Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Just Us" Moments: Cora Blowing Bubbles

Watching Cora mimic her older sister is one of my favorite things. She follows Ina around playing hide and seek and attempts to squeeze her body under the same chair. She repeats words Ina says. She always, always wants to eat the same food Ina is eating.

But I have to say my favorite so far is watching them play in the bathtub together. Ina teaches her how to dump water out of the pitcher, stick letters on the wall, and now to blow bubbles in the water. 

Cora has always watched in awe as Ina sticks her face in the water and all the bubbles appear. She has tried a few times, but either didn’t get her mouth in the water or swallowed half the bath tub. However, last night she was determined. She sprawled her little body out, on her hands and with her legs floating behind her and her little booty sticking in the air and looked at us with a huge grin as her chin approached the water. Then, when she was ready, her eyes got really big, she took the plunge, and for a few seconds, blew bubbles for all she was worth. 

This surprised all of us so much that we screamed, clapped, and cheered, and then she did it again. And again. And again. Each time she waited to make sure that Ina and I were paying attention and would widen her eyes, then her mouth, and then dramatically pause before a few bubbles came up. 

Each time we would cheer, which of course made Cora smile from ear to ear and do it again and again. 

I was/am an older sister and I remember as a child adults would tell me how big of a responsibility it was. Of course, I never understood, not fully until I had a second child. And, of course, I want to convey this responsibility to Ina. I want her to know about this precious gift she has. I want her to know how special it is. But perhaps part of what makes it so special is her not knowing. 

So I will sit back, be quiet, and watch.

Have a good day! <3

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