Monday, December 5, 2016

Here is a story about a girl who liked to blog. Every morning she started to write a blog post, and about half way through her daughter woke up. Or she received an urgent work email. Or she was smothered by her mountain of laundry. 

IMG 7151

’Tis the season, right? 
IMG 7125
As I am sure is true of your household, things have been hopping around here. 

IMG 7128

We celebrated Ina’s 4th birthday with a plaza carriage ride on Friday night 

IMG 7130

and an ice skating party on Saturday. 

DSC 0027

Saturday night we went to not one, but two, Christmas parties. First was my gym, and I was so excited for Dan to get to meet everyone I get my butt kicked with every day. I feel like people really don’t know me until they know Dan, you know what I mean?

DSC 0007

Then we Uber-ed it to Dan’s uncle’s house for the wrap up of a gingerbread house building party.

IMG 7157

Sunday we went to church and then blitz cleaned the house and made treats while listening to the Chiefs win on the radio. Then everyone from small group came over for our annual cookie exchange. 

IMG 7160

Our small group isn’t so small anymore. <3
Here is my meal plan for the week. I am not going to lie, writing this out was painful. I have little to no motivation to cook lately, which happens a lot in the holiday season. I am hoping that by having a plan I will stir up some kind of desire to get something green on the table. 

My gym game is still going strong. I am thinking about summarizing our workouts once a week, just so I can keep track of my progress. 

Have a good week! I am hoping to be back a few more times this week. 


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