Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Week Plan

Good Sunday morning to you! (<—Ina has been asking what exclamation points, question marks, commas, etc. mean when reading books and now I am hyper aware of my punctuation.)

Since we have last talked things have been pretty low key around here. I worked Thursday night in between child wrangling. Friday morning I went to the gym, then spent the day working from home in comfy sweat pants (seriously, living the dream over here).

After I picked the girls up from daycare we headed over to my friend Courtney’s house for a little meal prep action. I now have 10 meals ready to go in my freezer! 

IMG 7050

(A pile of Kendricks at the bottom on the stairs. This is where they choose to congregate.)

IMG 7052

Saturday was mostly a day of rest. We sat around the house, watched a movie, read books, etc. Ina and I did sneak out for a little grocery shopping and then we had some friends over for a dinner/play date. Even though we didn’t do much, no one complained when it was time for bed last night. 

We are so excited to get into the holiday spirit over here. We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, which has to go better than last year when the giblet bag exploded inside the turkey because I forgot to take it out. Right? 


Wait, do I need to start defrosting the turkey now? Thank God for Google. Someone hold me. 

This week is looking a little like this:

  • Sunday: Church celebration service then dinner with some friends
  • Monday: Our sweet, sweet friend Michele made us another chicken pot pie. I already cannot wait.
  • Tuesday: Dan and I have marriage counseling and then I have to work (a scheduling error on my part), so Dan will likely grab Chipotle on the way home. 
  • Wednesday: I have Wednesday through Sunday off work, which I am so excited about. The girls and I will likely get the house ready for Thanksgiving and maybe do a little baking. 
  • Thursday: Thanksgiving! We are in charge of the turkey(s), cheese plate, and gravy. Simple enough, right? 
  • Friday: Danielle and I have plans to binge watch the new Gilmore Girls. Thanksgiving leftovers will be on the menu. 
  • Saturday: Christmas decorating time! Maybe we will have some soup for dinner.

I plan on going to gym class Monday thru Thursday and then pop back in on Saturday. I am going to try to stick to two rest days a week. On the weeks I only have one I feel so tired and on Friday I am afraid I did something to my left quad. I am hoping that resting yesterday and today will fix it right up. 

I hope you have a fantastic week! <3

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