!

At first I was surprised by this, but then wondered why I was. Really, this explains so much about my life.

I actually made a meal plan for this week and already grocery shopped, so hopefully things will get a little better in the "taking care of myself" department.

Sunday: small group - lasagna
Monday: brussels sprouts carbonara 
Tuesday: BBQ quinoa casserole
Wednesday: Dan grill + roasted veggies
Thursday: out to eat
Friday: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and roasted green beans
Saturday: Easter at our house - I am in charge of drinks and a dessert...still deciding on what to make

I hope you have a fantastic end to your weekend! We are going to church today, then dyeing some eggs, then having small group. Fantastic Sunday coming up!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Park Day and Meal Plan

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

I hope you have had a great weekend so far. Our's has been just about perfect. It started out Friday morning with a workout at Fitness Tiger KC.

Genius me decided to go back to the gym after a few weeks of rest on the day of the fitness test. Even so, it was good to see that I could still do all the moves (even though my back doesn't feel great and I am so, so sore). It was even better to see everyone in my gym family. I sure missed them.

I worked from home on Friday and was excited to shut my laptop and go pick the girls up from Danielle's. After some push pops and a few rides in the Barbie Jeep around the back yard, we headed back to Danielle and Kyle's to celebrate Danielle's birthday with pizza, veggie, salad, ice cream, and cake. The adults talked while the kids played. It was a fun night.

After a few hours of work on Saturday morning, we packed up the van and drove to a super fun park Dan had spotted in the city a few weeks before. I was proud of Ina and her braveness on the spider web climbing thing, and after a few trips with Dan and myself, she climbed up by herself over and over again!

Cora loved the swing and the slides and wanted to follow Ina everywhere. Next year, my sweet baby.

We worked up quite the appetite with all that climbing, and next visited a new to us restaurant close by - Aladdin Cafe. We had hummus (amazing) and gyros and walked down the street to a snow cone place for an extra treat.

Cora has been pretty fussy at night and had a fever off and on (yesterday morning it was 99.6) and we stopped by our friends' house on the way home because Chessa has an otoscope. Her ears were in the clear (whew), but it was still nice to stop by and chat with some friends for an hour.

After all the outside playing and adventure, we were ready for a relaxing evening. Dan and Ina dropped me and Cora off at the house and ran by Target to pick up Trolls and popcorn. We had the best night watching the movie and the girls dance their hearts out to that fantastic soundtrack.

Here is this week's meal plan. (What?!? The past few months the words "plan" and "meal" haven't gone in the same sentence at this house. However, now that I am solidly in the second trimester, and craving a consistent intake of normal food again, meal plans are back! Try not to hide your excitement.)

Also, I am going to be playing single mom for the next few weeks around dinner time, so a plan is completely necessary. Also know the odds of at least one of the meals below being replaced with "chicken nuggets and apples" are about 99%.
I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing Sunday. We have church and small group, but hope to get some outdoor play in there as well. <3
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