Thursday, December 15, 2016


Good morning! 

How are things on your side of the internet? I am home from the gym and looking forward to my long weekend with nothing but rest, family, and general merriment in my future (well, immediate future). 

Plans today are sort of up in the air, but tomorrow we are going to my grandma’s house where I will leave the girls at night for Dan and I to go to my part time job’s Christmas party. Then Saturday and Sunday we have two separate family Christmas celebrations. I am almost giddy with anticipation.


 As if that isn’t enough to be thankful for, here are a few more things I was thankful for this week: 


  • I was running super late for a meeting and after dropping Ina off at daycare I ran into Danielle’s trashcan. I am very thankful this was an inanimate object and not a dog. Or a child.
  • My ability to take my meeting from home, even though I thought I was going to make it to the office.
  • A Chiefs win! 


  • Going to Costco and only buying what was on my list. I didn’t even know that was possible.
  • When i fell at the gym, instead of kicking me out, everyone there laughed with me. 
  • Our DVR being full of movies. Winter is good for catching up on them all.


  • Dan encouraging me to go to the gym on Saturday morning. I feel guilty (stilly, I know) leaving him alone with the girls first thing, but it does help to start the weekend out on a bright note.
  • After looking for 30 minutes, finding a parking spot on the plaza.
  • So many nice people held the door for me while I was pushing Cora in the stroller or helped me maneuver around a tight corner.


  • Our church and the programs they have for children. Ina recently switched classrooms and she continues to love to go there just as much as before. It is such a special place.
  • Dan helped me address Christmas cards. Ina helped a little too (a few lucky recipients received cards colored on the back). 
  • Our small group’s amazing cooking skills. Seriously, so good.


IMG 7190

  • Ina’s easy bake oven that our neighbors gave her for her birthday. She is already addicted.
  • Our TV is fixed. Although it was nice to not have the TV on in the living room, there are a few times when it is clutch in the morning when I am trying to multi-task.
  • Our new washing machine! My generous mother in law bought us a new washing machine and boy is it fancy. I actually want to do laundry now. 

IMG 7192


  • The coaches pushing me at the gym. I always think I can’t lift what they think I can lift. Negative self talk isn’t my thing, so perhaps I should start seeing myself the way they see me? 
  • Scrounging up the few things we have in the fridge to make dinner. 
  • Amazon Prime and the ease it brings to Christmas shopping.

IMG 7193


  • Office holiday lunch. I could swim in the horseradish cream sauce. 
  • Parent as teachers: I quickly learned that I must make Cora a grain bin. She was absolutely enthralled with a box of beans mixed with toys.
  • Dinner out with Dan’s sister and her new husband. 

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! <3

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