Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Recap: Rest/Chores/Family/Socializing

Good morning!

Happy Monday. I am home from my workout and drinking some coffee. Endorphins and caffeine are a beautiful combination. I hope you had a great weekend! Our’s was fantastic and filled with the perfect combination of rest, chores, family, and socializing.


Friday night we watched Charlotte’s Web and went to bed at 8. Boom.


- Dan called a junk pick up guy (don’t worry, I saved his phone number) to pick up a few larger items we have sitting around the house.

- Granny bought us a new washing machine, so I felt the need to clean under the old washing machine. It is amazing what we found back there.

IMG 7176

- I practically finished my Christmas shopping. Cora and I went to the plaza and after the 30 minutes it took to find a place to park, we knocked out 5 stores in less than 2 hours. She was a rockstar in the stroller and barely made a peep. The rest of my Christmas shopping was done on Amazon in my pajamas. 

- We addressed all our Christmas cards. Ina even colored a few. 

- I worked for a few hours on Saturday morning and also went to the gym.


IMG 7172

- My sister took Ina and Hallaway to get their nails done and to see The Nutcracker for her birthday. 

IMG 7173

Note Ina’s ballerina outfit, because she wanted to “ballerina.” She had a blast and has showed off her nails and new ballerina skills to anyone who will pay attention. 

- We met my aunt, uncle, cousin, niece, and nephews at Toys R Us for a little pre-Christmas toy shopping.

IMG 7178

- Ina had her Christmas performance at church. Unfortunately, she was in the back row with a super tall kid in front of her, so while we couldn’t see her face, I did see her hands pop up every once in a while. It was still super cute to see the kids dressed up and singing (or not singing). 

IMG 7186

- My nephew Jake turned 3 and we celebrated at Fun House, where the girls had tons of fun.

IMG 7188

- We had our small group Christmas meal where everyone brought their “best” dish. This was a genius idea and one I hope to repeat soon. 

It was a good one and I look forward to the short week ahead. 

Have a blessed day! <3

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